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By David Vance On September 1st, 2011

The moral degeneration of the Britain is all too obvious in the unlikely story of…Johnny Anglais. Who is he? A Male stripper. Oh – and a teacher in a State school.

A teacher who led a double life as a porn star and stripper, has been told he is free to go back to the classroom.

Benedict Garrett AKA Johnny Anglais, 31, told the Guardian he expected to be struck off the teaching register following a two-day disciplinary hearing of the General Teaching Council which ended today (August 31).

The Council heard that Mr Garrett had stripped in clubs and undertaken work of a pornographic nature while employed as a sex education teacher at Beal High School in Woodford Bridge Road. But while they found him guilty of unacceptable professional conduct, they did not strike him off the register.

I heard him being interviewed on the radio today. He was boasting of the warm support he had received from parents, from children, for his brave decision… to strip off for extra income and be part of the porn industry.

Would YOU like to have your children taught by someone from the porn industry? Is this what we now accept as decency in our State schools. In the era of anything goes, I suppose all things become possible. Mr Chips is forgotten and replaced by Johnny Anglais, the stripper.

3 Responses to “PORN TO BE ALIVE?”

  1. Goddbye, Mr. Chippendales.

    ***I may retire on that one.

  2. When you’ve lost your Christian morality, this is what happens.

    Don’t act all surprised.

  3. If Dead Enders, Abomination Street, Britain’s Got Talent and HollySmokes shapes your view of reality, then why not have your child taught by a trendy teacher cum porn star??
    The concept that we have any obligation to each other, to decency, honesty and integrity has become hugely unpopular. It has been replaced by the idea that self expression and self indulgence is all that really matters.
    As Eddie says,
    “Bring on the Haemorrhoids”!