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think, discuss, act!

By ATWadmin On May 24th, 2007

Control Orders. The very name speaks of calm, unruffled competence; of a procedure which recognises that some individuals should be restricted in their movements because of grave suspicion regarding their motives and agenda. It also speaks of a Government which is ‘In Control’ of the nation’s security, and that that same Government knoweth of what it does!

Roadrunner.jpgFast forward now to a “Reality Check”, accompanied by that famously derogatory “Beep-beep” from the ‘Road Runner’ as we survey the latest wreckage of this same Governments’s oft-lauded “Control Order” legislation, based upon the news that three more terror suspects have absconded from these oh-so-strict orders by the simple strategy of walking away! There wasn’t any super-swift escape planning, there wasn’t a crew of muslim jihadi’s hell-bent on releasing them from this famously strict regime where the suspects were detained, tagged and monitored continuously! All these murderous bastards had to achieve was to PHONE the MONITORING COMPANY, and then they had a clear seven days before the checks were expected again! Whilst these latest three were not thought to pose a threat to UK residents, they were believed to be planning to go to Iraq, for example, and kill Americans or British service personnel, thus achieving paradise!

I’m proposing a new law, which would involve a small derogation from the Human Rights Legislation so beloved of Labour Government Ministers. It would allow, after sufficient evidence had been collated and scrutinised by an Independent Committee that any person was both intent on committing any act of terror either in the United Kingdom or overseas, but of a type and nature of that evidence which could not be presented in court, to allow the Heavy Mob from Vauxhall Cross to go in and kill them!

This law, which would be favoured by a good 99% of the indigenous non-muslim, and hence non-jihadi, population of this country, would be named the “de Menezes Paradise law” after the illegal immigrant who was in the wrong place at the wrong time; and would help clear out the scum which have arisen from the sewers where they abound!


One Response to “think, discuss, act!”

  1. Liberty’s spokeswoman Chakka whatsername got in a real clinker : "we continue to detain people without trail"……..(the We presumably being our friend the USA, which you are no doubt aware is not a part of the UK and has for some time now left the commonwealth)……"whilst the potentially guilty escape easily"

    But hold on there Chakka !

    Isn’t it your organisation that is campaigning to reduce British liberty to deal with terror suspects ?and aren’t you the spokeswoman who’s organisations opposition to said internment is a contributing factor in our countries severely reduced capacity to deal with covert terror ?

    Isn’t it your organisation that insists on the suspect parties be granted the full liberties of a democratic society whilst showing no regard for the potential public danger ?

    Aren’t you one of the very people who prefer these pathetic control orders, which like tagging, can be out manoeuvred by educationally sub-normal juveniles, to internment ?

    But wait, here you are criticising a democratic government, following the will of a gullible people you have deliberately misled, for their non-functional human rights orientated policies regarding the treatment of terror suspects whilst simultaneously criticising the very means by which these people could be controlled ?

    Could such inconsistent opinions show that there is no real clear policy from groups like liberty and they will take whatever stance convenient to criticise the elected government ? Rather in the style of the provocateur ? Is such naked political partisanism really the function of a ‘human rights’ group ?

    Is this why they are so silent on the transgressions of their host nation’s opponents?