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By David Vance On November 5th, 2011

An upfront declaration. I have no faith in the immoral cesspit of the UN but having said THAT…..

“There is a ‘compelling case’ that Iran is secretly building an arsenal of nuclear warheads, warns the United Nations. As speculation mounts that Israel or the U.S. could lead a military strike against Iran, a report clearly rejects Tehran’s claims its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only. Although the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency will stop short of explicitly saying Iran is making its own nuclear bombs, it will give plenty of new details. Its report, due to be released next week, will also add to areas of concern that the UN has raised previously. ‘There are bits of it which clearly can only be for clandestine nuclear purposes,’ said an official. ‘It is a compelling case.’

To put it another way, if EVEN the UN is now admitting that Iran is building nukes, you know that is the truth.

As ATW readers will know, I have been advocating effective military action AGAINST the mad mullahs for years now. It’s perfectly obvious that they seek nuclear gifted regional hegemony and their desire to wipe Israel “off the map” is known to all.  People say this is not the right time to defang Iran but I say there is never a wrong time.  Send in the planes….waiting for the second Holocaust is not an option.

44 Responses to “SEND IN THE PLANES…..”

  1. I favour action, but in the short term the Mossad approach of assassination seems best. Somehow take out a few key scientists, even some of the Ayatollahs. There are plenty of people in the world who would be prepared to try if the rewards were hight enough – mercenaries, dissidents even apparent friends. With missiles costing upwards of £ million each, this type of money or more could easily be offered per head.
    Iran has effectively already declared war on Israel by saying it wants Israel wiped off the map, and we should be encouraging them to take action which would seem their legal right, mainly because they are best equipped, in intelligence terms, to do so.

  2. To put the best gloss on the world’s lack of action one could say it shows how optimistic human beings can be!
    The Israelis, the Yanks and some European nations know what is going on, but like the beginning of WW2 we really don’t want to go there and address the problem head on – but inevitably we will.
    One could say we shouldn’t have waited so long, but the Western world is hamstrung by concerns over how it would read with their own Muslim communities. Hence the need to couch our recent excursions into Islamic states as “liberation” or “responding to the calls for help from Muslim populations.”
    Iran will have to be dealt with. The Israelis will probably be given every technological advantage by the Americans, and fulfil the role of “whipping boy” once it’s all over.
    Eventually too a survival instinct will kick in and the Western world will realise that if they wish to continue as rulers of their own countries they will have to deal with the threat of internal subversion by Islamic extremists at home and reassert the supremacy/authority of their own culture.
    Whatever that may now be.

  3. After the last WMD fiasco I want to see something more compelling than words on a page, particularly when it may be that the last US intelligence assessment concluded “with high confidence” that Iran halted it’s nuclear weapons programme in 2003, and that the apparent Iranian plot to bump off the saudi ambassador was a comically bad set up.

    Yet I’m getting at the moment are the same war drums beating a march by the same people who beat them before.

    So the banks finally crashed, your job has gone, you’ve lost your home and oil at $200/barrel? Blame that Ammadinnerjacket, if only he didn’t make us obliterate Iran and set the middle east on fire …

    “So Pete”, some might ask, “are you suggesting that real, tangible evidence of Iran being a specific and deadly threat to Israel or others is required before anything should be done about it?”

    Well, yes.

  4. Not that this may not be warranted but which countries should conduct the operations?

    Who should help bear all the military and financial cost of the ensuing war that would come from it?

  5. Phantom,
    I just told you!
    Israel will carry out the deed, America will supply the technology and logistics..

  6. Not enough

    This would lead to war and to a doubling in the price of oil

    I want the EU to split the costs


  7. No deal 😉

  8. Ha ha haaa!
    you are asking the Europeans to shoulder their responsibilities?
    Then you are as gullible as the British who decided that the Europeans would prove better political and economical allies than the members of the Commonwealth…..

  9. Oh I do understand

    But we are overextended and we cannot engage in endless war

    Esp if there are no major partners in such a thing

  10. Phantom,
    I sooo hope that we/you will find a leader who will restore the greatness of America.
    The fact is that Europe has poked fun at your country whi;st sheltering under your military/nuclear umbrella.
    Only the British who gave birth to your nation have consistently stood with you as allies..

