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By Pete Moore On November 26th, 2011

IT’S difficult to overstate the contempt which the British ruling class has for our people. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes another Abdul to show how wrong you can be. The details are no less astonishing for being straightforward. Yet another illegal immigrant falls off a banana boat, this one from Morocco though claiming to be an Afghan on the run from the Taliban. He says he’s disabled and “successfully claims for income support, disability living allowance, housing benefit, council tax benefits, special housing, payments from social services for carers and further payments from the Independent Living Fund”.

I’ve not even heard of some of those.

All in all, reports the Daily Mail, he trousered £400,000. He was also given a flat in London, adapted for disabled living, so in the end talking the thick end of a million quid. At the height of the scam he was pulling in £66,000 a year. If we need reminding, that’s a £100K salary. Well I’m not interested in him being disabled (or not, since he was caught out). He’s an alien who has no business being here yet the state cannot rob us fast enough to make him wealthy by the standards of the victims who (no doubt) will be sneered at as ‘racist’ if they protest. Well screw that.

The contempt for the British people cannot be greater. How many years will you have to work to incur the taxes which he took? It’s literally millions of hours of British sweat and labour, and the state cannot comandeer it fast enough for the benefit of a foreigner who most of us don’t want here. He’s just one example, and we only know about him because he was found out. Such is the state’s war against the British people there are many thousands more out there, on the take for our wealth against our wishes while someone’s old nan is told her hip op is cancelled because the money’s not there. Of course it’s not there, they gave it to an illegal immigrant.

According to the BBC: “Camden Council and the Department for Work and Pensions have both been contacted by BBC London but have not responded regarding the case.” I bet they haven’t responded. When even the BBC is after you, the jig’s up. The regulatory welfare state is a failed experiment. The cash is gone, revolutionary times are here. Don’t think they can’t come to a council office near you. I suspect they will be soon enough.

11 Responses to “THE STATE VS SOCIETY”

  1. Outrageous.

    The problem is that this case is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s most unlikely that the bezzle in social security payments is less than 15%. As the total cost of social security is around £170 billion that means that £25 billion is being scammed every year. Assuming unclaimed benefits of £5 billion, that leaves £20 billion. The budget deficit for this fiscal year is projected to be £120 billion, so 16% of that is down to the scammers.

  2. It’s a shocking story and heads should roll.
    But he was caught and sent to prison. On release he will be deported and of course the specialty adapted flat won’t be wasted as it can be given to someone who needs it.
    With regard to ” state’s war against the British people” oh do grow up.

  3. Declan Wilson –

    Describe it how you like.

    A decades-long campaign to flood our land with aliens, against our wishes, funded with mega-billions of our wealth, confiscated under the threat of violence looks like a hostile campaign against the British people to me.

  4. Sending him to prison is a bit late; the money he accrued over the period will have been sent abroad for safe keeping, and if deported he can always dip into that fund and return on his own yacht, instead of under a lorry.

  5. Declan – do you really believe that this fraudster will be deported?

  6. ” On release he will be deported and of course the specialty adapted flat won’t be wasted as it can be given to someone who needs it.”

    Are you having a laugh?

  7. On release, he will be awarded with full benefits and allowed to remain in the UK under the Human Rights Act.

    If deported (which is a long shot), he will immediately come back and start at square one costing the UK taxpayer millions.

    This is the reality. Face it!

  8. Of course he will be deported. We deport people all the time even to countries such as Uzbekistan when we know they will be tortured and possibly killed on arrival. Morocco shouldn’t be an issue.

  9. Yes Declan, you’re having a laugh.

  10. I just hope there will be an investigation to look at the provision of the medical evidence which would have been needed to support his claim. As someone who worked in welfare rights for a time, getting these benefits is not as straight forward as some people would have us believe. And if I remember correctly payment from the Independent Living Fund is discretionary and is awarded only for severe cases. So, who provided the evidence, as that is all decision makers have to go on. Some people will always abuse a weak system and this gentleman appears to be a particularly low character. Our troops are out there supposedly defending him from the Taliban so what does he do. Does he, as an obviously fit person help them to help himself and his country, no-he comes here to steal from the people who are protecting him.

  11. Maybe it’s just me..

    But has anyone else noticed those benefit cheat propaganda adverts on the BBC .. you know the one, ” We know where you are, etc etc ”

    How come all the ‘benefit cheats’ on show are white?

    Not very ‘multi-cultured’ is it.