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Only The Good Die Young – Rush Limbaugh (61) helps Obama Campaign Again.

By Mahons On March 2nd, 2012

A Georgetown University Law Student Sandra Fluke offered Congressional testimony regarding what she believes – that medical insurance plans include coverage for contraception.  Agree with her or not, she argued her position in a civil manner.

Rush Limbaugh used his radio program to decry her as a slut, a prostitute and called for her to post sex videos on the internet.

Married 4 times, the right wing radio personality (defender of marriage and chastity) may be one of the greatest advantages that the Democrats have going.  Do Republicans really think attacking contraception and calling young women who disagree with them Nazis, sluts and prostitutes is a winning formula for them?  Let us see.


85 Responses to “Only The Good Die Young – Rush Limbaugh (61) helps Obama Campaign Again.”

  1. Rush is a pig.

  2. He’s not funny. He’s a bully and a pig, who has lowered the bar of the US conversation.

    Let’s see if his drone supporter here, who decried bullying on these pages earlier today, has boo to say about this.

    Or is it only bullying when leftists do it.

  3. Hi Daphne

  4. Why should taxpayers pay for this young slut’s lady’s contraception needs?

    This is welfare for a sexually active coed who finds herself in a private pricey graduate school and she doesn’t think that she should pony up for her own contraception – what will the statists think of next?

    let’s not kid ourselves, though – this is a well-planned and well-placed attack by the Left – killing 2 birds with one stone – the Church gets hammered for not caring for “women’s rights” and the limited-govt-hey-we’re-trillions-in-debt voter gets it – all in the name of “women’s right to reproductive care” beh.

  5. Phantom: Not wanting to pay for someone elses birth control pills and condoms = bullying??
    you are such a drama queen…

  6. SInce you don’t provide a link, just a lame reference to dying, here’s what that old meanie Rush actually said, from his transcript:

    “RUSH: Oh, yeah, I’m gonna deal with this. I’m gonna deal with it. I think this is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. The left has been thrown into an outright conniption fit! This is “phony soldiers” times ten. Oh, ten times worse than phony soldiers. The reaction that they are having to what I said yesterday about Susan Fluke — or Sandra Fluke, whatever her name is — the Georgetown student who went before a congressional committee and said she’s having so much sex, she’s going broke buying contraceptives and wants us to buy them. I said, “Well, what would you call someone who wants us to pay for her to have sex? What would you call that woman? You’d call ’em a slut, a prostitute or whatever.”….

    That has sent them into orbit! Pelosi’s in orbit and Sheila Jackson Lee. They’re still talking about it on the House floor. The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee sent out an immediate fundraising letter with a picture making me look like Dracula. I mean it is… (laughing) I’ve got the original story here that all this feeds off of, so all of you sit tight. Look, at least I didn’t call her “a woman driver,” and I’ll tell you this, you people on the left: I’ll happily buy her all the aspirin she wants. Snerdley, you would agree. We would happily buy Sandra Fluke all the aspirin she wants. What could that possibly cost. But contraceptives? So much sex at Georgetown?”

    LIsten, this is actually quite funny within the context of the Santorum campaign aide who suggested that the best birth control is a woman holding an aspirin between her legs…

  7. Patty, you might want to read the young woman’s statement before defending your hero.

    He completely misrepresented what she said. Should I quote? Yes, I believe I should.

    “Without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of women, who, like me are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary.”

    A far cry from Rush’s warped version of her statement.

  8. Look, you want to debate government shoving their sticky fingers into healthcare? Fine. But you better take into consideration that they have been for years and that conservatives haven’t minded one damn bit.

    Government has been consistently regulating and passing favorable legislation benefitting big pharma and the insurance industry (the first death panel purveyors) to the detriment of consumers and business for the past forty years.

    The government also provides medicare and medicaid, expensive entitlements highly supported by large percentages of aging conservative voters.

    Asking religious employers to provide full contraceptive coverage as part of their medical insurance package for their large business interests (universities and hospitals) seems like small beans in larger scheme of federal meddling in America’s health care.

    Rush is a foul pustule of vile toxicity on the public square. His ugliness is beyond the pale, appealing always to the lowest common denominator of blind ignorance.

    He doesn’t discuss the issues of the day with any intelligence or insight. He doesn’t look for sensible answers or conclusions or calm policy debates.

    He flings shit by the fistful, just like the liberal pundits he so loves to hate.

  9. She’s paying over $3000 for her birth control. She thinks this is expensive because she is in law school and therefore she goes in front of the Congress with the hope of forcing other people to pay for her?

