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End; and the means?

By Mike Cunningham On July 25th, 2011

Drifting very quickly and briefly through the Knights Templar Manifesto of the maniac who killed ninety-three Norwegians, it could be said that he might well be mad, he is quite possibly a psychopath of the first order, but he is also literate, extremely well-read and -educated; and up-to-date when it comes to Europe, and the ideas of European Hegemony without a shot being fired against the take-over of ALL European nation states by a creeping, bureaucratic, massively-funded Dictatorship, he is not far off the mark.

He dislikes the very idea of Muslim and Islamic ideals, because he states that they only know one end idea, that of the Caliphate.

He hasn’t much of an opinion of the last four Prime Ministers of Great Britain, which places him on the same shelf as myself, but I am neither armed, nor am I of the opinion they should all be shot; just maybe imprisoned for dereliction of duty to the Nation-State.

He doesn’t have much time for militant feminists. I just reckon they are too noisy, and too much notice is given them.

He is dead against MultiCulturalism, claiming that is the soft surrender to the importation of Muslim values such as Sharia Law. Again, I would agree with his thesis, but I would state that part of the preferred option is a complete closure of the ‘family and relations’ part of the Immigration Schemes in force at present; not an AK47!

We will hear more and more of the claims of Co-Conspirators of this crazed gunman in the coming days and weeks ahead, we shall no doubt learn of ‘sympathisers’ in the ranks of the BNP and the EDL, and it will be taken as ‘Gospel’ that they exist, because one lunatic has written, so it must be true!

The BBC has already stated that he had links with the EDL, despite firm and repeated denials on the EDL Website.  As a whore once remarked ‘they would say that, wouldn’t they!

These claims have also been repeated in the Daily Mail.

As our fellow blogger Richard North has stated 

” We could indeed be looking at a watershed … and it ain’t pretty.”


The final passages of the manifesto give details of his preparations for the massive bomb which exploded in Oslo centre. Mad, definitely! Stupid? Doubt it!

24 Responses to “End; and the means?”

  1. I agree with that 100%.

  2. the line between brilliance and insanity has always been a thin one

  3. reading the first few pages of this madmans manifesto is actually quite frightening, it is written very well and is right on the money. I won’t read the whole 1500 pages, I won’t waste my time on a piece of work that ends in the real life death of a 100 people.

    I will say he could have made millions if he had taken his work to a publisher instead of slaughtering innocents, who knows he is probably being offered that now.

  4. He unduly highlights certain facts, conceals others, distorts others, and to round off makes up some himself.

    No wonder you guys relate to it.

  5. Noel that was an unnecessary insult

  6. I’m not wasting any time on reading this guy. I did see his photo.

    It appears that he was a handsome, intelligent and thoroughly evil man.

  7. a question Noel, how much of it did you actually read?

  8. I won’t read his manifesto either.

    Him and those like him need to be removed from human society. I want to read how that is accomplished.

  9. I browsed thru about the first 40 pages. A long torrent of rage against “Islam”.
    I dont think it was written by the killer.

  10. no he lifted a lot from the una bomber and others….lol

  11. A rough reading of bits and pieces, but some of what he says seems to be true, factual, accurate. Truth can sometimes be used for evil.

    He has good premises but his conclusions seem to have been ill-advised. And what he did with those conclusions was evil. Sometimes he will speak the truth and then insert a little lie which changes the nature of what he’s saying.

    He seems to, as you could predict, be not much of a Christian. The media, the scum that they are, are peddling the lie that he was a Christian fundamentalist. In the manifesto he actually says religion is for the weak, and that science, logic should take priority. He appears to be one of those aryan neo-nazi types who supports Christianity for its cultural origins, rather than it’s content or theology. He says Christianity is useful for its ability to unite white europe – not for its content (thus, obviously, you can see the total and absolute distinction between him and Jihadist ‘terrorists). His use of the word ‘conservative’ seems to be a personal label with a definition that differs from the way the word is used by others.

    Annoyingly he lifts a lot of his ‘work’ from at least one other terrorist… which should not be overlooked. Why would someone so intelligent and educated do such a thing? If he really believed in his cause, why would he do this? Perhaps, perhaps, insanity did play a part..

    He was both an anti-racist and a racist. Pro-gay. World of warcraft fan. He clearly believed in the separation of the ‘races’. He believed in genetic purity, of the kind the BNP aspire to (I can no longer back that statement up as the BNP have changed their website, but in the past it was CLEAR genetic purity was their goal).

    This creature has done more to destroy the freedom of the west than the Islamists, of recent times. Now every time truth is uttered, the liars and scum will simply say “oh look, you’re just like the Norway terrorist, you believe the same stuff”.

    God help us all.

  12. This is a wake up call to the western world. The far-right is a serious threat to us all. They have been guilty of mass murder in both the USA and Norway, and have activists all over the place. They will kill again. Those who publicly brand people they don’t agree with as scum etc are merely providing fuel and justification for them. Like those who are spreading hatred within Muslim communities in our society, as well as in communities in Northern Ireland, these people need to be opposed at every turn by every legal means possible.

