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By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2006

Here is one of MY favourite songs…and yes, I know it gets bad-mouthed by the "music experts" but I have a great fondness for the bleak lyric combined with the catchy tune.  The best bit is the last bit, the crescending chorus brings back memories of my teenage years!!!

29 Responses to “AN ATW TEST!”

  1. This sone os one of my guilty secrets and I remeber when that was my hairstyle.

  2. It’s a good one. The lyrics are well put together and the whole thing carries genuine emotion.

  3. Cunningham,

    Glad you agree – I have always found it bittersweet.


    If it’s good enough for Terry Jacks…

  4. A fine example of the truck driver’s gear change.

    It is tough to believe that Jacques Brel had a hand in that. And that it’s been covered by Nirvana and the Beach Boys to name a couple!

  5. Frank,

    I would also point out that Jacques Brel, along with Rod McKuen, had a hand in the follow up "If you go Away."

    Jacks worked as a sound engineer with the Beach Boys and tried to get them to cover it. They didn’t – he did – and he sold Millions as it went global back in the days when 45’s mattered!

  6. >>the follow up "If you go Away."<<


  7. … So the best bit’s the last bit, is it? I’ll take your word for that, DV — The only workable alternative being to suffer through the whole, terrible, hideous thing. Not fancying that option — I’m With You DV! Terry Jacks Rulz!

  8. Rotty,

    I have it on good authority that you organise Terry Jacks singalong nights…bet you have all his stuff, but you need to come out and admit it..c’mon..after one two three…

  9. I think this is the best review of this song I have read:

    "I must admit to being speechless on hearing this. I innocently went back to the Terry Jacks version of this song, to reassure myself that the truck driver’s gear change in Westlife’s version had been added in for that special boy-band signature. But what I discovered was much, much worse.

    Not only is there a premature gear change after the second chorus, but towards the end of the song there are a further two in a row. They’re so ill-advised that you can hear the nervousness in his wavering voice as he tries to resist each time. All it achieves, though, is the effect of everything going horribly out of tune. I’m not absolutely certain that the word "cacophonic" exists, but that’s the most apt way to sum up this atrocity."


  10. David; Friday Jukebox comes early this week. A fun song. I wonder if anyone bought the entire albumn instead of the 45. That would be a labor of love.

  11. I’m all in favour a gear changes myself!

  12. Mahons,

    I bought the album, and the following three!

  13. David: My hat is off to you. You may possess the greatest privately Terry Jacks collection outside of his immediate family.
    I felt the same way reading a Pete Townsend interview this week in which he mentioned an album he did with Ronnie Lane. I think I may have the only copy of that record.

  14. I must admit I’ve never heard this song in my life. Nor had I heard of the artist. Bottom line I thought this song was rubbish, 3 minutes and 22 seconds of my life were just wasted never to be reclaimed. Perhaps this song speaks to some of you, it merely wasted my time. 0 out of 10.

    But DV what you enjoy music wise is up to you. I’m not a "music expert" and hence I’ll say no more about this song. But I will say this if I heard it again tomorrow I’d think it was a new song to me again. For the life of me I can’t remember any of it already. Search for a song called "Sanctified" by Nine Inch Nails. That song speaks to me but will probably get the same reaction from most people as I’ve given this song.

  15. Aileen remembers when that was her hairstyle, good for her. I remember the song for its caustic flipside. Seasons in the Sun, was for a time banned from some hospital radios because of the emotionally
    negative lyrics but most of all unlike Aileen who remembers the hairstyle – I remember when I had hair!.

  16. LOL! Parnell

    It may be my hair style again now and then. Wigs hav apparantly become mainstream. I’m planning on having a wide selection. No more bad hair days!.

  17. Parnell,

    I also remember the B side – but I was so innocent I didn’t quite get it!

  18. What was on the B side?

  19. Aileen,

    It was called "Put the bone in"

    Now I thought it was innocent..

    "Put the bone in," she asked him, at the store/For my doggie’s been hit/by a car./And I do want to bring/him home something/"Put the bone in"/she begged him once more.

    ..but some people took another meaning and it caused some controversiality…poor doggie!

  20. David

    You’re taking to someone who thought the joke on "Are you being served" was Mrs Slocombe’s obsessive devotion to her cat.

    Time to think about primroses and puppiies again ;o)

  21. Aileen,

    I thought the same. We were innocents at home, if not abroad!!!! (And what was Mrs Slocombe really on about?)

  22. For me the song brings back fond memories of a girl who died too young.

  23. TEST

  24. Peter

    That sounds bittersweet.

  25. Maybe nobody has noticed but in a strange way I BELIEVE SOMEONE OR SOMETHING STOLE ALL OUR INNOCENCE. It wasn,t right then an its not right now but someday, maybe just maybe, we can walk together. Maybe I’m a dreamer maybe its just Seasons in the Sun but sometimes, things happen, beyonf our control, here’s hoping.

  26. David,

    I remember as a 13 year old going through Paris (on a school trip) to the echo of this song.

    I also think its funny the way the boy bands etc., have revived a lot of the old classics – you can’t really replace them.

  27. Peace, Love, and Bobby Sherman.

    The song still has the potential to bring a tear to the eye as it invokes manic swings of depresion over thoughts of our impending deaths

  28. Igor

    Are you a person or a virus?

  29. Both. He’s being dealt with