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By David Vance On October 24th, 2011

Why would anyone who favours conservative values remain in the Conservative Party? Former Conservative Leader and current Foreign Secretary William Hague sums up all that is nauseating about Cameron’s mob;

William Hague has compared calls by Conservative MPs for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union to “a piece of graffiti”.

An in-out referendum was not government policy, the foreign secretary said, and “the wrong question at the wrong time”.

Really? Let’s have a think about this. The Eurozone is melting down, the UK has already spent ££billions propping parts of it up, and Hague thinks that it is the “wrong time” to contemplate our relationship with Brussels? Not a day goes by without EU law over-riding UK law, without criminals using the EU HRA to the dismay of most people, and Hague thinks this is the WRONG time to determine our status with regard to the EU? It is precisely the RIGHT time but it is also inconvenient for weasels like Hague. He wants to pretend that if only we remain mute and leave it to wise old coves like himself then we can magically conjure up a looser arrangement with the EU. The trouble here is that even the most cursory examination of the past shows that we are becoming further and further embedded in the EU and despite many pledges to the contrary, the UK continues to lose sovereignty.

The UK has a clear choice. It stays in or it gets out.

The politicians know that the majority of people in the UK are more likely than not to vote “OUT” and that is why a referendum is denied them. We live in a representative democracy where the politicians refuse to represent the will of the people. Another name for that is a benign tyranny and Hague is a typical representative of it.  The superficial facade is of a democracy but it is only too obvious that all the major political parties show a loyalty to the EU that contrasts with their betrayal of this United Kingdom. As the EU goes down the toilet, Hague insists we plunge in. He must be round the bend….


  1. Bravo DV. I’ve signed all the petions (both E and actual) and the peoples pledge.
    Given money to UKIP etc.
    I’ve also contacted my MP to ask him to vote for a referendum. He’s a rampant Eurosceptic so he’ll be one of the few.

    Will we win? Nope.
    Will we ever get a say on this? I doubt it. But I won’t give up – ever.

  2. Hague is right. It is utter madness discussing this issue now. He is simply putting the national interest first. We need to be protecting the interests of British businesses who need stability and that means sorting out the Euro. Anything else is just a distraction.

  3. I noticed in the BBC’s a.m. news, how the commentator on this subject attempted to diminish the amount of general concern over our part in the EU, stating that it was of only minor importance to most of the electorate, coming well down on the list for ‘essential action’, at this time.

    He completely ignored all the negatives that have affected our daily lives for over a decade, stating categorically that the economy was the major concern, – well of course it is! – but how can we get a handle on that problem while Brussells is continually asking for increases in our contribution, not just to the general fund, but also to the IMF and the bail-out of the EU banking system.

    All this on top of the ever increasing and petty bureacracy imposed on our manufacturers and business community, which in itself is becoming a major concern, pointlessly increasing overheads at a time when most are doing their utmost to reduce them. It is almost as those the Brussels bureacrats are deliberately trying to sabotage our economy – no matter what! I thought Sarkozy’s attitude to Cameron gave a good indication of French intention.

    That many of our problems, such as excessive immigration and the despicable, and wrongly named ‘Human Rights’ legislation all have their roots in diktat from Brussels, and that even if our politicians cannot see it, the broad spectrum of the electorate most certainly can, and if there is one thing that would bring some degree of unity back to the UK, it is a complete withdrawal from the EU.

    Far from ‘Socosy’ telling Cameron to ‘butt out’, Cameron should be much firmer, – as was Thatcher, – in stating our position, and in no uncertain terms. He wont, of course.

    Just how times a century do we have to ‘pull the French chestnuts from the fire’? especially as each time we do, they then increase the stakes the next time around…

  4. Hague really is a pathetic figure. From the link:

    “It was not in the manifestos of either of the governing parties, it cuts right across the rules for holding referendums, it will create additional economic uncertainty in this country at a difficult economic time.”

    Of course it was not in any manifesto, the three major parties are strongly pro-EU. The vote has come about because we, the bosses, forced it via petition. There are no rules governing referendums, apart from the government will hold one when it thinks it will win.

