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Oh look; there’s a squadron of flying pigs!

By ATWadmin On November 26th, 2006

Listened to Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary as she was questioned by John Humphries on the Today programme on the subject of Single-sex wards in the NHS. Now the NHS state that the target, as puffed by New Labour, was to supply 99% of the wards within the NHS as just that, Single Sex Wards. Unfortunately, the mountain of callers and statistics provided by the Healthcare Commission state something quite different, which is that there are approximately 22% of the same Hospital wards were Mixed-Sex Wards. as listed within the very same NHS as Patricia Hewitt was lying talking about. The stories of people who were shoved into embarrassing and truly disgraceful situations were without end, and this bloody woman continued to try and impress on the listeners that a ward wasn’t really a ward because it had partitions built in to separate people! She continued to attempt to bluff, on the most-listened-to factual radio show in Britain, that a ward wasn’t really a ward if it was an "admittance area", it wasn’t a mixed ward if the patients weren’t in there for more than four hours, it wasn’t really a mixed ward if the women couldn’t actually see the men masturbating at the end of their beds, as the sister of Janet Street Porter was forced to witness during her own hospital stay!


Eventually, she admitted that there might be a ‘gap here’ in the perception between the NHS view, and the reality as seen by the Healthcare Commission She then stated that she would be calling all the heads of the Strategic Health Authorities, or some other time-wasting strategy, to make on that she is actually doing something, instead of shovelling her head ever deeper into the sands! The men she would be calling upon aren’t doctors, aren’t healthcare professionals, they’re all bureaucrats, just like Hewitt, so all they would be doing would be to call other NHS Managers, and get them to fiddle the statistics so as to prove that New Labour has actually kept it’s promises!!!

5 Responses to “Oh look; there’s a squadron of flying pigs!”

  1. Mike – I remember kicking up a few years ago because I found that an elderly relative had been left sitting on a bed pan for over an hour in a mixed ward, in view of the other patients. Nurses these days spend less and less time nursing – looking after patients’ morale and physical well-being – things like making sure the elderly eat their food. They spend a lot of time filling in forms so that their "performance" can be monitored by a layer of management that eats up huge amounts of resources so that people like Hewitt can spew statistics.And Government wants nurses to do more and more work that should be done by doctors – such as prescribing medications.

  2. Wait just a damn minute, here. You’re talking about wards – the old fashioned kind of wards – one big room with a crapload of beds in it????!!

    That’s horrid. It’s barbaric. How can any of you be happy with government run medical service if this is where it leads you?

    There is no hospital here, including the Catholic hospitals who take on any charity case (and if I’m in need of hospitalization near a Catholic hospital please transport me to any other hospital), that doesn’t have private or semi-private rooms. A semi-private room has two beds in it and a partition in between. Never a man and a woman in the same semi-private room. That’s enough of a pain in the ass – but WARDS?

    I’m horrified. You should be, too.

  3. How this woman has the nerve to pedal this nonsence? Answer because she gets away with it.

  4. As with the wards, so with everything else in this Socialist socialised medical empire which is the N.H.S.!

    The hospitals are run for the convenience of those who work there, and the patients come a long way second!

    The decisions made at the top permeate very quickly down the strata of the NHS hierarchy, and once the idea of ‘targets’ was shaped and taken as the rule, the very idea of bringing in a component based on ‘decency’ is laughable! How can you allow someone’s embarrasment to impinge upon a ‘target’ setting for bed or ward occupancy? Be realistic!

  5. I spent over thirty years working in our glorious health service. When I first joined the idea of mixed sex wards was inconceivable. When I moved to Wales I moved to a small DGH with 360 beds and mixed sex wards were not a feature. That same DGH has not got only around 225 beds and operates on 95% + bed occupancy instead of the former 80% to 85% level. With a 95% + bed occupancy it is difficult, if not impossible to find beds for new admissions hence mixed sex wards.

    The question that must be asked is why are hospitals expected to function at the present bed occupancy levels? Well, when I first joine the health service the definition of efficiency related to how quickly and how well the patient was treated. Now the definition of efficiency relates not to the patients treatment but to patient throughput costs where an empty bed indicates inefficiency. An economists argument.

    This definition was refined by the introduction of day surgery and shorter post operative bed stays which led to the consideration of the need for beds and could the number of beds be reduced to save or free up money? In the bureaucrats world the answer was obvious. We are left, therefore, with insufficient beds to solve the problem of mixed sex wards.

    The delivery of health care is an extremely complex operation requiring an extremely wide skill base – not just doctors and nurses but many other professions with an important role to play. Health care is dynamic with advances in technology, medication, treatment techniques both surgical and medical and diagnosis occuring almost daily. To cope with this the organisation must be flexible and responsive. Any student of basic organisation theory knows the this type of organistion is not suitable for a bureaucratic management structure but requires something different – possibly a more ‘matrix’ type sructure. Unfortunately these changes can never happen in our current NHS unless it is broken up and reformed into much smaller units with complete independance from government. I probably will not live to see this happen – but it is my hobby horse.