    Basically, she wants welfare and she’s wrapped up her demands in something she calls “women’s reproductive rights.”

    I think Rush is correct – she should buy some inexpensive aspirin and hold it between her legs.

  10. One more thing, on a practical, if I’m forced to subsidize health care, contraception would be the highest priority on my list.

    Much cheaper than raising state subsidized bastards, paying for objectionable abortions or funding extended prison stays.

  11. *insert the word “note” between practical and if.

  12. Rush is (as the Irish say) “Just taking the piss”. Sure he’s acerbic and gruff. But he uses those qualities to streigthen his point.

    Look at that Legal-beagle to be babe babble on how she needs free contraception while attending Georgetown University Law School.

    Maybe Rush should have suggested she join a Perpetual Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament convent after she graduates. Then she wouldn’t need contrception.

  13. What a bunch of screwed crackpots the GOP is turning out to be. Turning American politics in to the laughing stock of the western world. I’d read it would be a dirty campaign but never thought it’d turn into a farce.

  14. There has always been a ” proud to be ignorant ” streak in America. Limbaugh is very much a part of that.

    He’s a coarse slob with a megaphone.

  15. Again, one can certainly disagree with the young woman’s position on the issue. But calling women who use contraception sluts and prostitutes is “entertainment” for the dimwitted.

  16. first off the woman went to congress to get me and you to pay for her pills and rubbers, second the program she is in is a 3 year program, that costs $45,000 a year tuition, $20,000 dollars a year room and board a $65,000 year law program and she says she can’t afford $1000 a year to pay for rubbers and she demands you and I pay for it.

    If she’s using enough rubbers to cost 1000 a year that’s 5 a day. She’s getting laid 5 times a day? How does she walk let alone find time to study law?

    If she is having sex 5 times a day SHE IS A SLUT. Mahons you have daughters, are you raising them to have sex 5 times a day when they attend your almamatter?

    This post is the perfect example of people who don’t listen to rush falling into the trap spin.

  17. I do want to point out Mahons Democrat compassion in wishing Limbaugh dead

  18. EDDIE –

    Yeah, Limbaugh’s like that, but it’s the young woman who’s really taking the piss.

    You can’t afford contraception? So keep your knees together or get the fella to pay. He’ll do it, a young bloke will do much more than that to get his end away. That’s a lesson for you love, for free.

    Georgetown? Disctrict of Criminals? Isn’t that some gateway school to government?

    It sounds like they’re getting the education they need: expecting to be paid for screwing each other before getting paid to screw everyone else.

  19. “If she’s using enough rubbers to cost 1000 a year that’s 5 a day. She’s getting laid 5 times a day? How does she walk let alone find time to study law?

    If she is having sex 5 times a day SHE IS A SLUT. Mahons you have daughters, are you raising them to have sex 5 times a day when they attend your almamatter?”

    Except that female contraceptive isn’t on a per use basis like condoms are. It has to be taken every day whether they have sex or not.

  20. Though it does have to be said that the contraceptive pill wouldn’t cost $1000 for the full year.

  21. it cost $5 a month for the pill, so if it’s costing her a thousand dollars a year to pay for her contraception then she’s using rubbers and to cost a thousand a year as she testified before congress than she’s using 5 a day

  22. Having been locked in a car and listening to rush for three days(it was by choice because I think he is hilarious and stupid), let me just say he is a modern day Nostradmus!

    He says vague noncommital statements and then when something happens that can be misapropriated into agreeing with him he claims to have great insight. And the sheeple like Patty and Troll believe him.

    It is briliiant really, he makes a fortune telling the sheeple what they want to hear and uses slight of hand to convince them of his great intelect.

    He truly is the most successful side show psychic of all time

  23. No it does NOT cost $5 a month for birth control pills

    If you have a great health insurance plan, your COPAY may be only that, but these things do have a cost and it’s not five bucks.

  24. ATW is a guide to the type of people Rush appeals to here in the US.

  25. LOL yeah all 40 million of his listeners

    mahons is right thought look at the people on the site from america the ones who listen to rush are considered the fringe the extreme of american political views.

    Yet how can that be when the largest radio/cable/news show in the country is Rush?

    That means the MAJORITY of Americans think along the same lines as me, not two bubble boys out of ny

  26. if she’s in college (which she is, let alone Georgetown) she is still under her parents insurance…. so copay is all she would pay

  27. The majority of Americans don’t believe that woman who use contraception are sluts or prostitutes. In fact the majority of American couples (including no doubt some praising Rush here) use contraception.

