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By David Vance On March 25th, 2012

I thought this was a rather interesting article by Derek Hunter over on Townhall ;

“The death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy, just as the death of every person who passes in such a matter is a tragedy. How it came to be will be determined in the due course of an honest investigation, not by exploiting a family’s tragedy for votes and ratings.

The only way to give Trayvon justice, for non-progressives still interested in such things, is to let the investigation lead where it goes, not pass the same prejudgment on George Zimmerman progressives accuse him of passing on Trayvon. It’s time for progressives to stop dancing on Trayvon Martin’s grave, to stop dancing on the graves of all the victims they exploit, take off their bigoted blinders and join the rest of society.

They won’t. They can’t. It’s who they are. So it’s up to the rest of us to help them at the ballot box by continually rejecting any and everyone who would seek to abuse victims for political gain. Especially when that trail leads to the White House.

30 Responses to “EXPLOITATION?”

  1. I see the New Black Panthers have put a price on Zimmerman. Weren’t they persuading for Obama at some polling stations?

    I’d imagine that instigating the abduction of a citizen is illegal unless it’s Obamses putting out the order. Now that he’s part of the show maybe he’d like to comment on what his heavies are doing.

  2. The reaction is not due to Zimmerman. There will always be trigger happy mall cops afraid of black people.

    The concern is the failure of the police to seriously investigate the incident.

  3. Yes, the racist reaction of the local police speaks volumes.

    Obama was well within his rights to say what he said on Friday. To have remained silent would have been a dereliction of duty. But as I predicted, he is being attacked for it by the usual suspects.

    Can’t wait for Limbaa’s take.

  4. Mahons,

    “The concern is the failure of the police to seriously investigate the incident.”

    Surely that insane Florida law that gave Zimmerman more or less carte blanche is the real concern.

    It can work both ways. The law being the law, what’s to stop trigger-happy black men from exploiting it in like manner?

  5. There is an investigation. It’s ongoing.

  6. Yes well Derek Hunter like most on the Right have completely got it wrong and they can’t stand the fact that on this issue the left are spot on and have the moral high ground. If the Derek Hunters and Newt Gingrichs and all others on the right had had there way this story would never have gained wings. A 17 year old killed, and no proper investigation. They wouldn’t have lifted a finger in protest. They wouldn’t give a damn. True, they wouldn’t have danced on TRayvon’s grave, because they wouldn;t have even noticed it as they walked ignorantly and contentedly past it.

  7. Richard – There are ripples of concerns. Self-defense is obviously a long-standing and valid defense. The Florida need to expand it was bound to lead to instances of this kind. I am not sure that even under that statute that Zimmerman will have a valid defense.

    Other concerns include racial attitudes and fears, crime, vigilantes, and how we talk about those issues.

    However, the primary issue is the failure of the police to seriously investigate, and I understand the police chief has now resigned.

  8. Colm – let us not just say “the left”. Most people left right and center have expressed concern and dismay about the incident. And sympathy for the victim. One has to look to the far far right to even encounter anything else, including a lack of sympathy.

  9. Mahons

    Yes agreed – but some people just can’t bring themselves to admit there are some casues where there natural political oponents may be right and so they search around for some angle to use to turn the tables, even if there is absolutely no reason or justification to do so. What the Derek Hunter’s in this saga won;t acknoweldge is the simple but undeniable fact that it was precisely the agitation of ‘progressives’ and black community members that even got the authorities to start the process of reviewing this open and shut case. It sticks in their throats to even concede some credit to their ‘enemies’

  10. Colm – I’ve been around long enough to know that. It is funny that you could actually write their comments for them.

  11. Time to plug your brains in.

    There’s an investigation. It’s ongoing. The previous police chief resigned, the Governor has appointed a replacement, he’s continuing the investigation.

    The “stand your ground” law is no shield for murderers. It is a shield against prosecution only when the person who uses deadly force “reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or another person”.

    This is obviously sensible, particularly for poorer people who might “reasonably believe” that deadly force is necessary against an intruder or attacker from a wealthy family. Without such protection a civil suit might ruin anyone defending himself.

    Now that this story has gained wings we’re seeing some pretty worrying signs. If people don’t calm the fuck down there’ll be more killings. There’s an invstigation, we’ll see what comes of it. In the meantime, don’t be surprised if idiots try to bring about the revenge Farrakhan spoke of.

  12. Pete

    I don’t disagree with much of your comment but would you acknowledge that the original agitation over this case had merit.

