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By David Vance On October 15th, 2011

The truth is that our politicians do not want to experience the will of the people which is why Ministers have ruled out a referendum on European Union action to bail out the crisis-hit eurozone.

“A Government statement to MPs yesterday made clear that no national poll will be held in Britain over plans for a £380billion emergency fund designed to support Greece and other debt-laden eurozone nations. Some MPs believe the establishment of the European Financial Stability Mechanism, which requires changes to the EU constitution, should trigger a vote in the UK under the Coalition’s so-called “referendum lock” law.

But Tory Europe Minister David Lidington said the proposals did not need to be ratified by a referendum in Britain because only nations in the euro currency system were affected. The decision enraged critics, who warned that the treaty changes threatened to create a powerful bloc of 17 euro nations that will be able to crush any British opposition to Brussels rule…”

They lavish our cash on propping up the useless dysfunctional doomed EU whilst feigning euro-scepticism.  They are a disgrace.

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