    Mr. Limbaugh, married four times without any children, no doubt (and thankfully) has used it himself.

  28. “That means the MAJORITY of Americans think along the same lines as me, not two bubble boys out of ny”

    Okay, I know mathematics aren’t your strong point but 40 Million is not a majority in a country of over 300 Million.

  29. As I wrote, one can disagree with her argument or her cost estimate without the need to brand her a slut or a prostitute or a nazis. Limbaugh appeals to the baser instinct of a lot of people, much like Father Coughlin in the 1930s.

  30. you see that’s where you got screwed just like the rest of the left press and political spectrum.

    Limbaugh never said she was a slut because she wanted contraception, he said she was a slut because of the dollar amount that she said her contraceptives COST

    to equal the cost she stated, the only way to get it close to 1000 a year is by using 5 condoms a day.

    if you need that many condoms a day your either a slut or a hooker, and if your hooker your making your own damn money. since she needs the money, she is therefore a slut

  31. This whole thing is a set-up, from start to finish.

    George Stephanopolus, Progressive operative, started it off in the debate where he asked Republican candidate, Santorum why Republicans want “to ban contraception” – a bogus, absurd question and at the time — all Republicans scratched their heads, not understanding.

    This girl – testifying in front of the Congress of the United States – is a student at Georgetown Law School – a Jesuit school.

    This is a propaganda set-up to coerce the Catholic Church and other religious institution to bend to the will of the Progressive Democrat’s in power.

    Nothing more. Nothing less.

  32. Amen

  33. Mahons –

    One can’t disagree with Ms Fluke if they don’t know what she said, which is that women at Goergetown are shagging so much they can’t afford contraception. Therefore the government must rob everyone else so the girls can carry on shagging.

    It has nothing to do with health policy or ‘reproductive rights’ and all that rubbish. They’re horny, they can’t afford to shag so everyone else must be made to pay so they can avoid the consequences of not keeping their knees together.

  34. Troll — why don’t the Republicans in Congress call out the Progressive Democrats on these despicable tactics – the intellectually dishonest propaganda (Stephanopolus questions used to “prime the pump”), the divisive, constant pitting of one group of Americans against another group??

  35. And Pete – a girl has to shag, and she has to shag at a Jesuit university (Georgetown) — so the Catholic Church has to pay for it.

    It’s only fair and apparently it is a positive right that is explicitly spelled out for her in the US Constitution:

    Amendment 69: a woman has the right to shag indiscriminately at no actual cost to her person, heart or to her soul. Taxpayers will pay for any and all contraception, abortions, or psychological counsel.

  36. Patty
    Because the party leadership lacks masculine fortitude… in other words no balls

  37. Pete – That isn’t in the text of what she said.

  38. Patty –

    Yes, it seems so.

    The girls at Georgetown also seem to be unaware that it take two to tango and a young man will do an awful lot, he’ll sacrifice plenty, to get a girl into bed. If neither of them are willing to pay for their own fun then put the kettle on instead.

  39. Mahons –

    Of course that’s what she said.

    They want their fun but can’t afford it so she wants the government to impose a ‘contraception mandate’ on insurance policies so everyone else will pay for it.

  40. A woman without insurance can pay $800/year for birth control pills plus the annual exams needed to get the prescription. Some women need an injection instead because of pill side effects, which could raise it to $1200/year. Limbaugh said she was a slut because Limbaugh is an asshole, simple as that. And those on this thread who are agreeing with that are happily following his example.

  41. No, she said the costs of contraception should be provided in health insurance plans. She estimated the costs for a three year period. That doesn’t make her a slut, a prostitute or a nazis. The mischaracterization of her testimony and intemperate jarring remarks of Limbaugh and his echo chamber are out of bounds and pathetic.

  42. Mahons –

    You can take Limbaugh’s remarks back to him.

    Yes, she said the costs of contraception should be provided in health insurance plans. Meaning, everyone else should cover that cost. That’s what insurance is.

  43. And the funny thing is-

    There is an argument to be made for not including this in health insurance plans. For starters, it’s not insurance for the unforseen event, which has always been the purpose of any true insurance. This is more like preventive coverage against a a normal condition– that can be dealt with otherwise, and which is not terribly expensive for most.

    The ” right ” used to be led by the truly intelligent, like William F Buckley. Now this movement is led by a talk radio shouter. Yes, he is Obama’s secret weapon.

