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By David Vance On March 8th, 2012

Archives Photo: Ilan Wittenberg

It’s  not JUST in Libya that cemeteries of our war dead military heroes are desecrated.

Detectives in Bushnell, Florida are investigating as a hate crime the vandalism of Jewish headstones in a veterans’ cemetery. Sumter County Sheriff’s Office detectives started their investigation into what happened to the headstones. More than a dozen headstones in two sections of the Florida National Cemetery were found pushed over or dug out last weekend. The headstones were identified as Jewish by the Stars of David on them. The Florida National Cemetery is run by the Department of Veterans Affairs. “It’s a shame because we consider this to be holy ground,” said Cemetery Director Kurt Rotar. According to the sheriff’s office, the damaged plots included those who had served in World War II, Vietnam and the Korean War.”

Now, WHO would do such a thing?

14 Responses to “DESECRATION”

  1. Neo – Nazi filth?

  2. Hmmm… who would do such a thing?


    More than 30 people gathered in Mitchell Hall to discuss the swastikas found on campus and to voice their concerns over media coverage and their personal safety on the eve of a fifth swastika being drawn in the residence hall.

    The group, comprised of students from Mitchell Hall, Residential Advisory Council members and representatives from Jewish groups on campus, met to discuss the first four swastikas found in the residence hall. The next morning, another swastika was found on freshman Sarah Marshak’s door.

    “(The swastikas) make it hard to be a complete Mitchell community,” said Amber Lewis, a senior and RAC vice president of community standards. “We don’t want to get the reputation of GW being a hate crime university.”

    University officials are not yet labeling the swastikas found on campus as a hate crime. –

    Now WHO would do that?

  3. Literally anyone. We’ve had people of all backgrounds (including Jewish) act as vandals in a host of similar anti-Semitic ways. It is always a shame whether done out of hatred, manifest stupidity or attention seeking.

  4. Bored kids?

  5. In Florida?

    Yes probably stupid kids, or if not them probably Jew haters from a supposed Christian background. Who never went away.

  6. A bunch of Springsteen fans to be more precise, according to some universities

  7. Particularly ugly when you remember that those people died young, and most would probably still be alive today if they hadn’t gone off to wars, and they thus still have many kin still alive for whom they remain young in memory.

  8. Isn’t it odd how much the Nazi’s and Muslims have in common. Except in Harriet Harman land (formerly known as the UK) one your supposed to hate and one your supposed to embrace.

    Get with the newthink citizens!

    Piss be upon them all!

  9. “Nazi’s and Muslims have in common. ”

    You mean they

    hate foreigners?
    hate gays?
    are against racial equality?
    nelive in one people, one country?
    want to destroy the power of trade unions?
    have a phobia about all international organisations?
    despise international law?
    think their race is better than the rest?

    Oh, wait…..

  10. Muslims against trade unions? Other than that reasonbaly accurate.

    So you love them right? If thats so, then why do you hate Nazi’s?

    Right back atya!

  11. Now WHO would do that?


  12. LOL Noel.

  13. Ross – no, it was the jewish swastika team:


    Noel – believe in one people, one country?

    Well, yes indeed. Every people should have their own land and country. Why don’t you tell me which people should not have their own country?

  14. “the damaged plots included those who had served in World War II, Vietnam and the Korean War”

    There are a lot of angry Vietnamese and Koreans out there.

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