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By Pete Moore On November 15th, 2011

WHO knew the GOP race could be so entertaining?

Clearly not happy with Governor Perry stealing the headlines last week, Hermain Cain has gone one better with a towering display of ineptitude, this time over Libia Libeeya Leebeyahland oh some place somewhere:


President Cain will sure have alot of advisors swilling around the White House. Every time he opens his mouth it’s to intone that he will ‘take advice from the experts’. See the longer version of the ‘answer’ on Libya for all that claptrap.

To be slightly generous to Perry, anyone’s brain can stop working when the pressure’s on, though his failure to remember the third of three departments he would close down suggests a policy made on the way to that debate. This Cain failure is worse, gloriously worse. He’s promoting himself to take over from a Commander-in-Chief and he has no idea what war that C-in-C has just fought for six months. I know he’s been on the road, but his response suggests the kind of isolation from geopolitical affairs that only living in a log cabin can provide.

The man’s not serious and neither are GOP voters if Cain doesn’t plummet out of the race immediately.


  1. That is cringe inducing, he has no business campaigning for president.

    GOP Flavour of the month guide:

    2008-2011: Sarah Palin
    April-May: Donald Trump
    July-August: Michelle Bachmann
    August-September: Rick Perry
    October-November: Herman Cain
    November-: Newt Gingrich

    The fact that so many of these characters come and go shows just how uninspiring Mitt Romney is.

  2. Pete you are 100% correct. Cain’s simply way out of his element. He’ll try to spin this, but how in God’s name could anyone vote for him now?

  3. The Republican primaries are proving more entertaining than Jersey Shore or the Kardashians. I’M A POLITICIAN GET ME OUT OF HERE 🙂

  4. He’d make my 11 yr old son look like a statesman.

    What’s the problem with Gingrich, BTW? Certainly not my politics, but at least the man is, uniquely in the Rep. field, more intelligent than the average American and will at least not walk his country and the world into a disaster, which is probably the most one can hope for from a Republican president.

    Why is he not streets ahead in the polls?

  5. What’s the problem with Gingrich, BTW?

    You mean apart from the fact that he’s a hypocritical jerk and serial adulterer?

  6. Peter

    All politicians are hypocritical jerks and some of the best ones have been serial adulterers.

  7. Gingrich may be this and he may be that but he is always the smartest guy in the room.

    Which puts him 40,000 feet above the others ( except Romney, who many won’t accept, or Huntsmann who has never been in the race )

  8. In fairness to Cain, he’s as smart as Sarah Palin ( who? ) is about these matters

  9. It’s still not too late for St Sarah to leap in and join the circus

  10. Noel – Old Newt rubs folks the wrong way (even in his party) and is a polarizing candidate, but he is, as you indicate, way ahead of Cain, Perry and Bachman in the brain cell count.

    He’ll get his 15 minutes now. He’ll also find a way to self-destruct as has been his history.

  11. mahons

    Unfortunately true on Newt

    Bad for the country, as we need leadership and very intelligent leadership and he is the type of person who could provide exactly that.

    Except for the crazy gene that he has always had.

  12. Phantom – I am not sure he got in it to win, he may be in the same position as Bill Buckley who when asked what he would do first if he won the election for NYC Mayor said “Demand a Recount!”

    I think Newt got in to sell books and expand his footprint in Republican talking head circles (witness his fiasco of a start to his campaign, implosion of staff and general weirdness such as the Tiffany snafu). He might be horrified to find himself in a real campaign, but perhaps it will appeal to his massive ego and he’ll stick with it. With Perry flatlining and Cain getting stranger Newt could do well in the Southern primaries and become the rallying point for the anti-Romney bunch.

  13. It could be interesting if Newt were to be the Republican nominee.

    He could pick Obama to shreds in a debate. As could Romney.

  14. He could pick Obama to shreds in a debate. As could Romney.

    I don’t think anyone could pick their opponent to shreds in a presidential debate. The debates are so sterile with the candidates not really allowed to grill their opponent. In 2008 the rules that McCain and Obama’s teams came up with meant that their was not a lot of back and forth. I expect the same in this cycle.

