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Mitt Happens, Part II

By Mahons On June 2nd, 2011

Mitt Romeny announced today that he will be seeking the Republican Nomination for the Presidency.  Say what you will about Mormons, they keep coming and knocking on the door. 

This means Mitt has essentially been running for six years, the loneliness of the long distance runner.  As a businessman he would seem to have a head start on the field in these hard times come again no more days, but he has a few strikes against him that will be difficult in the present day Republican primary field.   He had a health care plan that works in Massachusetts that Obama took note of in fashioning his.  Since Obamacare is a rallying cry for the rabid wing of the party, his adversaries will try to pin this success on him as a failure.  Plus the Mormon thing, which I joked about above, is difficult to overcome in the Deep South where evangelicals think it is a cult.  In addition, he’s in the middle or even liberal wing of his party, and those folks are keeping their heads down at the moment. 

He has money, and he’s a nominal frontrunner, but he doesn’t inspire passion and passion is driving the Republican primary voters at this time.  Especially in the small states Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina where bloc voting by fringe voters can destroy a candidate due to the overemphasis we place on the results there.  His real hope is that the wack pack (Newt, Sarah, Paul and even Palin) all get in and stay in the race and split up the foaming at the mouth voters.

54 Responses to “Mitt Happens, Part II”

  1. You never know

    The sizable yahoo element in the GOP won’t like him no matter what, but in a divided field it may be possible for an adult to win a bunch of primaries there.

    And an adult with a record of accomplishment may have a puncher’s chance against Obama in the general election

  2. (Newt, Sarah, Paul and even Palin)

    Are Sarah and Palin different candidates? 🙂

  3. Prediction- he will wrap up the Republican nomination fairly quickly.

    I just think that with the other supposed serious moderate candidates- Huntsman, Pawlenty- polling abysmally he should wrap up those voters before Iowa.

    The potential conservative or populist standard bearers who are showing interest in running are gaffe prone (Gingrich, Palin) or have no experience of running a big campaign (Cain, Bachman).

    If someone like Huckabee, Christie, Jeb or maybe even Rick Perry was running then I think they could probably beat him but they aren’t.

  4. If the woman who was a reformist and moderate governor ran against the conservative ideologue then they could almost be two people.

  5. The fact that he is so misunderestimated can work to his advantage

  6. mahons presents to you the mind set that the media want to inflict on the right, despair and bullshit.

    First off Romneycare is a failure, please provide ANY SOURCE that shows it as a success. Mitt blames the failure on all the liberal democrats in his state legislature.

    Second the only people concerned about Mitt being a Mormon is the press this is not 1960, if anything the fact that he is a Mormon is now considered a positive by the religous community.

    After suffering through a serial rapist with Clinton, and a Marxist with Obama the Bible belt gladly except a Mormon as a strong point NOT a deterant.

    Will he win the nomination ? NO, but this must be one of the most illinformed posts I’ve ever read Mahons

  7. Yikes! substitute Michelle for Sarah.

  8. Two onions out of the same sack.

  9. Troll – Since I’ve was right and you were patently wrong regarding the last Presidential election (and the republican primaries) may I suggest that your criticism (once again) is without merit. Don’t worry though, I promsie to keep advising you as to what will actually happen.

  10. I must make note that you have not provided a link to backup your claims about the success of romneycare.

    as for you being right and I being wrong about the last presidential election, you crack me up, I was never a strong supporter of the traitor McCain, but you throwe that comment so often as to provide the impression that you were a strong supporter of Obama. My predictions on the last election were right on the money, a rightwing sweep on every political level. So what is the dead point you bring about you supporting Obama? Just curious.

  11. Mitt Romney seems to think it is a success

  12. No link would convicne you (you are part of the Republican demographic for whom health care reform is unforgivable). But you can check for yourself as to Massachussetts insured v. uninsured rates.

    You predicted Obama would lose. You were wrong. You predicted McCain wouldn’t get the nomination. You were wrong. Factual analysis has nothing to do with who you voted for.

