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By ATWadmin On May 19th, 2007

Well, I fully agree with Newt Gingrich who has denounced the Senate’s Immigration Bill as "a sellout of every conservative principle"  He’s right and it is another massive failure of judgement from President Bush. The Immigration issue has always been an achilles heel for W. Newt summed it up admirably last month when he wrote…   

Open borders are a grave national-security threat. Why have a multibillion-dollar ballistic-missile-defense system when a terrorist can rent a truck and drive a weapon of mass destruction across the border? Gaining control of our borders is therefore an immediate and pressing national-security requirement. The secondary effect is that it would dramatically stem the flow of illegal immigration, illegal drugs, and the human trafficking of slaves (mostly female and mostly for sexual exploitation).

And the problems do not stop there….

The longer-term threats of illegal immigration are economic and cultural.


Economically, in a world of vast income differences, instantaneous communications, and cheap travel (even when illegal), we cannot continue to allow a wide-open illegal employment system. The current flood of illegal migration if left unchecked for a period of decades will decisively undermine the economy in both economic and legal terms.


Culturally we have shifted from an integrating, English-speaking American citizenship focused model of immigration to an acceptance of foreign habits (which are going to include corruption), foreign loyalties (illustrated by the waving of foreign flags by many of the marchers, some with attitudes of contempt) and the insistence (not necessarily by immigrants) on creating non-English speaking legal and educational structures.


MSM favourite John McCain may line up with Edward Kennedy, and Bush may endorse that abomination which they have driven through Senate, but NONE of what has been proposed deals with the issues which Newt outlines.


  1. A very open analysis especially the paragraph beginning "Culturally…"

    Can you imagine politicians here speaking in such terms?

  2. David,

    You speak of "another massive failure of judgement from President Bush" in this post, yet in the previous one you suggest that Carter was the worst US President of all time. So who had the most failures of judgement?

    And weren’t you forgetting Richard "Well I’m not a crook" Nixon?

  3. And JF "What mafia connections" Kennedy….

  4. Yes, there’s another bad prezzie!

    I still think Nixon was the worst.

  5. So far, McCain has given us

    "McCain Feingold" – a lobbying reform bill which stifled the ability of individuals to give large sums of money to candidates (which were openly disclosed) while opening the loophole of the 527 groups (where private donations are not disclosed) – like MoveOn.org – a lobby effort started by George Soros who donated millions to defeat Bush. This piece of legislature has been a disaster.

    "Gang of 14" – the bipartisan effort led by John McCain which effectively watered down the actual influence and ability to act of the Republicans when they had the majority in the COngress.

    And no, "McCAin Kennedy" a ridiculous piece of law-making which is amnesty in disquise. Reagan tried this in the 80’s and it did not work. THis is no different, and it will not work. It does not control the borders. It offers amnesty to those who pay a fine ($5000) and then return to their countries of origin to await regularization which could take years.

    If I crossed a desert on foot from Mexico for a minimum wage job and I lived in America sending my small savings home to my family – I would definitely not give the govt. of AMerica $5000, and then travel back to Mexico (to do what, exactly?) while I waited for my papers. This whole plan is a joke.

    The press loves McCain because he looks, acts, and legislates like a Democrat. Bush as been AWOL on the border issue since 2000, and he’s not going to change now.

  6. David the fix didn’t work Monica will e-mail you our IP….

    Kennedy was a fool, Carter is, was, and always will be the total ass that brought us double digit inflation and is directly responsible for the start of our current problems in the middle east.

    As for this Amnesty deal its going to die. The law isn’t even finished being written and half the country is in an outrage.

    Newt, Thompson, Romney, Gulliani, and the few left in the Senate that have any cohonies left have already come out against it.

    This "DEAL" is Traitor McCains Meglomaniacle Revenge for not being able to raise a dime of insider money and all internal polls showing Ron Paul even having a better chance of grabbing the nomination.

    All he will acheieve is a massive failure. This scumbag attacks the first ammendment with McCain/Feingold, the Republican majorities chance at good judges with the group of 14, and now a direct attack on the conservitive bases pet issue ILLEGAL Immigration. In one fell swoop he has tried to give the middle finger to the rule of law by rewarding criminals with the greatist gift in the world (american citizenship) and do it with the true issue that kept the base from comming out to vote the last election.

    Its the Border Stupid BUILD THE WALL..

    PS Dawkins Nixon was the second best President in the last Century….

  7. after Clinton….

  8. Colm’s drinkin again…LOL

  9. It’s a pity immigration controls weren’t introduced in 1492. Every European country felt free to offload what it considered to be its excess population onto the New World: No uncomfortable questions were asked about whether the native country was doing enough to deal with the situation eg. regarding Britain’s handling of the Irish famine.

  10. Troll,

    "PS Dawkins Nixon was the second best President in the last Century…."

    That may be, but RICHARD Nixon was by far the worst.

  11. Dawkins,
    When we’re dealing with American presidents after 1950, second best is practically the same as by far the worst.

  12. How true that is, Adrian, how true.

  13. Funny, I read the same article and thought Gingrich started off talking sense and then turned into a cringing liberal when it came down to saying what should be done about the situation.

    “Note that none of the above requires direct action against people who are here illegally. None of these steps will break up families or cause undue hardship.”

    “As we transform our immigration system from a dishonest to an honest one, it is understandable that those living and working here illegally — especially those who have lived and worked here illegally for a long period of time — would be anxious and fearful about the future. While our two-decade-long failure does not mean that we are required to maintain a dishonest system, it does mean that must have a humanitarian period of transition as we replace an illegal channel of immigration with a legal one.”

    Translation – he’s against illegal immigration but wont actually do anything about illegal immigrants. Way to channel your inner liberal there Newt.


  14. A sensible and humane approach. The United States owes it’s greatness and it’s achievments to immigration. It remains a country well able to absorb immigrants and should continue to do so. Those Americans who are complaining so vehemently about the illegal immigrants are being very un-American.

  15. Newt knows how to talk the code for the far right. He is an intelligent man who has vivid infantile breakdowns. He is hoping to reconcile his embarrassing departure from the political stage as the new Republican sage. It won’t work. In any event, he knows immigration hysteria sells among the far right wing of the party – a lonely place that he is now confined to roam.

    Adrian: see that your fellow Indians have enought to eat, shelter, and a class system that doesn’t warp their entire existence. Then we can discuss US failings.

  16. Mahons,
    This thread was created to discuss American failings.

  17. Adrian: I think it is helpful from time to time to remind you and any casual reader that your agenda is well known to those who frequent the site. We tend for the most part to have a courteous and funny exchange, but you have to understand that your collective works can be aggravating.

  18. Mahons,
    Ah, so you were just being helpful!
    I have no illusions regarding India. Open an appropriate thread and I’ll discuss them left, right and centre.

    But just for today, since I’m being conciliatory, I’ll amend that to ‘center’.