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By Pete Moore On February 16th, 2012

A 64 year old widow will probably soon discover how the State can treat the innocent without mercy.

A pensioner is facing jail after a burglar broke into her home and stole a gun owned by her late husband without a permit.

Kathleen Woodward, 64, reported the loss of the vintage pistol after her home was ransacked by a thief who escaped with the gun along with other stolen property. But while he ended up being jailed for just six months, Mrs Woodward could be sentenced to five years for possession of the firearm.

The Telegraph points out that the Firearms Act specifies a minimum fear year stretch for such an offence. I fear that Kathleen Woodward is about to be done to the full extent of this putrid ‘law’. But should she be prosecuted? Of course not. There is no suggestion that she’s a danger to anyone else. She hasn’t harmed anyone and there’s no fear that she will harm anyone. Despite what Parliament said, the Crown Prosecution Service does not have to prosecute. It must satisfy itself first that a prosecution would be in the public interest. Because Kathleen Woodward was not and is not a danger to anyone else, clearly a prosecution would not be in the public interest. Like so many, this is a victimless crime and therefore no crime.

She is, in fact, the victim herself of a wicked crime. Typically of modern Britain, it is the blameless victim who will (probably) be incarcerated while the scum who invaded and ransacked her home is already free. In the event of a prosecution, I sincerely hope the jury invokes the great and honourable tradition of jury nullification and throws out such an unjust act.

4 Responses to “IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST?”

  1. Wel said Pete.

    Whatever happened to the old “police caution”? She would have received an official reprimand and told to get a licence pronto. But the common sense approach has been usurped by the political imperatives of modern policing.

  2. I’m sure that she won’t end up in jail.

  3. “I’m sure that she won’t end up in jail.”


    Don’t count on it.

    Remember in the UK and the Republic of Ireland the victim is often turned into the criminal by the authorities. I believe it’s a cultural subconscious thing. But, in fact whatever it is it defies American common sense and logic.

  4. Your all looking at this ‘bass ackwards’. Our Crims need to be kept safe from rampaging gangs of tooled up pensioners. ‘Elf n safety you know- can’t have them suffering ‘workplace injuries’. Against their mandated EU ‘uman roights innit.

    So lock up the law abiding few so that the many perps can frolic gleefully.
    Makes sense.

    Mind how you go, e’vnin all.

    Robert Peel and Dixon of Dock Green must be spinning in their grave’s about now. What has the UK become.