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By David Vance On September 22nd, 2011

Ahmadinejad lives down to expectations;

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has outraged the UN by calling the 9/11 attack on the U.S. ‘a mystery’.  The claim so angered the U.S. that the entire American delegation walked out whilst Ahmadinejad was still speaking.  In a speech full of questions which were no more town to expectations; In a thinly veiled attacks on the U.S. he asked the UN who had used the “mysterious September 11 incident” as a precursor to war and to dominate the Middle East?

Here’s another mystery. Why is this lunatic even allowed to set foot in the United States? Why has Iran not been defanged of nuclear intent? The 12th Imam’s dining pal may seem a joke but given the malign influence he wields, the joke is not funny anymore.

9 Responses to “THE 9/11 MYSTERY..”

  1. Allan probably thinks it was a speech for the ages.

  2. The question with the UN is not “why walk out?” but rather “why walk in?”

  3. Why is this lunatic even allowed to set foot in the United States?

    Agreement Between the United Nations and the United States Regarding the Headquarters of the United Nations

    Why has Iran not been defanged of nuclear intent?

    Because the political leaders of the countries that could carry out such defanging have more sense than the keyboard warriors that populate right wing blogs.

  4. What can be expected from a holocaust denier?

    Maybe he’s a Birther as well.

  5. The Holocaust was another big mystery

  6. we should have bombed them in 79

  7. Troll, you are such a drippy pacifist 😉

  8. About a year ago, I saw for the first time the destruction of building 7 which collapsed at freefall acceleration i.e. all supporting columns failed at the same time thus providing no resistance to downward gravitational acceleration. However, I am now persuaded that the official version of events is beyond challenge, and here is why. This debunks the ‘truthers’ –


    – and I’m sure those who watch it will agree.

  9. Well, I followed your link Allan, but I really must be getting old!
    The guy spoke too fast, and went through it all too quickly for me to follow.
    I might give it another go tomorrow morning…