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No Longer Like a Virgin

By Mahons On March 13th, 2012

Ron Paul, age 76, lost his virginity thanks to the Virgin Islands.  Paul captured the popular vote in the United States Virgin Islands Caucus by winning 112 votes over Romney’s 101.  The odd caucus rules actually resulted in Romney taking 7 delegate to Paul’s 1, but at least Paul has his first win.

As go the Virgin Islands so goes the nation is not a phrase that anyone will champion soon.  The people of the Virgin Islands can participate in primaries but not general elections (It ain’t a state you see).  The people of the British Virgin Islands are no doubt proud that they don’t have to participate at all and likely lord that fact over their neighbors in the US Virgin Islands (the cheeky bastards).

I am sure the win, reported in the mainstream media, will greatly disappoint Ron Paul fans who prefer to lose and blame the loss on the media, the military-industrial complex, Jewish banking cartels, and the Partridge Family.  But they can take heart, larger primaries are coming up soon so they will be able to return to their righteous indignation as the loses start to mount again.

35 Responses to “No Longer Like a Virgin”

  1. Well, everyone needs to win sometime, and he’s got his win now. Mission accomplished.

  2. Yep, Ron Paul wins the Virgin Islands, cue:

    Romney wins Virgin Islands GOP Caucus

    The Republican Party chairman in the U.S. Virgin Islands says Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has won the territory’s GOP caucus.

    All of a sudden the rules change. When Romney wins (“ehem”) the vote and Ron Paul sweeps up the delegates, well Romney wins. When the situation reverses, all of a sudden it’s the delegates which count, so Romney wins!

  3. As mahons says, there is no military-industrial complex, and there is no ‘Jewish’ banking cartel. The reason why is simple: mahons tells you so.

    But the Partridge Family did exist – at least, there was a TV program with that name.

  4. I never put you down for a Shirley Jones fan, she isn’t related to Alex Jones.

  5. Is Ron Paul the Madonna of our age ?

  6. Pete

    What state is the Virgin Islands part of?

  7. Phantom –

    They’re not a part of any of the states. However, like every inch of the planet, they are a part of DC’s domain.

    I don’t know why you ask.

    Care to suggest why Romney was headlined as the winner?

  8. Because he got more delegates.

  9. ” Odd caucus rules ”

    All caucus rules are odd. No more caucuses! Bring democracy to America!

  10. So why is (say) Romney declared the winner when he wins the vote but doesn’t have more delegates than other candidates, or before any delegates are allotted?

    For example, Romney “won” a number of states on Super Tuesday last week, according to the press. Yet hardly any delegates have been decided upon and won’t be for some weeks. Ron Paul will pick up very many delegates from Super Tuesday, possibly as many as any of his rivals, yet Romney was reported, on balance, to be the winner.

    All of a sudden, when Ron Paul wins the vote, well it doesn’t work like that any more.

  11. Ron Paul & his Campaign people “should” have gotten MORE AGGRESSIVE against the MEDIA & the GOP a long time ago, especially after IOWA, NEVADA & MAINE.

    There really is no excuse for not having done something against them. There was more than enough evidence compiled to show Election Engineering Fraud; massive fraud, in fact. The Media defamed, downgraded, smeared, and in general, brainwashed the public through their PRESSTITUTE PUNDITS and the Federal Reserve lobby-owned GOP.

    MAJOR LAWSUITS should have been issued. It would have made a big scene on the national media, and the public finally would have had to face the facts of discrimination & bias in the Media, not to mention the unfairness & shenanigans & lies of the GOP. I could care less if we’d won the lawsuits, but why couldn’t the campaign have done this ON BEHALF of ALL AMERICANS.

    They could have hired L. Lin Wood, a famous defamation attorney, to handle these lawsuits, but they didn’t. NONE of what happened to Ron Paul was “frivolous”, but EVERYTHING that followed from one GOP manipulation to the next was anything BUT “frivolous”. It was calculating, and you can start with the Governor of Iowa on that one!

    The campaign can’t complain anymore, unless they are willing to get aggressive, once & for all!

    A coment from ” Prison Planet “. This site is something else – worth reading for the comments from its fans, not so much for the crazy talk from Alex Jones.

  12. I agree with the comment. Ron Paul has been much too casual about the systemic GOP fraud against his candidacy, but he’s too much of a gentleman to make a fuss.

    At least now he is acknowledging it.

  13. Phantom –

    Again: care to suggest why Romney was declared the winner down in the tropics?