  11. A


  12. Pete Moore is an example of why a lot of people are going to die.

    First off he spouts the bullshit about Iraqs WMDs of course with no concern to the 7 tons of refined uranium that were found in Iraq and removed. The second laughable and dangerous thing Pete states is the PROVEN FALSIFIED Inteligence assesment.

    That assesment was proven to be false assesment leaked to the press that actually stopped an attack that was in the execution stage, American, British, and Israeli forces were days away from the attack when American Democrats commited treason and sabatoged it.

    Also the same thing happened two days ago in Israel retired Israeli inteligence figures released plans the Israelis had in the works to attack Iran. Except different than the U.S. Bibi’s government just started a treason investigation.

    Iran intends through it’s suragates to nuke Israel, the U.S. and Great Britain. Pete it seems won’t accept action until there are millions dead from such an attack.

    Iran for over 30yrs has provided financial, logistical, and material support for every Islamic terror group throughout the world, both Sunni & Shia.

    If we do not act and act soon millions are going to die. The leadership of Iran believes they can bring the final mesiah to earth by bathing it in blood, the blood it is going to bathe the world in is ours.

    We must bomb them nowe, and not just their nuclear sites, we must also cripple them by destroying their oil production capebilities. Any other course is the course of suicidal fools.

  13. “I want the EU to split the costs”

    Bugger off with your costs! It’s Israel’s (and thus America’s) bloody war. If you lot decide there is a danger, you lot who come up with some “intelligence”, you lot and your favourite ally who are most concerned, you lot who decide that while you and said ally can have as many nukes as they want, it’s a monstrous crime if the other guy tries to imitate you, then don’t go looking for someone else to shoulder your costs, and the blame when things go amiss, which they in part inevitably will.
    While it may be difficult for an American to understand, European states don’t subject their foreign policies to that of Israeli.

    Pete Moore makes a good point. While nobody can be indifferent to a nuclear Iran, there has been so much bullshit and plain lies told about that programme that there are at least grounds for scepticism. Starting a belli when there’s at least a possibility that there’s no causus is a crime in itself, as we have seen.

    Let it be on your head.

  14. Troll –

    Pete Moore is an example of why a lot of people are going to die.

    Right, because no-one was killed under the expansionist foreign policy you favour!

    First off he spouts the bullshit about Iraqs WMDs of course with no concern to the 7 tons of refined uranium that were found in Iraq and removed.

    I cited “the last WMD fiasco”. Even GWB has the sense to admit they got it wrong. Incidentally, did you say all that uranium ended up in Canada?

    We must bomb them nowe, and not just their nuclear sites, we must also cripple them by destroying their oil production capebilities.

    Don’t forget the schools and maternity wards, goddamit!

  15. “While it may be difficult for an American to understand, European states don’t subject their foreign policies to that of Israeli.”

    So what’s new?
    It might have been different had Israel found itself sitting on top of huge oil reserves -or am I being cynical?

    It might have escaped your attention, but Europe never has been favourably disposed towards the Jews or Israel.
    Course, it might have been very different if we’d had more people like you in charge.. 😉

  16. Iranian schools and hospital maternity wards, Pete?

    Hell, they can’t move and can’t hide.

    Nuking ’em will be like shootin fish in a barrel!

  17. Iran is as much a long term threat to Europe as it is to anywhere else.

    The adults in Europe know this.

  18. they are more a threat to europe, right now the missiles in their inventory can deliver a nuclear weapon to London, Paris, Belfast, Dublin, anywhere in Europe and asia

  19. Troll.
    You’re right, but many Europeans are finding that having opened the gates and accepted the Islamic “Trojan Horse”, they are no longer free to be impartial to or supportive of Israel..
    Of course you in the USA are facing the same problem!

  20. right now the missiles in their inventory can deliver a nuclear weapon to London, Paris, Belfast, Dublin, anywhere in Europe and asia


  21. Agit8ed

    Most Europeans hate Israel, so not being in a position to support them won’t bother them all that much

  22. Pete,
    No he’s not. Should any of the moderate Islamic nations decide to throw in their lot against Israel, I would imagine they could rustle up a missile or two.
    Or they could just rely on DIY kits in the chosen city.. 🙂

  23. I would reckon that Israeli nuclear weapons can reach most of the capital cities of Europe, and Israel is exapnding the range of its weaponry to make sure that it can reach the rest. Why so?


