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By David Vance On March 19th, 2012

Tragic news from France;

A gunman on a scooter has opened fire on a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse, killing three children and a teacher, police say. A teenage boy was seriously injured in the attack outside the Ozar Hatorah school in the north-east of the city. Police say there are similarities with the killings of three soldiers in two separate incidents in the same part of France last week. All three – of North African origin – were shot by a man on a scooter.

Horrendous stuff. I hope the Toulouse police can track down and apprehend this vile monster before he kills more innocent people.

20 Responses to “RACIST ON A SCOOTER”

  1. Recall on Holocaust Memorial Day the Guardian ran a very strong attack story on Gove. Why? Because he gave a grant to the Community Security Trust charity.

    What does the CST do? They are a non profit charity who provide guards to jewish schools. Because the ROP chaps are likely to do just what the French story reports.

    Yayyyy for the Graun eh?

  2. What do they expect?

    The Muslims & many Europeans HATE Jews. Even Hitler recognised this fact and bonded with the North African Muslim countries.

    France is just reaping the harvest of appeasement.

    Dhimmis are the stupidest people!

  3. Disgusting. But he’ll either soon top himself or be caught.

    “Dhimmis are the stupidest people!”

    You mean, even more stupid than the guy who doesn’t know that Jews have in Europe on aveage been safer among Muslims than among Christians over the years?

  4. I doubt very much that he will top himself.

    I imagine that he may have friends in France, and in other places too. A sea to swim in.

  5. Dogisgreat, firstly the Guardian didn’t criticise him, they reported that other people, including transparency organisations, criticised him. Secondly the criticism wasn’t that he gave the money to this charity. The problem was that he gave public money to a charity that he himself is an adviser for. It wasn’t a criticism of the charity or what they do. It was a criticism over a major conflict of interest on the part of Michael Gove.

  6. Just wondering on why the BBC thought to put this in World-US-Canada? Seems the beebs understanding of where france is, is a little off!

  7. Ooh Seamus I stand corrected.

    They didn’t attack a jewish charity on Holocuast Memorial day then? and I thought that was distatseful. I see how I misconstrued that then.

    and the op ed tone of their article calling for Gove’s resignation is NOT any kind of attack.

    And CIF isn’t the home of some of the most poisionopus anti semites ‘known to slime kind’.

    Thanks for the corrections there.

    The Graun is a hypocritical tax avoiding scumbag of a paper. Plus now with added Polly Toynbee patronising hypocritical claptrap. Overseas Scott trust tax avoiding £100m in tax whilst simultaneously calling for a crackdown on other people. Yep well worth defending…NOT!

  8. Disgusting sectarian attack on defenceless children. I hope the serial killer is caught before he can make more victims.

    I think that there’s a fair amount of people in North America with the same disease.

  9. I think that there’s a fair amount of people in North America with the same disease.


  10. Anti – Judaism Phantom.

  11. //Anti – Judaism Phantom.//

    Paul, apart from deliberately targetting Jewish children, he also killed Arabs and some black guy. A simple anti-semite he is not.

    “With the same disease”, I thought you meant the need to go on a shooting rampage. There have now been four of five wild shooting sprees in Europe. It looks like it’s catching on.

  12. Sorry Noel, that was a response to Eddie’s rant above.

  13. Paul

    There are non-Muslim Jew haters here, to be sure, but they’ve not been committing acts like this. They don’t have a sea to swim in like some of Europe’s imports have.

  14. Agreed, I don’t know what religion/etnicity etc this guy is I merely wanted to put Eddie’s ignorant into perspective.

  15. * Ignorant rant.

  16. The perp will turn out to be an Islamist. No doubt deranged with hatred. To murder children he would have to be.

  17. A disgusting crime

    Peter, you may not have read but the French Authorities are linking this crime with the killing of three soldiers last week of “north African and black Caribbean origin”.

    And there is some talk of the main suspects being ex-soldiers kicked out for neo-nazi sympathies.

  18. Paddy

    You may be right, we’ll see.

  19. We’ll see who the culprit is. It could be a muslim, it could be a white boy looking to whip up some tensions. I don’t see a pattern in victims from the soldiers to those this morning, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the killer isn’t a muslim.

    One thing’s for sure, whoever did this deserves to hang.

  20. The soliders were not in uniform when they were killed. One, an Arab, was riding a normal scooter when he was shot dead.
    The killer is supposed to be a muscular and tatooed guy, someone who could handle guns well. When one pistol jammed, he easily switched to another and continued shooting.

    Shades of that jerk in Norway. It’s hard to know what to do with an adult who deliberately enters a school to murder the children there.
    Sickens the gut.

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