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By David Vance On January 6th, 2012

Socialised healthcare has several fatal flaws but perhaps the greatest is that it enables POLITICIANS to direct medical priorities. Just think about this for a moment;

Nurses will be told to do regular ward rounds and patients encouraged to carry out inspections as part of a drive to improve hospital standards in England. They will form part of a package of measures announced by the prime minister to tackle what he sees as a “real problem” with patient care. David Cameron told the BBC problems in some hospitals had been overlooked out of respect for the nursing profession.

This new move has come after a series of critical reports in the past year. The patient-led inspection regime will see members of the public invited to assess cleanliness, food, privacy and dignity on wards alongside official teams. Mr Cameron believes there is too much bureaucracy and wants nurses to spend more time with patients.

OK, I can see the aim Cameron has in mind but surely there will need to be additional bureaucracy put in place to ensure that the objectives he wants to see achieved actually happen? And isn’t micro-managing the NHS one of the charges Cameron labelled against Labour? And WHY have Nurses to be told to talk to patients and treat them with dignity?


  1. No doubt there will be a clip board with tick boxes at the end of each ward, similar to that at the end of the vegetable aisle in Tesco which a member of staff initials every hour or so when they have conducted a “freshness” check of the produce on sale!

  2. Why is it that with todays very qualified nursing staff, some patients get very poor basic care. Not fed, not washed, malnuitrition,people dying of thirst, utter neglect, lying in their own filth, a lot of todays nursing staff seem to think the basics are beneath them.

    Oh yes, hospital spokespersons, lessons will be learned etc. Management billhooks. Parts of the NHS are not working and given the sums we pay in tax thats simply not good enough.

    Somethings very wrong indeed. Will this fix it? I doubt it.

  3. But Dog, basic health care is just that. It is basic but essential and and poor basic care never used to happen. Patients left in their own filth – never. But I have spent quite some time in hospital lately as a patient and yet I rarely saw the Ward Sister. She has retreated to her office and from her office she no longer has vision of the whole ward (they do not build Nightingale Wards anymore) and so often she is no longer in touch with everything that is going on on her ward. Consultants friends tell me that the named Nurse system adopted now in most hospitals seems to break down when the named Nurse is not on duty. I think that overall procedures need a lot of rethinking. Lessons should be learnt not lessons will be learnt.

  4. “The patient-led inspection regime”? Why not? Doesn’t everyone do a swift stock take at Sainsburys before getting the shopping?

    Truly, only from government can such silly ideas come. It’s partly because the EU makes 80% of our laws. There’s so little for the pretendy parliament to deal with anymore they have to go the ever greater lengths to make themselves look useful.

    Next week: Kim il Cameron’s field guidance on making a cuppa.

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