    The Republicans lack for intelligent spokesmen on the entire issue of health care. Which is why they got rolled by Obama with Obamacare and why they will lose this one too.

  44. mahons can convict Limbaugh on hearsay but come to grasp the fact that this bimbo said she needs a thousand dollars a year not to get pregnant.

    Maybe should should try keeping her legs closed….. that’s free

  45. that should say “she should” not should should….

  46. Here is what she actually said


    “Without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school.” She never said she was spending that money.
    She also was talking not about providing the Pill for contraceptive purposes but “A friend of mine, for example, has polycystic ovarian syndrome and has to take prescription birth control to stop cysts from growing on her ovaries…Her claim was denied repeatedly on the assumption that she really wanted the birth control to prevent pregnancy.”

    I don’t know who Rush Limbaugh is, but anyone who goes on air and calls a woman a slut and a prostitute is clearly no gentleman and should be shunned by polite society.

  47. By virtue of the fact that he talks like this, he’s neither a conservative nor is he a gentleman.

    He’s a blowhard carnival act for an audience of buffoons.

  48. Pete – Insurance is covered by those who pay for it and it covers a variety of things. She is advocating that it cover contraception which does not make her a nazis, a prostitute or a slut. People can disagree if they want as to whether it should be covered but to brand her those things is not the work of a decent or civil person.

  49. Troll -Are you under the impression that Limbaugh did not use the words “prostitute” “slut” or “Femnazis?”

    Do you find such language appropriate? Do you think a national radio figure with an audience of millions is speaking in a manner consistent with conservative family vlaues and decency in labeling a young woman this way?

    I mean Patty is a lost soul, but are you that lost as well?

  50. “Do you find such language appropriate?”

    ROFL !! That’s a good one, Mahons!

    you know what’s really offensive?

    A coed law student asking the government to pay for a new welfare program so she can indulge in her promiscuous life style. That’s offensive.

  51. Geoff: The Progressives – including Obama – have been trying to take out Rush Limbaugh for some time now. And it’s not because he’s “offensive” or not a “gentleman” –

    the Left cannot win on the issue – welfare is welfare and it’s deeply unpopular – so they have to do PR stunts like this woman — unfortunately, flyover country and Rush are not as stupid as they think

  52. Patty
    Two simple questions:
    1. Do you find this Rush Limbaugh’s language offensive?
    2. Have you read her testimony?

  53. This lot will never criticize Limbaugh no matter what

    They do not think

  54. Geoff:

    1. no. And, I don’t find the Left-wing “offense” credible, either.

    2. no there is no testimony.

    Fluke wasn’t allowed to testify in front of Congress because Congress rightfully deemed her a show pony in a Left wing circus act. She gave a press conference with Nancy Pelosi and that is where she whined that she needed public financial support for her obvious sex addiction.

  55. Mahons: FLuke never testified in front of Congress. In the name of intellectual honesty, why don’t you correct your post so people are not misled.

    I’m sure you would not want to mislead or mischaracterize, would you?? 😉

  56. Really? I am amazed that you think that calling a woman a slut or prostitute on air with no ability to defend herself is not offensive. How much more offensive could he be?

    Did you read what she said? The only reason I ask is because she was reasonably specific in what she was talking about.

    I know nothing about this man or the political context, but it certainly sounds like he abused his position. He is clearly not a very nice person. I am glad we don’t have the like of him over here.

  57. In fairness to Rush, he also invited her to make sex tapes and to put them on the internet. Don’t forget that nice touch.

  58. Geoff: it’s called a sense of humor. a sense of proportion. an appreciation for a joke.

    As Andrew Breitbart knew: “humor leavens. confrontation works. free speech is worth losing friends.”

  59. In fairness to Mahons, he probably didn’t know that anyone would find out that this woman gave a PR speech not a testimony in front of COngress.

  60. There are good arguments for and against the inclusion of contraceptives as part of regulated health care insurance, but all this ‘slut’ talk is just rather idiotic and mysoginistic.

  61. Forget the welfare aspect to this story for the moment.

    The Left considers pregnancy an “illness.” while the Right considers pregnancy a blessing, a miracle of Life from God.

    THat’s a critical difference.

  62. Sandra Fluke appeared before a Congressional Ad Hoc Committee. If you have lost your way when it comes to basic human decency, like Patty has lost her way, I suppose the distinction is enough to label someone a prostitute and a slut.

    Even the Republican Speaker of the House (who disagrees with Fluke) has stated that Limbaugh’s language was inappropriate.

