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Not guns; but butter?

By Mike Cunningham On August 5th, 2011


“To the British taxpayer I say this: our aim is to spend every penny of every pound of your money wisely and well. We want to squeeze every last ounce of value from it. We owe you that.

That is incredibly good value for the taxpayer. It’s incredibly good for development and everyone wins – most especially the poor and disadvantaged people you describe.

We are currently strengthening the existing processes in place for review of our programmes annually during implementation and at completion, which will place greater emphasis on results and value for money.

Thirdly, that transparency, accountability, responsibility, fairness  and empowerment will be our watchwords.

Andrew Mitchell Sec. State Dept. for International Development.

“They have a point. Some of our money has been wasted. But that’s not an argument to stop aid. It’s an argument to change the way aid is delivered and that’s what we’re doing.”

“This is a time for the whole of Africa to meet the aspirations of its people. A time when aid, trade and democracy can come together to offer a new future for Africa.”

“We have the vaccines and the tools to do it. All that’s missing is real and sustained political will to see this effort through to the end.

David Cameron Coalition Prime Minister


An Ethiopian farmer speaking to Angus Stickler on the Today Programme regarding DfID funding to the Ethiopian Government: “If you don’t support the Government, you are denied access to vital supplies, seeds, fertiliser!”

10 Responses to “Not guns; but butter?”

  1. Everybody wins…OK.
    Any liberal(spit) poster care to explain how Cam splurging our tax cash to make African despots swiss bank accounts fatter, help me Joe Taxpayer in any way.

    Given that the average UK taxpayer may be unemployed or on short time working, have an inadequate private pension fund (if any), be suffering from inflation (especially transport costs) and virtually zero income on any savings.

    How does making ‘General, President for Life, Field Marshal, Admiral The Rt Hon Abu Muhammed Hussain-Umbongo VC’ just that wee bit richer help me?

    Isn’t money extracted from the poor people of so called rich countries (under pain of imprisionment) and given to the rich people of poor countries…simply theft and not ‘aid’?

  2. Great title by the way…it’s a quote from one of Hermann Goering’s speeches isn’t it?

  3. No, Dog, I pulled it off a title from one of the West Wing episodes.

  4. Mike,
    Seen this


    Herman is in there but so is Joey the Cripp Goebbels.

  5. Ah yes, Josef himself, the Patron Saint of politicians! Alistair Campbell is reported as saying something along the lines of “Well, if we can get Tony to wear a leg-splint for a few days, we should see a big rise in his recognition statistics”

  6. I am recopying the letter I had from this Andrew Mitchell. Please read it, think about the current situation in North Africa, especially the area of famine and why aid isn’t getting through, and what is happening in Libya.
    Then tell me what’s been left out of this truly cringeworthy, arrogant and obsequious letter…

    “On 1 August 2011 13:53, Andrew Mitchell wrote:

    Conservative Party logo

    Dear *********

    Today, hundreds of thousands of British Muslims will begin the holy month of Ramadan – a time of fasting, devotion, charity, and care. From sunset to sunrise, they will refrain from eating and drinking, and focus on reflection, self-discipline and prayer.

    But for millions of Muslims in the Horn of Africa, this month of fasting will be more than a matter of religious devotion. In Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia people are experiencing the worst humanitarian catastrophe in a generation. Many areas are facing the driest period for sixty years. 10 million people are in desperate need of emergency relief.

    In the past few weeks, I have visited the region and was horrified by what I encountered. At one refugee camp in Kenya, I met women who had walked for weeks to reach refuge. Some had been robbed; many had met violence; others had lost children to hunger along the way.
    Andrew Mitchell signature

    We cannot ignore this appalling situation and I am proud that Britain is leading the way. The government has already provided over £90 million of aid to the region which will provide emergency assistance to more than 2 million people, including access to clean drinking water and treatment for starving children.

    But far more is needed urgently. We are vigorously pressing the international community to join us in taking action. We also need to work together as a country, in line with our strong tradition of generosity, and do everything we can to support the DEC Appeal. The British public have already been incredibly supportive but please, as we enter Ramadan, reach into your pockets and give what you can.

    Thank you and with all good wishes for Ramadan.

    Andrew Mitchell

  7. I blame Bob Geldof.
    Last time he saved ten million people who would otherwise have died.
    However given that the land can only support so many.
    Now the descendents of the saved have multiplied and now twenty million need aid.
    This is not a sustainable business model.


  8. Dogis,
    After buttering up the period of Ramadan he casually misses out the fact that Western (infidel) aid is not getting through to the starving because Al Shabbab won’t let aid through! They are too busy slaughtering people to show a bit of that “ole time Islamic compassion…”
    Andrew Mitchell ain’t gonna mention it because he probably thinks it would be undiplomatic, from a personal survival point of view. Furthermore, despite the Englishness of my surname, he’s going to hedge his bets by sending me “all good wishes for Ramadan”!
    Which I find highly insulting.

  9. Yes I noticed that myself. But you should respect the ‘diversity’ of places like that ….which are 99.99999999999999% muslim (and will kill you if you the other 0.00000000001%). Let the rich muslim countres care for their brothers in the Ummah. Saudi? All yours mate, after all you wouldn’t want all that infidel food aid now would you.

  10. ” a time of fasting, devotion, charity, and care. From ‘sunset to sunrise’, they will refrain from eating “

    I knew it, the British Muslims have been doing it arse backwards all this time, and no-one guessed what was wrong!