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Just a Coincidence

By Patrick Van Roy On May 10th, 2012

They day after Obama says he’s for gay marriage, but won’t do anything about it, the Washington Post runs a HUGE article on Mitt Romney cutting the hair off of a kid in his High School, who “might” have been gay. Now mind you this was almost 50yrs ago. Funny they don’t mention that Obama saying in his own voice narrating his “biography” explains how in his last two years of High School he was cutting School, drinking beer, doing Coke, and smoking weed, and one of his friends was sent to jail for dealing drugs.

If the Obama campaign is going to pull things from 45 years ago on Romney and expect it to mean something, they’re going to have to find something a little harsher when his opponent has self declared that at the same time he was a drug addict, and then as an adult hung out with people that planted bombs and killed people on American Soil, but there is no Bias or Hypocrisy in the MSM.

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  1. Almost a fair and accurate description of the story. if you had laid off the hanging with terrorist coda I would agreed almost 100%.

    A very blatant hatchet piece in the Post. This is something that clearly should be pointed out, and will backfire against the Administration.

  2. what he didn’t hang with Bill Ayers?

  3. Oh right.

    Twenty-four hours after Obamses comes out for gay marriage, the Daily CIA reports that Romney attacked a gay boy decades ago. Does anyone still think these things aren’t co-ordinated by the political-media establishment?

    Th message is clear: this kind of fluff will be dished up for the masses until November.

    Endless war, inflationary theft, economic decline, shrivelling liberties, chronic debt: they ain’t on the menu suckers. The media will give you the toys to play with.

  4. anything to keep the subject of the economy off the front burner

  5. Troll – not in the way you have always implied. Lose the Ayers silliness and lets focus on your very solid point that this piece in the Post was a hatchet job on Romney and probably timed to come out with the Obama acceptance (to a degree) of gay marriage.

  6. true on the second part, but I’ll never let go of the fact that Obama launched his political career in the house of a man that planted a bomb in a police station.

  7. Ooooh! Ooooh! Obama is goy-oy-oy!

    Sticking your penis up another man’s arse
    That’s natural, normal and nice – tra-la-la!
    Rectal prolapse and infections by the dice
    They’re natural, normal and nice – tra-la-lah!
    Ooooh, don’t let the naughty tories fool ya,
    Whatever feels right must be moral, oh boo-yah,
    Disregard 2000 years of cilvil advice,
    Gay is Natural, Normal and Nice – Tra-la-lah!

  8. Tom
    that’s just gross

  9. No, Troll it is Natural, it is Normal, and it is Nice (tra-la-lah) and I insist that you recognise it as such, otherwise you are under arrest, old chap.

  10. Troll – the Ayers stuff doesn’t work, you should know that by now. Don’t muddy up your criticism.

    Tom – so we know your opposition to gay marriage isn’t in some proclaimed defense of marriage, you just don’t like gay people.

  11. The Establishment is attempting to create and artificial and meaningless division between Obama and Romney to draw in the herd. As usual, it will work, and the very real policies on the war-based economy, totalitarian police state and overseas military misadventures will continue.

  12. Tom,

    You for got about this:


    Also natural and nice. 🙂

  13. Mahons, I suggest that you get “up close and personal” with the wonderfully diverse “gay” community, let them get close to you, before you profess your opinions about them, then you’ll ber in a position to judge how “normal” homosexuality really is, once you’ve mixed with that “community” and seen it up close. I bet you have bever done so – well I HAVE, and I can tell you right away that this whole “Lady Gaga” line of “being born that way” is a total load of crap. A total media lie. I’ve lived a little, and I can tell you it’s a pile of crud.

  14. Time after time, without exception, I saw men in London get dragged into “the gay scene”, not particularly because they felt any inclination towards homosexuality, but merely because they “felt bored” with having casual sex with womewn, and because they simply wanted to try anything else – anything that made them feel excited, and that they were doing something “dangerous”. In my experience (and I admit, OK, I only know a “slice” of life in this regard), that’s the way it panned out. It was never a question of “having been born that way”, itr was always a question of “I’m bored that way – I want to try something different”.
    I’m sorry if this does not accord with the way the BBC/Guardian rhetoric. They are a bunch of liars. I say it as I have actually seen it.

  15. TMI Tom… but as far as male homosexuality from what I have observed and only observed, it seemed to be more a sexual dalliance something they were inclined to try, not in all cases but a large segment. Not so though for women.

    But not being so inclined I can’t really say or judge. I actually don’t even really care. They just can’t call their pairings a Marriage. That’s blasphemy Marriage is an act of consecration before god.

  16. “They just can’t call their pairings a Marriage. That’s blasphemy”

    Says you, and so what? There is no valid law against blasphemy in the USA nor could there be without repealing the 1st amendment. Good luck with that.

  17. I’m more than a little boggled by the comments so far.

    I’ve know hundreds of gay people, every last one was born that way and most have struggled to come to grips with an innate, unchosen difference that has separated them from easy acceptance by their families and wider society.

    I truly don’t get the gay bashing.

  18. The supporters of this have framed all opponents as ” bigots ” And the issue as being a ” no brainer ” for good people, which has made for some short term victories but which will poison the dialogue for a very ong time indeed.

