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LOL… The U.N.

By Patrick Van Roy On June 29th, 2011

North Korea to Head U.N. Conference on Disarmament

3:26 PM, Jun 29, 2011 • By ANNE BAYEFSKY

On Tuesday, the United Nations again made itself an international laughing stock – except perhaps to the American taxpayers who continue to foot 22 percent of the bill – by appointing North Korea chair of the U.N. Conference on Disarmament. That would be the same North Korea that, according to an article this week by Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has “twice tested nuclear weapons…is developing missiles to carry them…has built facilities capable of producing highly enriched uranium for more nuclear weapons” and has defied a U.N. arms embargo by exporting weapons and sensitive technologies to rogue regimes.

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25 Responses to “LOL… The U.N.”

  1. Amazing, isn’t it?

  2. Tell me you made this up. Stop.

  3. Very difficult to find words to comment on this development other than to say “You Cannot Be Serious”.

  4. Beyond parody. Maybe they will put Zimbabwe on the Human Rights Committee?

    Oh wait…

  5. Didn’t they appoint Gadaffi, or perhaps it was just Libya to head the UN Human Rights Commission? Pinewood could probably make a new “Carry On” film out of the UN!

  6. Fold the tent, the UN has outlived any value it may have had.

  7. About sums it up.

  8. […] Hattip to Troll. […]

  9. Not only do American taxpayers have to foot the bill for the UN, they also have to fork out for over half of the world’s entire military expenditure.

  10. The UN didn’t appoint North Korea to the chairmanship of the Conference on Disarmament – apt acronym in CoD – as the article states.

    NK is simply next in alphabetical line for a position that automatically rotates among the 65 members. If NK is to be kept from the job, it will have to be kept out of the organisation. So you can keep your toupees on.

    Meanwhile, you will agree with me that no country that deliberately starts wars and invades another nation should even be allowed membership.

    So it’s So Long USA, shalom Israel, proschi Russia, bye bye UK.

  11. An elegant bit of cutesy-pie, but I don’t think that we were talking technicalities here, only the fact that the worst government in the world, internally and externally, and the probably the worst arms proliferator on earth, chairs an organization that it undermines every way it can. This is an immoral farce, and it is right to point it out.

  12. What Phantom said.

  13. “the worst arms proliferator on Earth…” is the United States – that is a matter of verifiable fact. Which country sells more arms than any other? Which country spends more on weaponry than all other countries together? Then again, there is a huge opium harvest in Afghanistan to protect.

  14. Whatever. We can I hope all agree that it has at least least some humour in it; sort of like that ex-IRA man becoming minister in charge of police in NI.

    If you don’t believe in the institutions anyway, and you guys obviously don’t, then you should welcome institutional farces like this, and let’s have less of the shock ‘n awe.

  15. It is nuclear proliferation that I speak of.

    But you knew that.

  16. I believe in arms control, especially including nuclear arms control. You’d be a complete moron not to believe the importance of such things.

  17. No – you didn’t write ‘nuclear’ and given that it was a response to Noel’s point on starting wars and invasion of other states, presumably using non-nuclear weapons, you should have added the clarification. It is noteworthy, and a sign of progress, that you did not attempt to dispute that the US is the worst arms proliferator on Earth. But as already stated, there is a huge opium harvest in Afghanistan which needs the protection of the US Army.

  18. Go back under your rock.

  19. Allan

    You don’t come close to making sense.

    But in fairness, you never did.

  20. Is that it – your ‘debunking’ of my post?

  21. You have lived your entire life, such as it is, under the protection of the US military and government.

    Bow down in the direction of the Pentagon and say a few words of thanks if you would.

  22. Allan – your posts come pre-debunked.

  23. “under the protection of the US military…” I used to believe that until I learnt that the ‘enemy’ (the USSR) received large-scale technology and financial transfers from US corporations in order to prolong the highly-lucrative Cold War. Obviously, none of the owners of these military corporates and their counterparts in the USSR wanted a hot war because nuclear explosions destroy the property of the rich as well as the poor.

  24. Arms control is hitting what you aim at…..lol

  25. Which is why all presidents, including Nixon and Reagan, implemented them with the USSR and other countries.

    A laborious process, but it has kept the peace for the most part.

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