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By Pete Moore On January 4th, 2012

Oy vey!

We know the script: if you don’t want war, if you don’t want to kill lots of foreigners in far off places, if you don’t want to tip all you have into defending Israel and if you don’t remove all potential limits to your violence, you’re a kook and a danger and you ought to be cast out from the kind of polite society which loves to talk about killing lots of people – because Iran will do all sorts of bad things to us and Israelis.

We all know how it goes, so it was interesting when Meir Dagan, ex-Director of Mossad, recently warned Israel about the consequences of military action against Iran. In speaking of the ‘regional war’ which would follow, he warned that “such a war would take a heavy toll in terms of loss of life and would paralyze life in Israel.” I submit, maybe it doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Israel.

It’s very interesting when you conssider that Tamir Pardo, current Director of Mossad, has just spoken in a similiar vein, saying that Iran “is not necessarily an existential threat to Israel”. Speaking to Israeli ambassadors, he also said that “Israel was using various means to foil Iran’s nuclear program and would continue to do so, but if Iran actually obtained nuclear weapons, it would not mean the destruction of the State of Israel.”

So let’s be cool. Particularly, when some political blowhard stands on a stage and boasts of how much violence he will unleash on Israel’s behalf, it might do to remember that the last two men in control of Israel’s intelligence agency would shake their heads at such things. It might also do to remember that Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, recently told Congress that Israel can look after itself.

Mind how you go, and tell your local politician to grow up.

14 Responses to “AND THEN THERE WERE TWO”

  1. Paul is a kook for other reasons.

  2. the last two men in control of Israel’s intelligence agency would shake their heads at such things.


    Watch out for these two to be condemned by the neo-cons as traitors to their country. I can see Mark Stein firing one off already. John Bolton will be apoplectic with rage.

  3. Peter –

    They’re mullah-loving kooks!

  4. Stop wasting your time, Pete.

    The US senate voted 100-0 to sanction Iran’s central bank, it’s in the defense bill Obama signed. We will eventually bomb, invade and give the Iranians still standing a democratic regime change. If the current warmonger doesn’t do it, the next one will.

    Of course, it makes eminently practical sense to spend trillions on a war with a country who’s GDP is less than Norway’s, possesses a handful of photoshopped missiles that can’t even hit Israel and hasn’t attempted any hint of nuclear weapon technology since 2005, according to the latest IAE report. (Yes, I’ve read the whole boring report.)

    As some of my more pragmatic and jaded friends have repeatedly told me, we aren’t going to vote our way out of this mess. Not this time.

    Americans aren’t listening to reason, preferring a soft diet of lies, distortion and bow-tied bullshit.

  5. Except Ron Paul isn’t offering reason. He doesn’t support ANY sanctions against the Iranian regime. He would not consider Iran blocking the straits an act of war. He thinks Iran should be entitled to get the bomb and would welcome that development.

    No thank you sir.

    There has to be a place between the admittedly one-sided support of Israel and saber rattling of certain politicians and the Charles Linbergh ostrich imitation of Ron Paul.

  6. Daphne –

    Strange that, the EU has just voted to ban Iranian oil imports. It’s almost as if these things are co-ordinated …

    If you want something to read in future, I recommend Peter Hitchens’ account of his visit to Iran not so long ago, which I found interesting and enlightening (Hitchens is a real and often fierce conservative). These people are simply not our enemy.

  7. They are coordinated.

    The EU and US have been coordinated on the effort to stop this bomb for a fairly long time.

    The EU tried to stop it by negotiations. They have not succeeded.

  8. Daphne

    You read the entire IAE report ?

    Is that because you had finished redcorating and had nothing else to look at after the paint had dried 😉

  9. Didn’t mention Ron Paul, my friend.

    Nobody in power is having a rational discussion about Iran’s (non-existent) capabilities or how cutting off all of their income will ratchet a tenuous situation into something far more serious. Would you consider it an act of hostile aggression if Europe sanctioned our central bank?

    Why would you support severe financial sanctions against a country that has zero nuclear weapons program (according to the international nuclear watchdog) and has openly complied with inspections for the past several years?

  10. Hey sweetie Colm.

    I read it because I blindly believed Bush on Iraq and I’m tired of being taken for a foolish sheep.

  11. Daphne

    You may be lovely to cuddle up to, but there’s no way you’d ever be mistaken for a sheep 🙂

  12. Well, I would hope not, Colm. I’m not nearly as furry and I own wicked set of lovely nails.

  13. both men were fired, Iran has repeatedly said it will attack both Israel and the US. Iran has demonstrated it’s willingness to do both, Iran has financed attacks on both.

    your a fool

  14. Troll –

    Neither man has been fired.

    Dagan came to the end of his term, Pardo is the current Director of Mossad. Iran has not financed any attacks on the US.

    Stop making it up.