  15. “He could pick Obama to shreds in a debate”

    There are very few people who could destroy Obama in a debate, and Gingrich is not one of them, and Romney even less so.

  16. Phantom – I don’t see it, Newt hasn’t really shredded anyone in the Republican debates, in fact Romney has poked a hole in Newt’s bombast during the debates.

    Don’t forget all the applause lines in a republican debate are not necessarily applause lines in a general election.

  17. The closest the debates came to a shredding was when when President-elect Paul educated Santorum on the history of US-Iranian relations. It’s difficult to deliver because the candidates seem to have 20 seconds on a subject before the buzzer goes.

    Newt Gingrich is clearly the smartest man in the mainstream room and, given some freedom under debating rules, is easily capable of undressing Obama and smacking his backside (patricularly on economic affairs, now that he’s copying the funny little fella from Texas). I suspect he’d quickly become bored of it and allow his opponent to get up off the canvas simply for the sport.

    Then he’d go to the White House and get himself impeached.

  18. The odds on a President Gingrich getting impeached would be a worthy topic of discussion. He has always been a ferocious partisan who does ” what it takes “, for good and bad.

  19. Gingrich has been ethically challenged (check-kiting, questionable book deals, weird Tiffany balances, multiple marriages with strange twists, personal animosity over perceived snubs) throughout his career.

    He has never ran for a statewide office, let alone national office. And his smirky intelligence in Republican circles where he is often preaching to the choir might not serve him so well in a national campaign where the opposition is unlikely to pull punches.

    He is also more clever than wise.

    But I will admit he is in a much better position now than he was a couple months ago. But it is due to the collapse of rivals and a lingering distruct of Romney, not anything Newt has advanced.

  20. Whatever about Libya, he’s probably at least an expert on Labia.

  21. Noel – You win the Colm Award for today.

  22. Yes I have to admit I won’t be able to lick that !

  23. Gingrich advocated “maximum covert operations” and assassinating Iran’s scientists. He said the United States should “destroy Iran’s systems, all of it covertly, all of it deniable.”

    So Gingrich states overtly that, as President, he would destroy Iran covertly and deniably. Gingrich is a neo-con, corporatist warmonger which suits quite a few on this site.

  24. Isn’t it a bit of an oxymoron to publicly state something that you intend to do ‘covertly and deniably’

  25. He is not a neo-con.

    Learn what the term is before you try to use it.

    He is however a proponent of robust tactics it appears.

    If I was on that stage I’d never answer such questions, other than with an anodyne ” I would take all steps necessary to defend the United States “

  26. Newt’s crazy covert operations line was (1) pandering to the worst elements in his party and (2) patently idiotic – who spells out “covert operations”? and (3) how do we then turn around and be critical of Iran for its assasinations?

  27. Colm – yes, which is why I wrote it.

    As for ‘defending the United States’, does that include the borders? There is a candidate who would defend the borders and would bring troops back from the other side of the world to do so – it sure isn’t Gingrich.

  28. I see Cain has now come up with a suggestion for his Secretary of State- Henry Kissinger. Who would be 94 at the end of Cain’s first term.

  29. Ross –

    That’s a dream ticket, that is.

    One of them knew nothing of Libya and the other one can’t remember anything about it.

  30. Huh. If this is the level to which modern politics whores itself (what I’m hearing here is, “Uh-ho, a serious question – how do I answer this? How do I say the thing that the maximum number of voters want to hear me say? Never mind what my own opinion might be, how do I SPIN my answer so that the media reports it in a favourable way?”)

    I’ve had a belly-full of political media-whores. What I would like to see is a leader who doesn’t give a goddam **** about how the media interprets his every word, but who just tells his own opinion as he bloody well sees it, and to hell with the media. This clown clearly cares more about the media than about actually representing anybody. Away with him.

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