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By Pete Moore On October 28th, 2011

An appointment in town this morning (oh joy) gave me the chance to wander around the ‘Occupy’ protest at St Paul’s Cathedral. It was quite nice really what with the sun out. The authorities are still clearly dubious, as “church and local government officials announce they will take legal action to evict the demostrators”, reports the Telegraph. Meanwhile, a clearly overwrought David Cameron claims that the protest threatens “to damage Britain’s international standing”. What nonsense.

Going by reports I half expected a cross between Glastonbury and Soweto. It turns out the camp is clean, the tents are laid out neatly in rows, they’re close together and aren’t in anyone’s way. I don’t seee what the fuss is about, to be honest. For those who know St Paul’s, the tents are to the side where you walk to Paternoster Square. Room is left for people to get by, no problem.

In fact the problem in front of the steps was caused by the numerous camera crews. If only they could have been evicted then all would have been well.

8 Responses to “OCCUPY ST PAUL’S SITREP”

  1. Pete glad to see you got some meditation time in (nice red jacket), but who took the picture?

  2. Well Mahons, but I took the picture. I was there for about half an hour and Mr Red Jacket didn’t move at all. That must have been some heavy meditation stuff he was on.

  3. Pete

    Well said. Apparently it was “elf & safety” that caused the closure. I could never understand why adequate access could not be provided to the door on the right at the front. There is no indication whatever that the protestors wanted to cause the cathedral to close.

    Anyway, there are plenty of good lunch venues within five minutes’ walk. Did you sample?

  4. Peter –

    I did.

    There’s a nice little Italian next to the Deanery across the road. So I grabbed a toasted panini and had it sitting by the Thames with all the lovely tourist ladies from Italy, France and Spain walking by.

    A lovely day.

  5. Well, at least they aren’t shooting people in the head.

  6. While I do think they ahould end the protest now – it’s continuation isn’t going to matter one jot to the targets they are really aiming at – I do agree that it is a well organised and reasonably unobtrusive situation. I mentioned here a week ago that I had walked past it one day on my way to work and I just couldn;t understand how the Cathedral managers had concluded they had to close the building. It doesn;t obstruct any entrance or pathway to the church at all.

  7. The public roads / public parks are for everyone to use.

    The Occupy Wall Street crowd, and the copycats in London, Oakland and elsewhere, have decided that they are entitled to annex these spaces for very long periods of time, without any end date, so that the rest of the community ( the 99% you might say ) are barred from using the public space.

    They are not protesting injustice, they are causing injustice.

  8. And apparently not many sleep in the neat little tents at night. They’re all back in the leafy suburbs sipping champagne and muttering about their “hyooman rights”.