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Repairing Labour’s Damage

By ATWadmin On November 26th, 2006

Wasn’t Henry94 full of glee at the results of the latest poll showing a majority of both English and Scottish people require the fragmentation of the United Kingdom?  You see, for a great many Irish republicans, the total break-up of the UK would be a delicious, if seldom contemplated, aspiration for them.  Having been the first (and in my view the last) people to drive a wedge through the United Kingdom – in order to create what could laughingly be described as an ‘independent Irish Republic’ (a British cultural satellite with the accoutrements of Catholicism and presidential office to try to make it feel different.  We Unionists prefer the real thing) – they would like the Scots to follow suit.

However, as today’s editorial in the Sunday Telegraph makes clear, the damage caused by this government’s devolution legacy is far from irreparable.  On the contrary, the most successful political Union in global history requires only cosmetic surgery to rescue it from the conditions which give rise to this temporary lust for divorce.  Ending the right of Scottish, Welsh and Ulster MPs to vote on purely English matters should be the first step.  It would only create the same centrifugal relationship between State and component parts as you would find in today’s USA.  And there is no clamour for the break-up of that great country. 

Responsibility for the current mess lies totally with Labour.  Having conceived devolution in the first place it contributed to the most tribal nationalism in the Scottish and, to a lesser extent, the Welsh.  It has also turned both regions into the begging bowl recipients of public spending, whilst the English (and particularly those in the south) are the people who provide the essential wealth from which Labour leeches.  Creating the conditions for more economic dynamism coupled with the exclusivity of English political identity are the next steps in the repair process.  Labour will never heed this advice.  Let’s see if the Conservatives will.

6 Responses to “Repairing Labour’s Damage”

  1. "requires only cosmetic surgery to rescue it from the conditions which give rise to this temporary lust for divorce"

    Have you ever though of writing love songs?

  2. No.

  3. Your point (at least I think it’s your point) that assent in a poll does not translate into a pressing political demand is correct.

    But the interesting thing is that if the demand becomes pressing in Scotland then England won’t have a problem with it.

    I find it extraordinary that you blame Labour. They are the ones who hold the line against independence in Scotland Mrs Thatcher’s abandonment of one-nation Toryism let to Parliamentary wipeout for the Tories in Scotland.

    Even now the Tories are implying that Brown’s Scotishness should count against him as a candidate for PM.

    Scotland loses out in Europe by not being directly represented at the Council of Ministers. That’s where the real business is done.

    The Euro would give Scotland the major boost in competitiveness it will need to get going as an independent nation. Copying Ireland’s tax policies will take care of the rest.

    If this looks like happening my advice to everybody is to but property in Scotland before the boom hits.

  4. >>the most successful political Union in global history<<

    ehhh.. a slight exaggeration, I think.

  5. Great post. Without doubt one of the most successful unions. And sorry but this is hilarious ‘If this looks like happening my advice to everybody is to but property in Scotland before the boom hits.’. LOL! Or eugh – not sure which. This attitude is entirely down to Labour who else could have fostered it so well, its all multiculturalism after all. But it will all soon be forgotten. (Not that sometimes i wouldnt mind getting rid of Scotland. Im sick of funding the leeches. If happily watch them sink into the sea of their own self loathing. Who will they blame then)

  6. Andrew,

    America’s states are regions of one country whereas our Union is made up of erstwhile separate countries. It’s not an insignificant difference.

    If Scottish and Welsh politicians were barred from voting on English issues then the separation of the countries would be emphasised – not minimised – and the break-up of the union would be inevitable.

    Politicians talk about the benefits of the Union in the same way they talk about the benefits of multicultualism – that is, in a vague manner which never actually states what those benefits are.

    Unless the English can be convinced of the benefits of being joined to a country – Scotland – that is indifferent to us at best and loathing of us at worst and yet which is a net beneficiary of the national income politicians should expect the nationalist murmurings to grow.