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By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006

Here is a great tune for a SATURDAY night….I think it is insanely catchy….and the lead vocalist has a great voice…enjoy! 


  1. Where is the tune, David?

    Also, please respond to Cunningham’s 4:33 PM on "Flying the White Flag….?"

  2. I don’t hear any tune…

    Oh and Alan do you concure that calling someone who lives in a fantasy world an insult above insults???

    So then you agree that if anyone bluntly calls a spade a spade over someone spouting delusional nonsense that that is an over the top attack and they should be censured?

    You guys are just getting silly….

  3. So far, easily the best music video I’ve seen posted here.

  4. Sounds of Silence?

  5. You’re backing down Troll!

    There’s nothing sadder than a chicken losing its pluck!

  6. They don’t make songs like that anymore

  7. Rottypup,


    More discerning readers..

    An experiment gone wrong!!!

  8. David,

    The vocalist sounds like a young Roy Orbison.

    BTW, Here’s Cunningham’s comment I asked you about above:

    David, are you going to let this kind of thing (Troll 03:46PM) go and is it now a free-for-all as regards insults and calling each other names, etc?

    If so, I hope this latitude applies to everyone this time?
    Friday, November 3, 2006 at 04:33PM | Unregistered CommenterCunningham

  9. Alan,

    Been away – just back – give me a chance to check things out – I have no idea what tyhis is about. Though just as a matter of policy – NO gratuitous calling of names is the order of the way here…I just wanted to enjoy the music!!!!

  10. David,

    Thanks for getting back to me (and for getting your music working again).

    Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks Maverick’s lead singer sounds like Roy:

  11. Thanks DV. That song reminded me
    to pop down to Tesco’s off-licence.

  12. Every little helps, Parnell!!! Enjoy!!!