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By David Vance On April 26th, 2012

Opposing the Arab Spring did not add much to my popularity with the progressive MSM but I wonder who supports this latest degeneracy?

Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives – for up to six hours after their death. The controversial new law is part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament. It will also see the minimum age of marriage lowered to 14 and the ridding of women’s rights of getting education and employment.

Sisters, can you hear me?

The disfiguration of Egypt is stunning and yet do you hear much of an outcry from our political masters? Why might that be do you think?

21 Responses to “DIE LIKE AN EGYPTIAN…?”

  1. If your married to Harriet Harman then it might just be acceptable. After all at least you’d get a word in edgeways…. and she’s not going to look any worse is she….

    Nah this is horrid, and completely unacceptable here in Blighty. So I expect we’ll be compelled by ‘yuman roights to be permitting this to those of a certain ‘religion of pieces’ pretty soon.

    Must respect the culture chaps.

    ‘Ay-wab Sch-phwing’ anyone..boing!

  2. Someone here recently made the comment that societies tended to progress or liberalize over time.

    This is one of many examples where this is not true. The Shah and Mubarak were no angels, but, boy, the minute they were deposed, their societies went backwards in time, at a gallup.

    When Egypt signed the peace deal with Egypt, there was so much optimism. I remember someone saying that with Egypt’s geographic and low cost advantages, it could become a big purring Singapore in a few decades. Impossible to think of such a thing now.

  3. It will also see the minimum age of marriage lowered to 14

    They must have gotten the idea from North Carolina.


  4. It will be vastly more culturally acceptable in Egypt.

  5. Fews,

    Necrophilia and the removal of (living) women’s rights care of Islam and ALL you can do is try and have a go at a US State?

  6. In North Carolina, underage marriage is a remnant from the past. It’s legal, but it’s no more acceptable there than it is in London or New York.

    In Egypt, underage marriage ( and yes, can’t forget the necrophilia ) is what they are racing towards.

    Years from now, when the West and North Asia are even more advanced and Egypt is even more poor, there will be some in Egypt who will blame ” the West ” for Egypt’s backwardness. They’ll say it with a straight face, too.

  7. “In North Carolina, underage marriage is a remnant from the past. It’s legal, but it’s no more acceptable there than it is in London or New York. ”

    Oh come on – where do you think there’s more undeage sex – New York, South Carolina or Egypt.

    This whole post and thread is a joke.

  8. Underage sex wasn’t what was being discussed.

    In practice, this is Egyptian girls being married off into another family at the age of fourteen.

  9. Noel,

    Islam doesn’t do jokes.

  10. Why is it a joke to discuss pro-necrophilia legislation in Egypt?

    Is it taboo to talk about it?

    Is it taboo because it is part of their culture?

  11. Presumably to make up for NOT having sex up to six years before….

    Our political masters are our political masters because they don’t do “outcry!”

  12. I was wondering why ‘6 hours’ was the cut-off point, but silly me, after that rigor mortis sets in, and it’s not so much fun.

  13. Oh well with this new law at least for 6 hours they will be able to compliment their wives honestly by saying “Darling you look dead sexy tonight ” 🙂

  14. They only lay there, but that’s OK for Egypt.

  15. Necrophilia is the only time sex will occur where the woman is stiffer than the man.

  16. If only it were true!


  17. Noel

    Oh come on – where do you think there’s more underage sex – New York, South Carolina or Egypt.

    The Muslim world is quite strict on sex before marriage. I suppose we had naively assumed that they wouldn’t have such a liberal view on the whole sex after death issue. For many on the aging European left the Arab Spring reminded them of their own youth in the 60s. But it’s not the same is it. Make Love not War was an inspiring slogan.

    Make Love not funeral arrangements? That’s just creepy.

  18. Egyptian women’s groups supposedly spoke out against such legislation

    And the uproar could meanthat the bill won’t now be introduced.

    It does not mean that it was not contemplated.

    This is a very strange part of the world.

  19. Late for work but this article from Foreign Policy reminded me of this blog…. When clerics turn sexologists, the results tend to be strange. Look no further than Iran, where all sex is political…
    The Ayatollah Under the Bed(sheets)
    In the Islamic Republic of Iran, all politics may not be sexual, but all sex is political.

  20. mairin2,
    “Because religion is politics in a theocracy like Iran, uninformed or antiquated notions of sexuality aren’t just confined to the bedroom — they pervade the country’s seminaries,”

    Which is also true of the Church after Constantine made Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire. All the “bhoyos” whose egos were bigger than their penises, rushed to get their names down as Cardinals, Bishops etc. in the new State power now referred to as the Church..
    Regarding sex, it has been said that “women give sex in order to get love, and men give love in order to get sex.”
    An oversimplification I am sure.
    The reality is that generally speaking, when both sexes are young they want sex. Men for pleasure, women for fulfilment.
    That is how nature (or God?!) ensured the continuance of the species. My personal take is that men and women are individuals of equal worth; physically born as men or women, with all that being a man or woman entails.
    Once our reproductive and nurturing cycle is ended, we realise that true love and respect for each other is what matters, and we rejoice in our shared experiences and compatibilities. Those who believe this life is all there is are those who most struggle with the loss of youth and potency. 😉

  21. Phantom,

    Why is it that you presume those advocating the bill to be representative of the region but not the women’s groups who you claim had the power to stop it?

    Serious question.

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