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By Pete Moore On April 24th, 2012

It’s a long time since I saw anything as sexy as this. Maybe going by the old maxim that two is one and one is none, Arsenal Firearms have created a double-barrel .45 calibre handgun. What a beauty!

It might look like they welded two 1911s together, but it works, discharging each barrel simultaneously for twice the stopping power.

Some might say it’s overkill, I say I want one.

30 Responses to “ATW OBJECTS OF DESIRE”

  1. Pete,
    A thing of beauty?
    What DO you get up to with Mrs Pete?!

    And anyway, guns are dangerous.

  2. Pete

    Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just trying to impress Daphne Patty and Monica ? 🙂

  3. If Clint goes back to making ” Dirty Harry ” movies, he can use this model.

    Those were some great films.

  4. Don’t tell me you’re falling for Pete’s old gun guff Phantom?

    It won’t be long before this becomes the “toy of choice” for a certain section of our London schoolboy population studying conservation.
    And YOU and Pete will be responsible for encouraging them.

  5. I am hardly one of the gun nuts here.

    Trust me on this.

  6. “If Clint goes back to making ” Dirty Harry ” movies, he can use this model.

    Those were some great films.”

    Great in what sense, Phantom?

    I don’t feel I know you anymore…
    (sobs, and blows nose noisily)

  7. They were good movies. Entertaining.

    And there was a general point in them about the legal system / bureaucracy not doing its job, and working to the advantage of the criminal that needed making.

    Like ” Death Wish “, a true classic as well.

  8. Aaah so.
    The law fails the citizen,
    so that justifies Durdy Harry blasting bad peoples’ heads off..
    And he’s kind of handsome too, eh Phantom?
    Kind of macho,
    and those muscles…
    and that gun!!!!

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of-57Ivfwz8

    I bet Troll liked this movie.

  10. Well I guess at least the what looks like brushed velvet handle is quiet nice !

  11. Maybe.
    Sorry Phantom.,
    I was pulling your leg a bit.

    There is a part of me that likes guns.
    In the right circumstances I think I could shoot someone
    -Especially if their name started with a ‘A’
    and they came from Aberdeen.
    I get all macho over the World’s Strongest Man, and start exercising like a maniac.
    I liked the Any Which Way movies, but this gun will inevitably fall into the wrong hands, and real people will die.

  12. “Well I guess at least the what looks like brushed velvet handle is quiet nice !”

    Nah Colm.
    that’s a picture of a masked Troll.
    You see the two eyes??

  13. There are a lot of guys who seem to think holding something they own in their hand is sexy.

  14. Yeah,
    but it also stops the talented from writing real good whimsical posts… 😉

  15. That’s not a gun, this is a gun ..


  16. Guns shouldn’t be allowed into the hands of children.

  17. Pete, why not go to Florida, join the neighborhood watch, claim self-defense and shoot a Black with your new toy.

    You’ll probably get away with it.

  18. Pete,

    I saw this wonderful piece on YouTube.

    If you can get a couple I’ll buy one from you.

    “HUMMMMMM twin 45’s……..Dolly Parton eat your heart out.”

    PS: All you gun hating Libs…..Zimmerman:

    1) The “Z” man Isn’t white, just like Obama isn’t black.

    2) Zimmerman will be aquitted cause the shooting was justified self-defence.

    3) Many African-Americans will use the aquittal as an excuse to pick up 52-inch flat screens and iPads.

    4) Listen to this man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q0sN7hZEgs&feature=player_embedded and follow his instructions as outlined at the end of the video.

  19. “The “Z” man Isn’t white, just like Obama isn’t black.”


    “PS: All you gun hating Libs….”

    I don’t hate guns, I’ve got four.

  20. Good for you Matt.

    Are they the kind with the day-glo orange tips on the barrels, plastic imitation Ivory handles and Roy Roger’s picture imprinted on them?

    A Liberal with a gun(s) is like a castrato in a whore house on “freebee day”.

  21. EDDIE,

    I’m no liberal. I’m just not an inbred!

  22. EDDIE –

    Were you commenting here at 5.00am?

  23. Nice weapon. Maybe a bit OTT for self defence requirements here in the UK though. It would be nice to have some sort of right to bear arms, maybe there’s a bit about that in Magna Carta or some other document enshrining Englishmen’s rights.

  24. andy5759 –

    It’s still an Englishman’s right to bear arms, although since the State stole our pistols in 1997 we’re somewhat limited to shotguns and rifles.

    Call your police HQ, fill out a firearms certificate, get it stamped, go to a gun shop.

  25. the gun is a bit unwieldy if your not used to holding something that big, it functions well though. You can fire both barrels at once or each individually.

    and yes Phantom I did like death wish, it was also filmed at a time when NYC was averaging 2000 murders a year Pre-Guiliani. Bronson has made some great films.

    This was my favorite though…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdemGogeve4

  26. I had a summer job in a movie theatre one time and ” Death Wish ” was shown for some weeks. I saw every scene over and over.

    That movie really hit a nerve in those days.

  27. did you ever see Hard Times?

  28. I have not – but may rent it

  29. get it, you’ll definitely enjoy it

  30. here’s a preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1N0s4n5blA&feature=related