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By David Vance On October 11th, 2011

Just because the West tries not to be interested in Iran does not mean that Iran is not interested in it;

The US says it has broken up a major terror plot in which agents linked to Iran sought to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington. Two men originally from Iran – one a naturalised US citizen – have been charged with counts of conspiracy, Attorney General Eric Holder said. The plot was “conceived” in Iran by the Quds force, part of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, he added.

Here’s a plan. Next time Ahmadinejad visits the UN on the East River, arrest him. Then, send in the drones to Iran and reduce the Mad Mullah’s atomic fantasies to embers.

20 Responses to “THE NEXUS OF EVIL….”

  1. It makes you wonder how many other terror plots they have on the go. Probably dozens.

    The Saudis will take careful note, and perhaps others will take careful aim.

  2. Why would Iran wish to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US and in Washington? This looks like a fabrication, the kind of fabrication which will be the commencement of the propaganda onslaught against Iran culminating in total war against Iran.

    The Iranians are alleged to have plotted with a mexican drug cartel. Is this the same drug cartel which received weapons from Eric Holder’s Justice Department?

    More information is needed and from sources other than the US government and its drug-dealing arm.

  3. At the risk of sounding like our friend from Aberdeen , I am very sceptical of this. What on earth would the Iranians hope to gain from this. How would such a terror attack as the bombing of Embassies in Washington help improve Iranian security ? If the attacks had gone ahead and proof emerged of Iranian state involvement they would simply be placing themsleves in the same position as the Afghan Taliban govt. did after 9/11. Plus, you can bet your bottom dollar that if the Iranians really were plotting this for whatever reason, you can be sure that they would do their damndest to ensure that the operatives were as far removed from direct Iranian State connection as possible. They wouldn’t allow any Quds agents to be directly involved or traceable at all. This doesn’t make sense.

  4. >Why would Iran wish to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US and in Washington?


    When I heard this on the news tonight I thought you would post exactly as you have done. You seem to assume that Iran is a monolithic state, with every terrorist plot under the control of the political leadership, which is itself divided between religious nutters and total religious nutters. When faced with a choice between cock-up and conspiracy, cock-up is always far more likely.

    I don’t think that Hillary would have spoken as strongly as she has done if Uncle Sam was not 100% convinced that they are correct and that the evidence will bear them out.

  5. Colm

    Did 9/11 make sense?

  6. David

    Yes it did to those who carried it out, but that wasn’t a govt plot. It was a nihilistic event by a fanatic terror group. I am not saying that the Iranians would never do anything so evil, I just think they would be a lot more cunning and strategic than to be caught conducting a terror attack that would not benefit them at all. The question that needs answering is; What would they gain from it ?

  7. Saudi Arabia is across the Persian Gulf from Iran, and there are plenty of potential shi-ite recruits for such an attack to be carried out IN SAUDI ARABIA, and plenty of patsies to blame. The ‘plot’ as supposedly intended to occur in the US is targetting the American audience who pay more attention to events in the US than they do to similar events is Saudi Arabia. This plot fails in all senses from an Iranian perspective but not from a US-military perspective. Unfortunately for the sceptical, there are so many people in this X-factored world who will unquestioningly believe anything and everything that the US government tells them.

  8. there are so many people in this X-factored world who will unquestioningly believe anything and everything that the US government tells them.

    And equally, there are those who will believe nothing. Heck, some of them even believe that the CIA did 9/11.

  9. Absolutely, Peter – I believe nothing that the US and UK authorities say unless it is backed by independent verification. Do you trust David Cameron, or Hillary Clinton, or Eric Holder? Seriously, do you?

  10. we should have bombed them in 79

  11. The Telegraph reports it’s a Republican Guard plot to hire Mexican gangsters to carry out the attack.

    Who knows? It might be an elaborate way of getting back the thousands of guns they shipped to the drugs gangs.

    I know I don’t believe them without compelling evidence.

  12. Troll – you were foremost in bringing ‘Fast and Furious’ to our attention. Doesn’t the tie-in of Holder, Justice Department and Mexican drug cartels raise any suspicions that this ‘plot’ may be a complete fabrication? If the Iranians really wanted to kill a Saudi Arabian, they would have done it in Saudi Arabia – look at your atlas.

  13. If the target was an ambassador to the US, it would be easier to do it here.

  14. I’m not buying the story at all. It makes no sense whatsoever, it’s too convenient considering Fast & Furious and Holder’s imminent indictment and I’ve reached the sensible conclusion that nearly everything coming out of the Obama white house is full of smoke, lies and half-truths.

  15. Questions are now being asked:


    The tactics of distraction become ever more desperate. Perhaps they could kill Osama bin Laden again. After all, who now mentions the fake birth certificate?

  16. While Iran is clearly a major player in terrorist supporting activity, I am uncertain as to the real extent of its involvement in this caper.

  17. Troll

    Do you have an alibi?

  18. Of course Troll has an alibi. He has been at the OWS camp in Zuccotti park 😉

  19. I have friends who work right next to that damned park. They hate this freak show.

  20. This clown may have been involved in such a plot, but the actual carrying out of it seems pretty far fetched to me.