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By Pete Moore On April 24th, 2012

We have no idea what “Teflon Jon” Corzine and his pals at MF Global did with $1.6 billion of client funds. Oh, wait, yes we do: they just vapourised. Even so, it’s a bit fishy and recent evidence suggests that Corzine gave direct instructions for some of the missing funds to be moved overseas to cover an MF Global overdraft with JP Morgan, just a few days before its collapse.

Despite all of this, Corzine is still bundling Wall Street cash for Obamses. I suppose a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Operate a hot dog stand in New York without a licence and you’re likely to be arrested. Put “Goldman Sachs” and “Friend of The Prez” on your CV and it’s unlikely you’ll ever feel the silver bracelets on your wrists. It’s good to have friends, particularly when the agency investigating you answers to one of them and he’s relying on the vast sums you’re sending his way.


  1. Bundling should be illegal. It often takes the case of powerful businessmen forcimg vendors to contribute.

  2. Certainly a fair dig at Obama. Campaigns have become insane.

  3. Some of us are in favor of money corruption in politics. Hi Troll!

  4. the beginning of next year Corzine goes to jail. They already have the evidense and a witness, the whole thing is being dragged out till after the election. I heard a great interview the other day with Bill Shea the otherday he covered the whole thing

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