  63. Mahons –

    “Pete … She is advocating that it cover contraception which does not make her a nazis, a prostitute or a slut.”

    Stop reminding me that she isn’t any of those things. I have not agreed with Limbaugh, I have not repeated his insults.

    You can stop associating me with Limbaugh’s words.

  64. Ad Hoc Committee?? LOL! It’s a PR stunt! Just be a little itty bitty bit honest, Mahons, and admit that this is not a testimony.

    All this outrage over Rush’s bad language is as false as her testimony about not being able to afford her own contraception. It reminds me of the race card BS – this is about scaring up votes for Obama and the Progressives – end of story.

    I’m a Woman and I’m not offended – so you men can take your faux outrage and shove it wear the sun don’t shine….oh….sorry….did I offend you?

  65. I associate Patty and Troll with Limbaugh’s words. Every word ever spoken by El Gordo.

  66. For those who don’t follow US politics closely – the Progressive Democrats, that is to say Obama’s party, have lost support among female voters. The abortion issue is not playing as well as it was. So, this is the new tact – it is an effort to characterize the Republicans as misogynist and unsupportive of women. It is an effort to garner female voting support for the 2012 election.

    The problem with this tact is that contraceptive is readily free and available to anyone in the US. So the story is a joke. A struggling law student can’t find birth control???

    This just doesn’t ring true. Hence, the joking.

  67. I would be honored to have RUsh’s clarity, humor and humanity, Phantom.

    You listen to Savage – a blowhard interested mainly in ratings – but don’t project Savage’s business model onto Rush.

  68. This kind of stuff will really help attract women to the Republicans. Especially independent ones in the suburbs.

    El Gordo is making Obama’s campaign commercials for him

  69. I like Savage but I criticize him often – I criticized him yesterday for his conspiracy mongering upon the death of Breitbart, here.

    I think for my self.

    You follow, like a meek, limited, intellectual slave. Of those who hate and despise you.

  70. Patty –

    That’s a fair point. The post is wrong. Fluke didn’t testify to Congress, she had a chat with Pelosi.

  71. to be paid for having sex

  72. Troll

    Are you advertising yourself 🙂

  73. “I think Rush is correct – she should buy some inexpensive aspirin and hold it between her legs.”

    That line was a clichee 50 years ago, is both silly and naively wrong – as a woman can of course have normal intercourse and get pregnant “holding an aspirin between her legs”, as everyone who knows what sex is will know.

    Such clicheed ignorance is only to be expected from Limbaugh and those who support him and from that Sanctorum aide, etc.

  74. ain’t nobody gonna pay to have me….

  75. Santorum almost certainly lost Michigan because of women voters (and that is Republican women primary voters).

    If Republicans don’t see the forest for the trees they are going to lose by a lot.

  76. Looks like Limbaugh is losing advertisers.

    As he should.

    By the way, it appears that Georgetown University offers contraception coverage for its employees. Not sure if students are also covered. If anyone’s interested, here’s a list of American catholic universities and hospitals that provide standard contraception coverage in their insurance plans.

  77. Santorum is another jerk.

  78. Patty, on March 2nd, 2012 at 7:02 pm Said:

    The Left considers pregnancy an “illness.” while the Right considers pregnancy a blessing, a miracle of Life from God.

    Thats decent of you Patty, now we won’t get any more non-sense posts about welfare mothers because they are all miracles from god

  79. Welfare babies are miracles from God – welfare mothers should go and get jobs

  80. Welfare mthers are also miracles from God. So odd how rightwingers love babies but hate people.

  81. funny santorum carried 2/3 rds of the counties in mich and tied for delegates…well they did in the end give an extra one to mitt.

    how is expecting someone to try and provide for themselves hate?

  82. socialists hate self-reliance and love state dependency.

  83. Geoff: it’s called a sense of humor. a sense of proportion. an appreciation for a joke.

    Insulting women and using terms like slut and prostitute is supposed to be funny? This man has no moral compass and anyone who supports the use of language like that, and the abuse of his position is similarly without direction.

    I don’t know the specifics, I have never heard a single word this radio person has said, but I am amazed that anyone would defend him.

    Interesting that a number of advertisers have pulled their support from this rather unpleasant person’s show.

  84. Welfare babies are miracles from God – welfare mothers should go and get jobs

    Jesus wept.

  85. Well Geoff, he is after all a drug addict and a criminal. Mr. moral high horse has rather a lot of dark things hidden in his closset including some rumours….

    Isn’t it good that the right wing puts their hypocracy on public display

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