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Maximum Security?

By ATWadmin On November 26th, 2006

I must confess I thought the whole Michael Stone affair had been staged-managed by an NIO keen to put pressue on the Democratic Unionists.  My first question was: where are the police?  The lawfully-constituted forces of the State are traditionally employed to guard the legislature(s) of that State.  Police patrol outside Westminster; the Carabinieri are visible outside the Italian parliament in Rome, etc.

Then, the Sunday Independent answered my question.  PSNI officers have been absent from Stormont as a sop to IRA MLAs still fuming from the police raid on their alleged spy-ring back in 2002.  The irony is that because the IRA objected to the police being present to guard their third-rate representatives at Stormont, figures such as IRA President, Gerry Adams, and IRA MP for Newry and Armagh, Conor Murphy, had their lives put in jeopardy by a loyalist terrorist with an extremely low self-esteem. 

Whether IRA MLAs do get picked off in time is a matter of supreme indifference to me.  However, there are decent and good-living MLAs from the likes of the DUP, UUP, SDLP and Alliance who deserve a professional police presence to guard them from the likes of Stone’s grand gestures of the future.  For that reason alone, police should be present at Stormont as soon as possible.

8 Responses to “Maximum Security?”

  1. It is a disgrace that this was allowed. The security guards did a great job, but they shouldn;’t have had to.

  2. its hilarious , proud Ulster’s fine police cannot even patrol the buildings of state incase they offend the IRA. Ah that justice has been done and the innocent can rest in their graves.

    Simply the best.

  3. and three cheers for big Ian !

    here, its a good job we never wound up in goverment with Gerry Fitt isn’t lads ?

  4. Andrew

    I heard a shinner on Friday on Radio Ulster advancing the theory that Stone was put up to it by "British securocrats" to prevent the advance of the MOPE.


  5. Brilliant!!

    Only the Sindo and ATW could come up with the angle that a loyalist extremist attempting to murder the north’s elected representatives was the fault of SF.

  6. Well reg – during the marching season a little boy was hit in the face by a nationalist missile – and the SF rep blamed the Orange order.

  7. "Well reg – during the marching season a little boy was hit in the face by a nationalist missile – and the SF rep blamed the Orange order."

    Nice peace of whataboutery there Mad!

    It’s pretty ironic that Michael Stone’s (attempted) murderous rampage was stopped by a set of revolving doors given how early he was released from prison.

  8. I used to be able to spell "piece"!!