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Mexican Street Singers Celebrate No Pants Subway Day

By Phantom On January 9th, 2012


Yesterday was ” No Pants Day ” in America. Don’t blame me, I was out of the country.

Here’s how it was celebrated on the R subway line in New York, which I take home every work day.

A Mexican busker band ran into the No Pants guys, and the rest was history.

We get a lot of buskers not just in the train stations, but on the trains themselves. It’s cool.

5 Responses to “Mexican Street Singers Celebrate No Pants Subway Day”

  1. Mexican buskers serenading half-naked commuters on the New York subway?

    Stuff it – vote Santorum.

  2. Who’s bright idea was it to choose Mid January as no pants day. A masochist ?

  3. I once saw a group of buskers inside the carriage on the circle line.
    It would have made no difference had they performed completely naked; the unspoken taboo of keeping oneself to oneself whilst on the Underground was maintained. Not a clap, not a hum, not a whistle was uttered towards them. Each person remained cocooned within their own private bubble. It was a very strange experience.
    …And yet, I’ve seen youtube footage of “parties” on the underground. Perhaps these parties were organised in advance on the internet, and people showed up, knowing what to expect? It’s a curious phenomenon.

  4. No Pants Day was organized on the web, and it took place in a number of US cities.

    Locally, the granddaddy of all these things was when they got rid of the Q Diamond Line in 2004. Revelers showed up for the ” funeral ” on the day of the line’s last run, complete with weed, wine, and beer. Just another day in Fun City.


  5. All so-called buskers and other beggars should be slapped into leg-irons and dragged off our trains. Why are these hucksters allowed to annoy the paying public? We need a robust police action to get rid of this nuisance. It really degrades the quality of the ride. In NY we not only have the Mexican noise-makers, we also have half-assed acrobats, rap idiots, and every possible type of stinky bum with a hard luck story looking to fund dope. There are laws against this low-life behavior and they need to be applied with vigor.

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