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One less idiot on the road

By Mike Cunningham On September 13th, 2011

We learn that an ‘ex-racing driver’ died after his Audi RS6 rolled whilst being driven at excessive speeds in Wandsworth.

I regret the possible loss of revenue to the coffers of the Congestion Charge.

I also regret the extra tasks given to the London Ambulance Service, the Metropolitan Police and sundry road refuse-removal contractors, as all their expenditure is non-recoverable from the estate of the dead clown in the Audi.

I am also pleased to relate that the cause of road-safety have been given yet another example of driving licences being handed out to persons of an I.Q. in single figures.

2 Responses to “One less idiot on the road”

  1. I read almost every day about the Irish drivers (male and female) who expire in car wrecks. The scanty news reports (The papers are too frightened to print the cause, i.e. drunks speeding) less they offend.

    These news reports could almost be duplicated with only a change of names.

    Paddy “X” or Mary “Y” (aged 18 to 18) died in a single vehicle accident when their car struck a 1) ditch, 2) tree, 3) wall at 4:30 AM. The passenger was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital with serious injuries. The couple were returning from an evening of socializing with friends when this HORIFFIC accident occurred. Gardai are appealing for witnesses. The scene is being preserved for technical purposes. Garda superintendent Mick “Z” wishes to convey his deepest sympathy to the family of the deceased.

    Come on gang. I want the gory details. The real skinny. Not the usual sweetened, massaged and censored B.S. I want:. 1) blood alcohol readings of everyone in the car 2) specific injuries to everyone in the car (shattered femur, etc,) 3) lots of close-up photographs of the crash scene.

    After all, stupid drivers and their passengers deserve the notoriety.

  2. But context is everything. Your calling the man an idiot and you may be right but lets say it’s 3am the roads deserted and he’s doing 35 in a 30. Suddenly a really cute puppy runs out into the road he swerves and miss’ the cute puppy. Clips a curb and the Car goes ass over whatever and he’s dead.

    Turns out that the 30 zone was incorrectly applied as the road had been a 40 for years and the council had bogged up on the procedure for setting the limit.

    Is he still a idiot?

    So much hypocrisy, bullshot politics and artificial skewed statistics surround speeding in this country. It’s not speed that kills it’s the sudden stop or inappropriate speed. But hey lets everyone stop being a proper (attentive) driver and be a speedo watcher instead cos that’ll be safer right?

    Reality is that I think I read it was 8% of accidents are caused by speed. But even accepting one of the most outrageous lies ever told…the one third fiction. WHY the hell are we not doing something about the TWO THIRDS!