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Memorial Day 2007

By ATWadmin On May 28th, 2007

Remembering with gratitude
all those who served and fell
in defense of freedom.795151-841095-thumbnail.jpg 

5 Responses to “Memorial Day 2007”

  1. Remembered here as well Patty – I found my visit to Arlington cemetary very moving. God bless America.

  2. "Remembering with gratitude
    all those who served and fell
    because of the stupid mistakes I made."

  3. Cunningham,

    Good to see you admit it at last!

  4. Yes Patty – we will never forget. Thanks for putting this up here.

  5. We had a nice parade and memorial ceremony in my hometown. Small town stuff: the former Vets, high school band, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Fire Department etc. My neighbors who fought in World War Two proudly wearing thier caps. A young soldier who is being redeployed to Iraq (his second tour) gave a nice speech. A moment to thank the warriors even if one disagrees with the war.