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Worth a listen

By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2007

Hat tip to EU Referendum for flagging up this speech on the First Amendment given by the charming Michelle Malkin at Loyola Marymount, LA back in February.   (Part 1, Part 2.) 

2 Responses to “Worth a listen”

  1. Richard Carey: I’m glad you posted that – it was worth a listen. I listened to the first part as well. Some students actually walked out on her midway through the speech.

    It amazes me that at LMU, a private university, tuition runs at around $31,000 per year – that doesn’t include books, living etc. So parents and students are going into massive debt for a "liberal arts" education which effectively closes their minds.

  2. Most definitely worth a listen. I heard both parts – thank you Richard Carey.

    I am happy to have heard support of Michelle’s right to free speech among the audience. All is not lost. God bless America.