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We hardly knew him!

By Mike Cunningham On June 7th, 2011

If your newly-born child is, or seems to be in distress, any mother or father alive would rush to gain medical help and advice at a hospital, especially the hospital where the infant had just been born. We here in Great Britain, although we might moan and complain about some decisions made whilst running the NHS, are rightly proud of the people behind the infrastructure, the nurses, the doctors, the specialists and the consultants, because we know that we have the best.

Here in Britain we have the foremost surgical teams in many specialities, people who are welcome in advanced hospitals and facilities all over the civilised world, because they come with built-in credibility, with the knowledge that in Great Britain, they have received the best training in the world.

With the knowledge which should have been available, with the experience which is a birthright of every patient as they either walk or are wheeled through any British hospital, what should happen to the eleven ‘Midwives’ who conspired to falsify the records following the tragic death of Nine-day-old Joshua Titcombe?

Charges of Manslaughter? Not Murder, because there has to be planning and motive to be Murder! Yep; definitely Manslaughter, for all eleven!


2 Responses to “We hardly knew him!”

  1. My son had complications when he was born which I’ve mentioned previously and his life was saved by wonderful doctors and nurses (while I aged 300 years). The photo of this baby’s sister holding him kicked me in the gut. I would hope that no medical professional would ever try to falsify records. Making a mistake is one thing, but covering up the mistake is criminal.

  2. I am very sorry to have to tell you that in today’s NHS , if there is a problem the first thought is to cover it up ; the medical mafia is very good at that .
    I had an incident happen to me whilest in rehab. , the notes written by the staff indicated that I had fallen , the truth was that I was knocked down .

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