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By ATWadmin On November 26th, 2006

hamasvictory.jpgIt’s so distressing to watch the totally inept Olmert-led left wing administration in Israel grasping at imaginary straws. Overnight, the Palestinian Authority (ie bunch of Jihad loving terrorists) proposed a "cease-fire" which Olmert’s pathetic administration instantly accepted. Then, in true Palestinian style, after the cease-fire came into being …. more deadly rockets were fired into Israel, with Hamas and Islamic Jihad proudly claiming responsibility, albeit disappointed they didn’t kill more Jews.

The bottom-line here is that these Islamic terrorists can smell weakness. They know that Olmert and his utterly hopeless Defence Minister Amir Peretz lack the resolve to do that which is truly necessary – namely invade Gaza and wipe out all the Hamas/Islamic Jihad killers and ensure that Palestinians are no longer free to pursue their holocaust ambitions against Israel.

The people of Israel chose appeasement at the last election and they are paying the price in blood. I hope the next election will see a firm right-of-liberal administration returned which will deal with the Pali-fascist menace once and for all. You do not turn a tiger into a vegetarian by feeding it steaks – Olmert thinks he knows otherwise.

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