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Economy, Stupid, Its.

By Mike Cunningham On January 23rd, 2012

Former President Clinton’s campaign slogan was clear and simple, ‘Its the Economy, Stupid’. He and his advisers were of course correct, in that as long as they pummelled the Bush campaign on how the economy had tanked under Bush, the voters were sure to get the underlying message. The fact that Clinton was just another fraud with feet of clay is beside the point, the message was the item which won the election for him and his party.

So let us view the slow, noisy and self-destructive avalanche which is the Republican nomination mincing machine. Are they attacking their Democratic opponent? Are they trying to show what a difference they would make if elected? No, folks, all we are hearing is an endless re-run of Newt’s marital travails, and ‘Mittens’ tangles with the tax man. Now exposing a politician’s marital difficulties may give the voters some idea of the candidates character; or a long discussion of another candidate’s tax choices and payment schedules only shows he employed very clever tax lawyers, but it doesn’t show how either would attack or defeat Obama in November.

Instead of shouting about divorce, or tax matters; why don’t they point to two very recent actions of the president and his governmental advisers? Why is no-one shouting out the name ‘Solyndra’ with monotonous regularity? Why hasn’t any candidate zoomed in on Obama’s twin oil decisions? Namely screwing up the oil deal with Brazil; whilst at the same time negating the Keystone oil pipeline with Canada?

The Republicans should be pounding the attack messages out against Obama; but all we hear are the attack ads against each other!

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  1. Mike

    Have no fear after the self bloodleting of the republican candidates when it gets down to just one, the president will be the non stop target.

    every attack the candidates are delivering to each other, will be delivered against them tenfold by Obama. If they can’t stand up to it now, how would they sstand up to it then?

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