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My Taxes at Work

By ATWadmin On May 19th, 2007

UC Irvine stands for “University of California, Irvine.” It’s one of ten California campuses comprising the UC system, and  it is fed and watered by my state taxes.

UC Irvine has a thoroughly California-modern feel. The campus has large sprawling green lawns, 1960s futuristic buildings and the blue Pacific Ocean is only a stone-throw away.   Students ride bikes to class and usually wear casual t-shirts and flip-flops.

But UC Irvine is not all sun and books. UC Irvine is now home to a growing hate movement seeking to demonize  and destroy Israel.  This movement has taken root in the increasingly virulent and radicalized UC Irvine Muslim Student Union.  

Just this week, the MSU sponsored a program called “Israel: Apartheid Resurrected. ”  My tax dollars sponsored lectures called “Zio-Nazis” and “The UC Intifada. ”  

Red County OC Blog attended the hatefest and photographed a lecture by radical islamist Amir Abdel Malik  Ali.  In this lecture, Amir claimed, among other things, that 9/11 was an inside job by Mossad and, also, that Jews intentionally do bad things while dressed as Muslims in order to make Muslims look bad.   (It seems that Amil Abdel Malik Ali also unintentionally proved that radical islam is a mental disease, manifesting as paranoia  and persecution.)

Red County blogger was  kicked out of the lecture hall but only after he captured some of Amir’s poisonous words on tape.  You can see it here.

Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs frequently covers news of the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union and has  Amir Abdel Malik Ali’s speech titled “Israel, the Fourth Reich”  from last year’s hatefest here.

2 Responses to “My Taxes at Work”

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  2. Malik is one sick puppy – but dangerous with it. It could be laughable, but too many of them believe in these asinine conspiracies.

    Zionist Jews dressed as muslims? How ridiculous.

    How many brain-dead students in that hall greedily devoured every anti-semitic, hate-filled ignorant word he said? How many will go on to preach the same filth to others? How many will use his words to justify repugnant attacks on innocent people?

    Although, having said that, I doubt many of them would need his words to do much – they were probably there just to confirm their own hate-fuelled conspiracy theories and indulge themselves in a little collective malevolent masturbation.