    The weapons platform will be submarines made in Germany and provided under reparations for the holocaust. As we are told, the holocaust ended in 1945 so the principle of generational guilt, which all sensible people agree is unfounded, applies against Germans in favour of Israel.

  24. Phantom,

    ‘Most Europeans hate Israel’

    What utter nonsense! – of course there are some of course, – they just happen to be rather more vocal than those of us who don’t have axe to grind.

    All those muslim immigrants don’t count as ‘Europeans’ in this context. They just bring their hatred with them, and if the truth be known, they scare the crap out of the euro establishment wih their particularly venemous brand way of expressing themselves.

  25. It’s at least as dangerous as the Cuban missile crisis. I expect that Israel will strike soon. And it could unleash WW3. At the very least there will be terrorist attacks all over Europe as well as Israel.

    Oil at $500 a barrel will be the least of our worries in the short term, but it wil trigger a world-wide economic slump.

  26. Those who are cheering for war are not helping

    Those who have their heads in the European sands are a hundred times worse

  27. Peter,

    Much as it pains me to say so, but I think you could well be correct. I dread the thought of such a conflict.

    It is strange that mankind just refuses to learn from his past. We have periods of relative calm all building to a crescendo of violence with some major conflict. The larger the global population grows the larger the numbers and areas that become involved.

    It seems the future inevitably holds some sort of total global conflict, that will result in what might, at best, be described as a ‘reset’ for mankind, or, at worst, a total destruction that prohibits the continuation of the species, – a la the dinosaurs, and thus leaving the way clear for another, and perhaps more peaceful specie.

    We survived two world wars, from which we learnt nothing, do we really have to take things to the inevitable conclusion?

  28. Agit8ed –

    Troll stated of Iran: “right now the missiles in their inventory can deliver a nuclear weapon to London, Paris, Belfast, Dublin, anywhere in Europe and asia”

    This is plain bullshit.

    Iran’s longest ballistic missile reach is with the Shahab-3, which can reach the eastern Med. Almost all of Western Europe is out of reach. Even if Iran could cobble together a viable nuclear bomb, making a viable nuclear ballistic missile warhead is another thing altogether.

    Agit8ed, if this were 2002/03 Troll would be telling us abvious bullshit like “Saddam can launch his WMD missiles in 45 minutes, and his missiles are aimed at London”.

    How often and for how long is everyone going to swallow bullshit? For evermore because war makes their dicks bigger? I’m honestly beginning to suspect that some people are turned on by war.

    You want more bullshit? A few months ago the Stuxnet virus was supposed to have crippled Iran’s nuclear programme, putting something like a third of the centrifuges beyond repair. It was US/Israeli genius which did this, we’re told. It was a stunning success, apparently, yet a few months later iran is (again) on the verge of constructing a nuclear bomb?

    Well both can’t be right.

  29. Pete Moore

    The report will state that Iran will have a nuclear weapon by 2014 at the earliest. But the urgency comes from the fact that it is building a massive nuclear facility under a mountain. Now why would they do that if their project was entirely peaceful?

    And let’s not forget that the Iranian regime is one which stole an election and then battered, murdered and raped thousands who had the courage to protest against that coup d’etat.

  30. but Ron Paul says they need those nuclear bombs because of America, and he would do nothing to stop them. If we play nice, they’ll play nice…. F**king Moron

  31. Ron Paul is a dangerous naif on things like this

    But this is a devil’s choice where all options are bad and don’t be all gung ho about starting a war like this, one that could make Iraq and Afghanistan combined look like a country picnic, for a hundred reasons including that they can shut the Gulf with ease

    I went through it on a Navy ship – it is a very narrow strait

  32. Ron Paul was making the point that three of Iran’s close neighbours – Israel, Pakistan and India – have nuclear weapons. And that the last thing the USA needs right now is yet another neocon war.

    But the fact remains that Iran is a serious threat to all of its neighbours, with or without the bomb. The Saudis in particular are terrified and may well co-operate in any pre-emptive strike.