  13. Many people, including Troll, predict with their heart instead of their head. I can be like that when it comes to sports.

    On an unrelated note, I predict that that Mets will beat the Phillies in all their remaining games this year.

  14. Yep, Ron Paul is part of the wack pack.

    In completely related news, smart people are still shorting US Treasuries.

  15. From the very short news clip I’ve seen of him (and not really the way to judge I know) he has a distinct lack of personality and displayed not a shred of passion. Maybe when I see and hear more of him I might change my mind. I’m sure over the coming months we in the UK will learn a lot more about him. Rightly or wrongly a presidential candidate needs the two ‘Ps’ – personality and passion!

  16. Romney always comes over as a bit wooden. He is pitching his appeal as a technocrat fixer who will mend the economy. It might work, but there is a lack of passion. At least the right wing gang all have that in spades. Their problem is that some of them don’t have much else to offer.

  17. >>He has money, and he’s a nominal frontrunner, but he doesn’t inspire passion and passion is driving the Republican primary voters at this time. <<

    The question is, is he – or do they think he is – strong enough to beat Obama.
    I think their hatred of "Hussein", "Bambi" etc. is so strong (or is that just on ATW?), that practically anyone who could unseat him will get the ticket.

  18. Better to have a competent leader who delivers than a passionate one who doesn’t.

  19. No, they hate RINOs just as much as Hussein, maybe more. And they see Romney as an arch RINO.

  20. Stupid of me, Peter. You are of course right.

  21. Ah honey, Romney’s a dark horse loser amongst the majority of republican voters. The right wing is convinced the man’s a splay-legged pussy.

    If he wins the primary, Obama gets another term. Hell, if any of the current declared GOP candidates manage to find themselves in the catbird seat, our current corporatist in charge will gain another term.

    If you’re looking for an Obama defeat next year, you better pray Rick Perry runs.

    I personally think weird times call for weird men, so I’m going Paul all the way. He suits me this time around.

  22. Paul or Perry have a better chance winning Dancing With The Stars.

  23. Dream on, lawyerman. Paul will always tank, Perry would sweep the primary if he runs.

    You and I may not be Perry fans, but if the economy continues to dive, Governor Goodhair has one hell of a tight, successful, long, strong record to run on.

    Seriously, I think he could be a real contender. If he gets in, you better give it a watch.

    The man’s politically astute and knows how to run a cut throat campaign.

  24. “Since I’ve was right and you were patently wrong regarding the last Presidential election”

    Mahons, this makes little sense. Troll is not a pollster. He does not conduct surveys of likely voters and predict wins –

    His analysis above is actually quite accurate.

  25. Only pollsters run around “predicting” with objectivity – or attempted objectivity.

    Everyone else picks their favorite and roots for him/her. Predicting one’s candidate will lose is a defeatist and non-productive way to root for a candidate. It is exactly like sports.

    Everyone knows this. Only Mahons seems not to understand this basic principle.

  26. Rick Perry does have very lovely presidential hair (although Romney isn’t too bad on that score).

  27. Thought you had gone on holiday
    O wise one….

  28. Troll claims analytical skills that he clearly is lacking. And he attacks the analysis of others with unnecessary venom which is why he deserves to have this ponted out to him.

  29. Patty – people can root away, but should distinguish between rooting and objective analysis. You and Troll never come clean in that regard.

  30. He does not claim to be a pollster. His predictions are personal and they are based on his personal analysis.

    You’re inability to actually address his analysis and your preference to somehow discredit his analysis through by faulting his “predictions” is silly.

    btw, he could “predict” correctly a political win and yet have an analysis for the win that was entirely wrong. Or, vice-versa.

    So, address the analysis – not this ridiculous assertion that “you said McCain would win and he didn’t – therefore, your analysis on other subjects is incorrect.”

    Once again, he is not a pollster. And even pollsters can be “right” – predicting a “win” and be, in the end, wrong due to outside unforseen circumstances – like a housing market meltdown, a war, or something….