  13. the far right in europe is not the same as the far right in the US

  14. Lot of ‘sympathy’ for the victims of this Christian Zionist wacko here http://bit.ly/pDiBhK

  15. I’d like to apologise for ‘publicly’ calling the Norway terrorist ‘scum’. Clearly this is a sign, according to Sentinel of Liberty and his “logic”, that I am providing fuel and justification for something or other. Every legal means possible must now be made to silence me and my free speech. How dare I!

    I’m having (sarcasm finished!) difficulty seeing the difference between the idea that the far right in the US and the UK are different? Or are you referring to the liberal’s stressful control over small elements of political language, which have allowed them to call clearly non-right wing people (such as Neo-Nazis or the BNP) “far right wing”.

    As far as I’m concerned far right are either economic extremists who want to destroy nation states and populate us with corporate power – or anarchists who believe in no government at all (the more right wing, the smaller the government, which itself is a dangerous idea). Ideas of racism or genetically-defined nationhood seem to be neither here nor there, though I suppose the more left-wing you get, the more more ‘global’ your idea of a socialist/communist world government becomes, but that in itself is only for the proles.

  16. Poosh I do refer to that which have allowed them to call clearly non-right wing people (such as Neo-Nazis or the BNP) “far right wing”.

    Also kooks like this guy and a myriad of other groups that don’t belong under that banner. I am neither a corporatist nor an anarchist, I am a constitutionalist. I am sure however that I fall into what is freely called the far right in the US

  17. Old Jack Burton > he was not a Christian in any meaningful sense. Nor was he a zionist. I like how the media have peddled this lie through both poor journalism and political zeal, so the fault lies not with you.

    If you read parts of his manifesto he is not much of a believer or Christian, but he has a fascinating grasp of what religion can be used for. He has a cultural attachment to Christianity (because whites made it!), not a spiritual or theological one. He clearly states science is more important than religion. He states Christianity is useful in that it can unite Europe (against the non whites!).

    He hates Jews in that they are not ethnically his own. He talks of America (and the UK, and I believe France’s) “Jewish Problem”. He supports ‘zionism’ to the extent that he wants all non-aryan whites, it seems, deported and kicked out of Europe. Rather then killing the Jews, he’d rather they go back where they came from. Most gracious of him. He is driven by the separation of the ‘races’. His hatred for Islam is only because of the colonial aspirations of many Muslims, which he has stupidly decided is the goal of all Muslims worldwide, clearly wrong. There are millions of Muslims who do not pay attention to the Koran or what the rest of the Muslim world demands they pay attention to. He is a zionist only in the context that he wants all different ethnicity to “go back where they came from”. Europe is, presumably, for the Aryans – not Jews, or brown or black coloured people.

    That being said, if he is mad, which he may well prove to me, we should expect contradictions and inconsistencies. This is even more likely, given he apparently plagiarised other terrorist’s works. (If he was so sane and so dedicated, why did he lift so much from another? He must have known people would pick up on his fraud – so perhaps he is not as sane as he might claim, imo.)

  18. Not much of a Christian, you say..that is the understatement of the year.

    This man is a sociopath – evil incarnate – end of story. Sure – He dressed up his evil deeds with unabomber speak and a nod to our current worry-de-jour, Islamofascism. But don’t you see that he that he does this just to wreck more havoc, cause more strife?

    It could easily have been environmentalism, or capitalism or even random hatred of women.

  19. I loved the story that mama bought him hookers

  20. I suspect you would fall under the hard center-right, one would imagine, Troll. Unless, I guess, you believe in the most bare-bones, minimal, almost non existent state, with no hand in education or public works, or any welfare at all, what so ever? Even Thatcher believed in welfare, and she was pretty right wing. Then again, I’m a monarchist…

  21. That’s true Patty, though I’ve been on these ‘anti-Islam blogs’ for many months trying to warn the posters etc there that the facts and the truths displayed and discussed on those blogs can easily be integrated into the rhetoric of people who actually are racists/bigots, (early/current EDL for example) looking for excuses to appear ‘rational’, as to shield their prejudices, which have nothing to do with religion, but rather skin colour. Islamophobia is mostly a myth, sure, of course, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a small number, out there, who ARE Islamophobic! There is the extra responsibly with anti-jihadist websites to emphasize that most Muslims are normal people and blanket statements are wrong and logically incorrect – which I think these websites do fulfill.

    He apparently played World of Warcraft, according to his possibly fake facebook page.

    Has anyone looked into World of Warcraft extremism?

  22. I guess we could blame video games just as easily as far-right hate, or unabomber envy. Were it that easy to identify and isolate – evil is more slippery.

  23. the guy was nutz lets just face it…lol

    yes poosh I do believe in a certain level of welfare, I am pro-choice also, but oh my god I used to play dungeons and dragons aaaarrrrrghhh

  24. Posh one dies not have to be Philo-Semitic to be a Zionist. Christian Dispensationalist theory tells us that much. Further he was angry at Hitler for not ‘liberating’ Jerusalem from the Muslims. So to claim Christianity was not a factor is again, wrong.