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By ATWadmin On November 26th, 2006

As the Pope prepares to visit Turkey this coming week, I trust all will be well for Benedict XV1 as some of the portents are worrying. Militant Islam clearly sees this as an opportunity to further flex its muscle, and already a man (Muslim?) has lunged at Archbishop Pierluigi Celata, the former papal ambassador to Turkey, who was on a advance scouting mission in his Catholic robes. The country’s current bestselling novel, Plot Against the Pope, shows Benedict on the cover, targeted by a bearded sniper in front of a burning cross. Wonder what religion the bearded sniper might be? Wonder who is buying it? Wonder why?

2 Responses to “TURKS TO ROAST POPE?”

  1. I’ll be happier when this visit is over.

  2. Me too, Henry.