  13. If it hadn’t been for the “exploitation” of this killing by black politicians and others, there would have been no police investigation. Just another black kid shot dead by a vigilante, nothing to see, move on please.

  14. Colm –

    I understand the original agitation. What I won’t let go is people lying about there being “no investigation”.

    There is an investigation.

  15. There is an investigation.

    Yes, now, after “agitation”.

  16. Peter –

    There always was an investigation.

    After the Giffords/Arizona shooting millions of words came from people like you about public discourse. It was erroniously and politically aimed at Sarah Palin, but the point about discourse stands.

    This weekend we’re seeing thousands of blacks marching, black power salutes, prominent sports teams agitating, black athletes and celebrities weighing in, professional racists shouting their mouths off and signs saying the “Zimmermen must pay”.

    Instead of the Left patting itself on the back for mounting is moral high horse, it would be timely if it remembered what it once said about the state of public discourse.

  17. There always was an investigation.

    Really? So why has the police chief resigned?

  18. “Zimmerman wasn’t arrested at the time, and ABC News has learned he was not given a drug or alcohol test that night — standard in most homicide investigations. Law enforcement expert Rod Wheeler, who listened to the tapes, told ABC News that Zimmerman, not Martin, sounded intoxicated in the police recordings of the 911 calls.

    “When I listened to the 911 tape, the first thing that came to my mind is this guy sounds intoxicated. Notice how he’s slurring his words. We as trained law enforcement officers, we know how to listen for that right away, and I think that’s going to be an important element of this entire investigation,” Wheeler said.

    Link here

  19. The Left are such hypocrites and craven exploiters of other people’s misery when it serves their purpose, and it goes all the way up to the White House with Obama calling on the Nation (white nation, that is) to do some “soul searching.”

    This exploitive outrage by the Left – not the Right – is exactly like what we saw with the Duke Lacrosse case, a case where another politician – Mike Nifong – had much to gain by race baiting – just as President Obama – sinking in the polls – has much to gain by race baiting.

    That’s all the Left has, people. This is it. Race baiting. Name calling. Double standards.

  20. Pete – The “agitation” brought about the investigation.

  21. Patty – Thinking conservatives, a group you are clearly not a part of, have also been calling for an investigation of this incident.

  22. Obama shouldn’t have made that statement. It was clumsy.

    But this was and is a troubling incident, and it should be the major story that it is.

  23. “Obama shouldn’t have made that statement. It was clumsy.”

    Obviously. Race baiting is never advisable and never pretty – especially from a President supposedly representing whites and hispanics as well as blacks.

    “But this was and is a troubling incident, and it should be the major story that it is.”

    We don’t know yet what happened so, we don’t know if it’s a “major story.” My advise to everybody jumping up and down in righteous indignation: remember the Duke Lacrosse case.

  24. I spoke long and loud on the Duke case. There was never any evidence there. Nifong should have been punished a lot more than he was. ( BTW, some women/black professional victims NEVER admitted that they were wrong on the Duke matter )

    There appears to be more to this story. And there are bad laws and a bad gun culture, too. Or is it exploitation to point out the obvious?

    On Zimmerman- I haven’t judged him at all. I said two days ago that the kid may have turned on him, after being followed. This would put a different spin on the entire incident.

  25. Mahons: Republicans/Conservatives are race baiting? i don’t think so.

    Race baiting and Obama’s rush to judgement falls under the purview of the Progressive Democrat – can’t win on philosophy and policy so must divide to conquer.

  26. MSNBC is now blaming the Koch brothers and the NRA for the Trayvon shooting ….I would not be at all surprised if Sarah Palin is blamed soon by someone

  27. The NRA is a very bad actor on the American scene.

    And they’re as culpable as anyone in our country’s rotten gun culture. Let’s get real.

  28. The race agitators seeking to make capital out of this shooting are beyond vile. sharpton, farrakhan, Obama etc.

    However I recall reading that an eye witness to the death supports Zimmermans account. Shall we lynch the witness to protect the myth now or later?


    Hey America don’t let any inconvenient facts get in the way of your race witchhunt.
    Right on!

  29. The guy was a petty criminal

    Last year Martin was suspended for spraying graffiti on school grounds. The Miami Herald reported that the school guard who stopped him searched his backpack and found 12 items of women’s jewelry and a flathead screw driver that the guard believed to be a “burglary implement.” But Martin was never charged or specifically disciplined for the incident.


  30. Sres

    Very interesting.

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