  31. Troll does what 90% of people do – he predicts that the people and causes that he likes will prevail.

    It’s understandable, and is not the worst trait in the world. Positive thinking and all that.

  32. He has claimed expertise (access to internal Republican polling numbers for God’s sake). You aren’t fooling anyone.

  33. I do have access to internal numbers so what, external pollsd had hillary beating Osama once again so what.

    As for venom I have shown you none even though at times you deserve some.

    your views Mahons are the views from the NY fishbowl your in the liberal mecca and are innundated with 24/7 leftist opinion, so of course your view is tainted. My view maybe tainted by my beliefs, but what you can’t accept is the majority of the country is closer to me than to you.

    Remember the general concensus was that Nixon couldn’t win, that Reagan couldn’t win, that GW could never get a second term.

    There is a greater chance of Gingrich, Bachman, or Palin being the nominee than you are able to accept.

  34. Mets don’t have a chance

  35. oh by the way Mahons where is your link showing the success of romneycare???????????

  36. Mickey Mouse could beat Obama

  37. no insured v uninsured rates look at the economic numbers and level of care, you can’t post a link that shows a success.

    McCain only won because Schmuckabee stayed in as a spoiler against romney

    and please read my other responses to your comments

  38. Think with your head and not with your heart

    And lose the anti NY attitude. You don’t want to be a male Patty.

  39. Unfortunately for the Republicans they don’t have anyone as credible as Mickey Mouse running.

  40. It turns out Paul Revere was a tout. According to Sarah Palin


  41. I think that Romney is credible.

    But there is an anti adult attitude in the GOP these days. The more accomplished someone is, the more they are disliked by the sloboisie.

    For many, the ideal candidate would be a perpetually angry gun owner who did not know how to read and write.

  42. Poor you. Poor, poor New Yorkish you.

    If only adults would come out and play….waaahhhh! 🙂

  43. the fish speakith so it must be true, great word phantom “sloboisie”…lol

  44. I don’t have an anti NY attitude, I love NY. What I have is a reality meter and sometimes you and mahons fall off of it.

    You two have great opinions, but when you try to relate to anyone outside of the tri-state area about their conservative political views, niether of you can get past the saturation that you live in

  45. I’ve been chuckling over that one since this morning, Henry,

    On Romney: He’s only slightly less boring than Pawlenty.

  46. I will remind you that it was not NY that elected Mr. Obama.

    He carried Pennsylvania.

    He carried Minnesota.

    He carried California, Oregon and Washington.

    He carried Florida.

    He carried Virginia.

    Obama / Biden beat McCain / Palin in North Carolina, for Christ’s sake.

    If you think that the ” problem ” is in NY / NJ, you are entirely unprepared for the next election – you don’t know what just happened a very short time ago.

  47. Settle Phantom, it’s Friday and Henry has just linked the funniest thing I’ve seen in months.

  48. Last time I saw something as wooden as Romney was in a forest.

  49. Oh my God

    She didn’t say that

    For the love of God she didn’t really say that

    I’m begging you tell me that was a prank

  50. Dead wood about sums it up, David.

    I bet Romney wishes he had Weiner’s problems. 😉

  51. His ratings might rise 😉

  52. I agree with mahons on that

  53. no you totally misinterpret my comment. Obama won because he was sold as a nice safe blackman, not on any political stances.

    I didn’t blame NY for his election I blamed the over saturation of liberal views in the NY region for tainting your view

  54. Not really a “prank” — but more of a faux history lesson from Soros non-think tank Think Progress…

    Think Progress and all the chuckles crowd aping the meme are wrong we discover – no apologies in sight – maybe Think Progress should hire better analysts to pour over Palin/Limbaugh/Hannity etc. stuff looking for gaffes?

    Soros is not getting much for his money.

    And maybe MSM journolists could do a little of their own fact checking before they just ape the Think Progress meme du jour.