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By David Vance On December 7th, 2011

One of the biggest con-jobs of the moment is the suggestion by UK Prime Minister David Cameron that he will “veto” any new European Treaty if it threatens UK financial interests. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that this is typical Cameronian bluster  but even then, some within his own ranks are SO dripping wet, so liberal, that they rebuke him for even showing the pretence of standing up to the Euro bullies;

Ken Clarke has told Tory eurosceptics not to expect powers to be grabbed back from the EU at this week’s summit. The justice secretary said the prime minister should concentrate on resolving the eurozone crisis. David Cameron has said he will not sign any reworked EU treaty designed to solve the crisis if it does not contain safeguards for UK interests. There have been calls for a new treaty to achieve greater integration of the 17 eurozone states. But that would require the agreement of all 27 members, including the UK. The pro-EU Mr Clarke in an interview with the Financial Times said it would be a distraction to open up discussions about the “wider structures of the union”. “We’re not going to renegotiate any transfers of powers, in my opinion,” he said. Britain should be prepared to accept “proper” financial regulation from Brussels, he went on.

Clarke, you may remember, is the guy who insisted the UK join the Eurozone. He is a foaming at the mouth Europhile, dedicated to seeing “the project” continue to erode our National sovereignty, and yet Cameron has him in high office. That tells you all that you need to know about Cameron’s “Euro sceptic” credentials. Had Cameron any REAL cajones on this issue, he would be turning around to Frau Merkel and gently pointing out that the UK will withhold ALL  contributions to the EU unless a/It is facilitated in repatriating powers from the EU 2/ It opts out of the wicked Human Rights Act  3/It will hold a referendum of ANY Treaty change. Simple as that. We saw how the Eurocrats panicked when Papandreous suggested a Greek referendum – can you imagine how they would react to a UK referendum? Tragically, we will not be given the chance to speak by the gutless Cameron and those like Clarke will smile as we slide deeper into the euro morass.


  1. Don’t worry. Mr Cast Iron Guarantee has promised us the Referendum Lock will protect us. Any changes to the treaty will trigger a referendum.

    Oh I see.

    That was yet another lie.

    You know repeatedly lying (and with such transparent lies) to the electorate isn’t going to restore any trust in our politicians is it.

    Lib/Lab/Con …doesn’t seem to be much between them on a lot of issues. They seem to be competing to see which one can ruin the country fastest.

  2. Clarke said:- “it would be a distraction to open up discussions about the “wider structures of the union”

    He just doesn’t seem to understand that the ‘Union’s’ problems are caused mainly by the faulty structure of said Union, – so what would be the point of further discussion to find a long term remedy without first discussing the union structure?

    Of course it would suit ‘the Union’, for Cameon to be quiet and accept what they say and demand from us, – isn’t that same tactic which sucked us into this mess in the first place?

    We play the gentlemen and accept what they demand, ‘for the overall good of ‘the Union’, and later when the dust has settled and we try to regain some of our status and self-determination, that we assumed was but a temporary sacrifice, they smugly tell us, – as though it were written in stone, – ‘Well you signed up for it, now its too late to change your minds’, now run along, shut up and be good boys!’

    It seems our politicians just never learn, from history or personal experience…

  3. ”We’re not going to renegotiate any transfers of powers, in my opinion,” he said. Britain should be prepared to accept “proper” financial regulation from Brussels, he went on.”

    There’s your Treasonous Party. Howard Flight was de-selected and effectively sacked for suggesting that the rate of spending increases may slow somewhat, Clarke will stay on the front bench though he says we must accepted regulation of the national accounts by a foreign power which can’t remember its last straight accounts.

    But then, Clarke is his master’s voice.

    Cameron wants people to believe he’s the moderate between Ian Duncan Smith and Ken Clarke. No-one can believe this. They are all absolutely pro-EU in any case, but Cameron would happily sign over more powers if he thinks he can get away with it.

    A few weeks ago Cameron pretended that the Working Time Directive would go and that powers over fisheries and agriculture would be repatriated. That was obvious drivel at the time, and it was all quietly dropped. Now it’s “survival of the eurozone is Britain’s priority”.

    No it’s not. Smashing apart the eurozone and EU is of infinitely greater benefit to our national interest. Would Cameron press that button? Of course not. He is as pro-EU as anyone ever has been.