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By ATWadmin On November 26th, 2006

Interesting to read that "Shakedown" expert Jesse Jackson has declared that he is working to prohibit the use of the word "nigger."  This is partly in response to Michael Richards’ recent rant. He adds that he wants it to be legally defined as "hate language" and therefore anyone who uses it would be liable to prosecution. Now, I agree that this word, along with several others, is offensive but it strikes me that good ol’ Jesse is going to have his work cut out stopping black American rap-stars, for instance, from using the term. They tend to populate every song they write with repeated references to the word. Should they then be prosecuted? Also, if we accept that ONE word can be banned as "hate language", I wonder what other words Jesse might be able to come up with?

I do not agree that words should be banned, but it is the driving desire of leftists like Jackson to control every aspect of our lives, including the very words we may use.

12 Responses to “BANNING THE “N” WORD…..”

  1. This is a very dangerous road to go down. What about those who want to use it to describe themselves?

    Will The Damnbusters be outlawed?

  2. Jesse Jackson famously referred to Jews as "Hymies" and to NYC as "Hymietown". I propose that Hymie be added to the list of prohibited words.

    Along with cracker,honky, spic, wop, kraut, dago, mick, polack, hebe, jewboy, chink, jap, and the dreaded "canuck".

    Some of these words are seldom heard these days, but what the hell, they once carried a sting, so lets all get on board the Victim Express and pretend like we’re walking wounded.

    Jesse Jackson is a no-good bum. He’s a stone racist himself. He’s always been a part of the problem.

  3. what you don’t get is this law would of course only apply to white people….

  4. If it becomes illegal to even say the word then wouldn’t the actual law itself be rendered illegal because it would have to mention what it was banning?

  5. Ross Interesting point and it would apply to anyone giving evidence too!

  6. Ross: lol.

    Jesse Jackson panders to hate. And the MSM seems to give him unlimited credibility making him an unofficial "spokesman." In many ways, he is the creation of the media because once, long ago, he stood with Martin Luther King. He is unelected, uninvited and should be ignored.

  7. And no more calling Irish people Paddy and Mick. Obviously that law would not apply to people called Paddy or Mick. But it will still be illegal to call Mick, Paddy or Paddy, Mick.

    I hope that is clear.

  8. David – actually I suspect Jackson doesn’t care as much as you think about controlling your life. His driving desire is to be in the spotlight, and he’ll do or say anything that he thinks might accomplish that.

  9. The head of the Congressional Black Caucus explained the particulars of Freedom of Speech, and spelled it out to the REVEREND Jesse Jackson that it would not be advisable to attempt to outlaw any word in the United States of America.

    Woooo-hoooo! I don’t like those democrats much, but this guy definitely went up several notches in my book.

    I don’t like the word ‘nigger’. I don’t like a lot of words that are equally as nasty. We cannot start outlawing words, though.

  10. ah shucks,
    you Americans ain’t got nothing on us hear, in England legal precedent was set in case where a coloured women of carribean origin complained in work in private conversation with her friend that there were "to many foriegners coming to the country". This was overheard by someone who perceived themselves to be foreign who then complained to the management who’s inaction prompted them to sue, the court ruled in favour that the word "foreigner" was offensive and the opinion racist and that this was a crime – so not only has a UK court made an anti mass immigration comment made in private a crime but also also deemed expressing that someone from outside your country is a foreigner a punishable offence.
    forward thinking stuff, eh commrades ?

  11. also no matter how much authority you would like or think you could put to use you can outlaw language in order to obliterate it about as well as you can stop cannabis consumption with prohibition, there is no civilised way to do it and those who would like to are often either stupid enough or wicked enough to be nasty in order to do it.

    ‘nigger’ like ‘jaffa baps’ is offensive and the use of such words is just one of those sad reminders that human beings are frail and imperfect creatures, and always will be.

  12. Phantom hit the nail on the head. Jackson is a racial conflict ambulance chaser. The most dangerous place to be in the world is between Jackson and a news camera. His proposal is frankly unconstitutional and could never fly.