    If you’re looking for economic uncertainty, the £trillions in lost wealth that foreign EU rule has cost us, the millions of arbitrary rules which kill jobs and investment and the access denied to markets outside the EU protection block provide all the economic uncertainty you need.

    The biggest hoot comes via the Telegraph, which describes Hague as “strongly eurosceptic”.

    Clearly he’s not. He has been a minister, has led the Tories, is now the Foreign Secretary and he cannot point to one “eurosceptic” achievement. He is at the centre of power of the political faction which has done more even than Labour to betray the British people and bring about foreign suzerainty in our land.

    Fortunately the party’s membership is in catastrophic decline and will kill it before long.

  5. Perhaps worth noting that since ‘nobody is that bothered about the EU’ it’s a little odd that a few more than the required 100,000 people signed the e-petition. Er actually about 200,000 people more in fact as it got over 300,000 people signing it.

    I believe the average number of signatories is a tad lower than that …in the small thousands.

    Still as the BBC (and others) is bound to comment an EU referendum is an issue that nobody is bothered about.. Just keep your nose out of politics and keep paying your taxes to the EU now there’s a good chap. Oh and we will need $1.75 Trillion from you to prop up EU zone banks. I’m sure that’ll be OK won’t it?

    odd how ploiticians ignore the will of the electorate then wonder why it has become disenchanted with the Westminster Parish council. Lib/Lab/Con….not a fag paper between them on Europe.

  6. ‘It was not in the manifestos of either of the governing parties’

    Didn’t Allan post a You Tube clip, a day or so ago, of Cameron stating very firmly that he would hold a referendum on EU memebership? Very positive he was about it, but I believe it was just prior to the election!

    Beingthe liar he is, I suppose he would say anything to win a few votes.

  7. ‘Cameron demands an EU referendum’


  8. Thank you Harri, I looked everywhere for that one…

  9. The is a lot of rubbish being uttered about the EU and the Eurozone. Millipede, this weekend, explained why he has issued a three line whip for his MPs not to vote in favour of a referrendum. His argument was that to vote in favour of an EU In/Out Referrendum would bring about financial instability (what the hell are we experienc ing in the Eurozone at the present time?) whilst others, Hague included, seem to think that the EU is a distraction at the present time. Could it not be that the EU itself has contributed in oh so many ways to the very position we find ourselves in? I think there is something in this analysis and that things will only get better when we go back to ruling ourselves. We have some very good politicians but Cameron somehow does not seem to recognise them.

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bHyY0Z6jpCI

    This is the video which shows Cameron before and after the last General Election and shows the lie – a total, complete, damnable lie. This video must be distributed and may hopefully be highlighted by DV 🙂

  11. Harri, Allan –

    In those videos Cameron refers to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in 2009. The referendum being voted on today is an in/out referendum on the EU. Cameron can legitimately say they are different questions.

    However, note Cameron’s answer to Marr in the second video; Cameron says an in/out referendum shouldn’t be held because he thinks the UK should not leave the EU.

    In effect, stuff everyone else, it’s my view alone which prevails.

  12. As reported in the Guardian last Saturday:-

    ‘Ahead of a Commons vote on Monday that is likely to see the biggest revolt of Cameron’s premiership so far, with up to 60 MPs defying the whip, Downing Street struck a defiant note, insisting that the prime minister would not give an inch to the rebels.

    “We have to have a fight on these issues some time and there is no time like the present,” said a senior official. “People have to sober up. Having a referendum on membership is not our policy.”


    Reading the complete article they do seem to be at a loss as to what they are trying to do, – or even what they want to do!

    As for telling the electorate to ‘sober up’, – they certainly seem to judge others by their own behaviour, don’t they?

  13. I wonder what would happen if the people of the UK voted to leave the EU. Would we be required to have a second referendum to show we really meant it, and then a third referendum to show we really really meant it… 😉

  14. We would have as many referenda as are necessary to reach the ‘correct’ decision – as in Ireland, Holland, France.