  14. Pete, you have chosen a single headline.

    If you search for “ron paul us virgin islands” you will find a variety of headlines some mentioning the delegate victory for Romney, some Paul’s vote victory and some both.


    The reason why the media aren’t making more of Ron Paul’s vote victory is that getting 112 votes in a place where people can’t vote in the General election is pretty meaningless.

  15. Pete

    ( no joke )

    I don’t have much respect for the caucus process, and I haven’t given it much thought.

  16. I am just shocked that there are 112 Republicans in the US Virgin Islands.

  17. There is no question that in Maine, there was systematic fraud. This is Rachel Maddow explaining the way in which the GOP Establishment made sure that votes for Ron Paul DID NOT get counted.


    It’s not in doubt, and Ron Paul really should get a legal team on the case.

  18. on Drudge



    ROMNEY 32.07%
    SANTORUM 25.24%
    GINGRICH 23.6%

    ROMNEY 33.55%
    GINGRICH 24.62%
    SANTORUM 22.15%

  19. I have just realised the % figures are Drudges online poll.

  20. Phantom –

    I didn’t ask for your (already known) opinion on the caucus process. I asked for comment on a blatantly fraudulent headline in a major newspaper.

  21. FO –

    Are you a journalist? They are not figures from the Drudge online poll. That poll stands at present:

    NEWT GINGRICH 16.37% (48,464 votes)

    RON PAUL 27.27% (80,745 votes)

    MITT ROMNEY 36.68% (108,617 votes)

    RICK SANTORUM 19.69% (58,307 votes)

  22. Allan –

    Yeah, but we know Maddow is a small-gummint extremist living in a log cabin with her guns and gold.

  23. A Drudge online poll would be the most unscientific thing in the universe

    If Romney wins Mississippi, as it eppears he will, that’s a big deal. If he wins Alabama as well, this thing is effectively over.

  24. Yes they are. I just cut and pasted from the drudge page. You chose to skip over what you see on the top left of his page.

  25. The reason why they are different than the overall poll you quoted is that he uses IP addresses to break out voters from the two states.

    Complete bullshit of course and misses out Ron Paul in both.

  26. Phantom –

    Come on, answer the question about Romney and fraudulent corporate media headlines.

    Please dispel my view of the modern American male as a wimp who runs from a simple question.

  27. They got it wrong.

    You’d be astonished at how often they do


    Here, the headline is not actually wrong if Romney got the most delegates according to the USVI kooky rules

    I reject the premise that there is any organized campaign against this guy on the part of the media. The US public is just not that into him, and the media / GOP big shots are just not that afraid of him.

  28. Phantom –

    The corporate media’s record of reporting actual results is so astonishingly bad that you can only cite an erroneous projection from 54 years ago as proof?

    Now come on, you must know how the press works. Most people barely look beyond the headline. When Romney wins the vote but Ron Paul sweeps the delegates, Romney wins.

    When Romney wins Super Tuesday but no delegates are allocated, Romney wins. When Paul wins the vote, Romney still wins.

    The point is to put out the meme “Romney Wins”. It’s media conditioning designed to implant the inevitability of “Romney Wins” into the consciousness.

    My view of the modern American male is still that of a wimp who runs from a question.

  29. Shush, Pete.

    I answered your question. You just didn’t like what it was

  30. The ” corporate press ” is in decline.

    If they thought that they’d sell more papers by pumping the Ron Paul candidacy, surely some of them would be doing it.

    Cheers, off to dinner.

  31. Ron Paul is a fringe candidate. he can’t win the Republican nomination, never mind the national election. And voters have plenty of information about him over the YEARS he has run. His whining supporters claim fraud, cause they can’t claim victory.

    Except in the Virgin Islands. Maybe he can move there after it is done and set up the Paul Republic.

  32. Santorum is the projected winner in both Alabama and Mississippi.

  33. I like Ron Paul. He’s a decent, honest man, unlike the the three other corrupt candidates left standing.

    Mahons, would you please stop ridiculing Paul for jolly shits and grins. The GOP has plenty of problems open for satirical skewering, Ron Paul is the least of them.

  34. Two very deep South states give the PA Yankee more votes than the candidate from Georgia. Something’s different this time around.

    He’s at least the number two Republican horse now,

    He’s much more authentic social conservative than Gingrich. A possible nominee, and I never thought that before.

  35. Mr Paul got 4.4 pct in Mississippi and 5 pct in Alabama. And not one county in either state. His support is a mile wide and a millimeter deep. Sorry boys, he’s got nothin’.

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