  33. The Saudis in particular are terrified and may well co-operate in any pre-emptive strike.

    Absolutely correct

    This could prompt a Saudi-Israeli alliance. Of all things.

  34. it’s a devils choice because those on the left have forced us to wait to this point. We must act. The Gulf has been shut before the world will survive, it may not survive a nuclear exchange.

  35. This has nothing to do with left and right.

    Lose the baby talk – this is serious business.

  36. Peter –

    Iran has been 2-3 years away from a nuclear bomb for a few years now. I’m not sure Iran would get there in 5 years even if left alone. It’s something which requires incredible resources and knowledge, and this is Iran we’re talking about. Most of it is dust. I just don’t see the economic power able to deliver a nuclear arsenal in the short term.

    In fact three years is a long time frame in these incredible infrastucture projects. Granted, the outcome might be something you can fit into a suitcase but the process is akin to the greatest infrastructure projects.

    “Three years”? That’s incredibly precise.

    Yes, the Iranian regime of course is evil. It has battered and raped and killed for a long time. It is so wicked that many millions of Iranians would love to see it fall. Attacking Iranian facilities too soon might well turn a significant chunk of the anti-regime population around in a patriotic wave. We ought to be explicitly friendly with a Persian people who have never harmed us.

    But then … ah fuck it, let’s nuke the place. Troll might be right so if we take out the air defences first we can obliterate the nuclear facilities, then turn the oil industry to dust and that would leave the civilian centres to be melted at leisure.

    I’m sure the important thing is to not leave a single one of the bastards alive. If we did they might not believe we’re serious about peace.

  37. the left have forced us to wait to this point

    So what stopped Dubya? He had eight years to act.

  38. Pete Moore

    Ok, fair points.

    I am deeply suspicious of the neocon agenda of endless war. If the wrong guy gets elected in 12 months time (ok Cain or Perry) I seriously think that the USA could attack not just Iran, but Syria and Pakistan as well. That’s what the neocons want, and they would have their guy in place to make it happen. Of course Bachmann would be the same (only more so), but it seems that even Patty has abandoned that sinking ship.

  39. If the Iranian rulers were sane – and they are not – they’d not be doing any of this, and they’d be very positively disposed to the US. You know, the country that removed their No. 1 security threat.

    But western or other logic is absent from the halls of power there, as it is absent from many of the comments here.

  40. If the Iranian rulers were sane


    They are deeply sane, and also deeply fanatical. Their bloodthirsty sky-god directs all of their thoughts and actions. So they can justify the endless lies, batterings, rapes and murders of their own people. They deserve the very worst of deaths. But as Clint Eastwood says in Unforgiven as he is about to kill Gene Hackman, “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it!”

  41. Phantom –

    I suspect that if you flipped the globe around and looked at the world through Persian eyes you might see what are, to the Tehran regime, sane policies.

    It’s a little difficult, maybe, for an American to do so but if (for example) Sino/Russian forces occupied Canada and Mexico and parked a few fleets in the oceans either side of you then, quite possibly, some Americans would sense an aggression and like a little belligerence projected back at the new neighbours.

    In truth, and for all the ’13th Crazy Imam’ talk, I doubt very much that Tehran would use any nuclear device. It would invite instant obliteration of course, but I suspect the real purpose of it is to guarantee a little respect and ensure a little territorial sovereignty.

  42. This is not a legitimate Persian government.

    And some of those in power will welcome obliteration.

    This is not America vs Russia. The rules of logic as any Westerner understands them absolutely do not apply.

  43. Phantom –

    And some of those in power will welcome obliteration.

    And yet they’re still alive. Why not obliterate themselves?

    I wasn’t aware that to secure to finest virgins in Paradise a maniac mullah had to perish under infidel bombs.

  44. Pete,
    I said that if any -or all for that matter – of the moderate Islamic states joined in with Iran I am sure that either China or Russia or North Korea could supply the necessary weaponry.
    As in 1962 when the former USSR wanted to instal MRBMs and IRBMs in Cuba there are regimes that would want to “help out”. More likely though, would be the assembling and arming of crude nuclear devices in major or strategic cities.