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By ATWadmin On May 18th, 2007

Yes, I AM disappointed that World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has decided to step down from office at the end of June. As you know, this decent and honourable man has been hounded from office by the Euro-elite and others who bitterly resented his presence at the top job in the bank.  I am even more disappointed that President Bush did not assert the US interest more strongly here, it is as if Wolfowitz has been allowed to swing. As was Rumsfeld. As was Bolton.

President Bush has been so weak in his second term on so many issues, immigration and "global warming" being examples of indecision and weak compliance. All those who hate a strong assertive US will celebrate the departure of Mr Wolfowitz and I see that Mark Malloch Brown is being talked of as a potential successor. Remember him? Yes – he was formerly Kofi "Cash for Oil" Annan’s number two, and is a protege of George Soros. THIS is the sort of person who will succeed Wolfowitz, and President Bush is letting it happen.

5 Responses to “STAND BY YOUR MAN….”

  1. "All those who hate a strong assertive US will celebrate the departure of Mr Wolfowitz.."

    I thought the World Bank was supposed to be at least nominally independent of governments. This statement suggests that Wolfowitz was attempting to turn it into an arm of US foreign policy. If this is true, it’s not surprising he made enemies.

  2. Such a pity those crying for Wolfowitz’s blood are not so quick to protest where the totally corrupt UN is concerned.

    Isn’t it too, supposed to be ‘nominally independent of governments?

  3. Ernest: Are you ready – I think the United Nations is a morally bankrupt institution. I think Wolfowitz was a terrible choice for the World Bank (an institution that needed a real reformer). He managed to screw up in Iraq, then at the World Bank. I suppose he’ll now be put in charge of rebuilding New Orleans.

  4. Wolfowitz is corrupt and incompetent scum. Good riddance. But he should have been fired outright and not given the chance to step down.

  5. The very fact that a person as phenomenally unpopular in developing countries as Wolfowitz was nominated exposed the fact that the World Bank is nothing more than a tool of US imperialism.

    Wolfowitz proved it later by cutting off aid to Uzbekistan on grounds of corruption when we know that the real reason was that the Uzbeks refused to permit an American base on their soil. Wolfowitz also cited Pakistan of all countries as having made progress towards cleaning up its system.

    However, his departure doesn’t herald the demise of American imperialism. I’m sure whoever succeeds him (Bush’s nominee of course) will be far worse.