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By Pete Moore On June 24th, 2011

Levi Bellfield has been found guilty today of the murder of 13 year old Milly Dowler. Already serving life for two other murders and an attempted murder, he was given a whole-life tariff, meaning he will die in prison.

He is plainly an evil man who committed wicked crimes. There is no point in allowing him to live for a minute longer than necessary. The tariff allows some to pretend they disagree with capital punishment, but incarcerating someone for the rest of their days is no more humane than a hanging following due process. The current settlement means that the taxpayer will be burdened with the huge cost of keeping him while the European Court of Human Rights might one day rule that whole life tariffs contravene his rights. This is not justice, he should hang.


  1. Hanging is way too good for this bastard. I do hope he comes to serious harm in jail. There is plenty of time.

  2. In what now seems like a former life I recall interviewing then Florida Governor Bob Graham about the Death Penalty. he told me he was concerned about safeguards for the accused, but once someone had been convicted of a second murder he knew the odds of their guilt were so great that he would sign the death warrant. I tend to be opposed to the DP but maybe that protocol isn’t such a bad standard.

  3. Nine years to bring this man to justice! – what an utter disgrace for a supposedly civilised society.

    The anguish the girls family must have faced and still have yet to face, is unimaginable. This isn’t justice in the true, or even the ‘biblical sense of the word, it is better described as purgatory, as far as her family are concerned.

    Justice, to be rightly called so, should surely be fair and timely, and be seen to be so…this dragged out bureacratic, incompetent perfomance does no more than punish the family more than the accused…

  4. The real scandal is that if the police had done their job properly, this animal would have been prevented from killing two other women. But rest assured that the incompetent police will escape any damage to their careers or pensions, as per usual.

  5. Not a subject to jest about, but – that sounds much too like a Mall special offer – a ‘Buy one get one free!’ sort of thing.

    Last time I looked it seemed a life for a life was the going rate!

  6. Spot on there Peter.

  7. Once a boringly again folks..
    The people who run this country give not a stuff what you or I think.
    Their collective ear is tuned only
    to the powerful
    the violent
    the rich
    the persuaders.

    We are only “window dressing”

  8. To say that hanging is too good for this piece of scum is a vast understatement. He should be made to suffer and howl in pain, for a prolonged time at that, and, upon reading the statements made by the Dowler family…well, if I had the money, I would make it known that I would be willing to pay certain people whatever they asked, in return for breaking him out of prison and delivering him into the hands of that family, or their chosen…ahem…specialist agents. Perhaps the talents of the Zimbabwean security services could be put to some good use on him.