  19. I wouldn’t call most opponents bigoted, they just have different experiences (or no experiences at all) from mine.

    I’ve yet to meet a dedicated activist, pride parade participant or obscene hedonist amongst my dozens of gay friends and acquaintances. Most own successful small businesses, have long term partners, responsibly participate in local civic life and mind their own quiet lives without ever intruding on anybody else. Two of my lesbian friends have even adopted bi-racial crack babies that nobody else in the state of Texas wanted to take home.

    Tom has apparently experienced things I can’t relate to at all. Maybe things are significantly different in London, I know Alison has said so in the past. But in Texas, most gay folks act and behave just like everyone else in the ways that count most.

  20. Tom – You don’t make any sense.

    Phantom – I suppose those who favored the Civil Rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s framed Bull Connors and friends as racists.

  21. Tom,

    It’s 2012. You don’t live in Teheran. So there’s no need to remain in the closet.

    And it’s obvious to most sentient beings that you’re a closet gay. Your coarse little ditty reveals that very clearly—not to mention your admission that you’ve been “up close and personal” with the gay community.

    You also seem to have an unhealthy fixation about what’s “normal” and what isn’t. Well, it’s normal that closeted gay men behave as you do. It’s the tried-and-tested lightning-conductor ploy—If I vent my spleen often enough about homosexuality, no one will ever suspect that I’m gay.

    But it doesn’t work, Tom. Like Shakespeare’s lady, you’ll protest too much. Like Ted Haggard and Sheriff Paul Babeu, you’ll be unmasked in the end. And people will despise you for your hypocrisy.

    So drop the pretence. Leave that closet, my beamish boy. Simply say “I’m gay and I’m not ashamed of it. Accept me as I am or fuck off.”

    No doubt you’ll find that difficult at first. Your friends (I’m assuming you do have friends) and family will need time to adjust. Yet they will eventually, and likely you’ll find them more than sympathetic.

    But continue on your present course of deception and you’ll do a lot of harm. Mainly to yourself. Self-harming, alcohol addiction, substance abuse; it’s all too familiar to therapists who treat cases such as yours. Closet gays have been known to top themselves; living a lie got too much for them.

    Is it worth it?

    (Hmm, Memo to self: I should start charging for this stuff.)


    Dr Richard Clinton, MBBS, BSc (Hons) Exp Path, MRCPsych, DipOccMed.

  22. Well said, Richard. You’re a tonic.

  23. Tom often only posts here late at night and while he often has a lot of good things to say, he does occasionally lapse into a ‘dark night rage’ of comments which are contrary to his otherwise sensible contributions and probably says more about his state of mind at those moments than being an honest expression of his opinions.

  24. Frank ODwyer, on May 10th, 2012 at 11:50 pm Said: Edit Comment

    “They just can’t call their pairings a Marriage. That’s blasphemy”

    Says you, and so what? There is no valid law against blasphemy in the USA nor could there be without repealing the 1st amendment. Good luck with that.

    Frank your a classic case, I have stated before that I favor civil unions with all the same rights as a married couple, not a spit of difference.

    It is the gay community that after winning in almost every state and about to win a federal law guaranteeing that equality in law for civil unions that decided to oppose the civil union laws and demand instead that the unions be called marriages.

    If it’s called a marriage it gives them legal standing to sue churches. That’s what the battle is about nothing else. Under current law all civil union partners have full familial rights, but laws are controlled by the legal definition of words, the legal definition of Marriage is the Union of One Man and One Woman. That is what the want to change. Then laws can be made to force churches to accept gays.

    As for your silliness on the first amendment, Obama already did that earlier this year passing a law to force the catholic church to pay for abortions.

    Everytime you speak old mand you reveal that all you have to offer is bile

  25. Europe and, increasingly, America, are post Christian societies.

    And now, maybe we see the downside of civilization that doesn’t believe in anything, and which has lost much of its culture.

    It’s ugly to see, and this is only the first inning.

  26. “And now, maybe we see the downside of civilization that doesn’t believe in anything”

    Phantom, who said the post-Christian world doesn’t believe in anything.
    or for that matter that the Christian world believes in anything?

    A lot of the so-called Christian set believes in little more than conservativism, sexual prohibitions and generally trying to make life miserable for other people – they nor more think of god or the afterlife and have no more true religious beliefs than Frank ODwyer.

  27. so says Noel, the great interpreter of people of faith…lol

  28. It was Christianity at it’s best that civilized western man. There’s a lot to be said for it.

    You don’t only lose the bad things, my English and Irish friends. You lose more than that.

  29. I do agree with Noel that many professed Christians don’t believed, have not believed.

    The many Catholic bishops etc who shielded molesters and protected the institution. These were / are profoundly evil people, who would have nailed Christ to the cross themselves if they thought it would help their career. These were/are anti Christians. They exist and have always existed.

    The simple Christian people who I was proud to know, who truly believed in Christ and his message, there will be fewer people like this going forward. You can say that this is a great thing, but I won’t agree.

  30. Troll,

    “I have stated before that I favor civil unions with all the same rights as a married couple, not a spit of difference.”

    I don’t give a flaming rats ass what you’ve stated before. I was addressing what you stated above, which was this:

    They just can’t call their pairings a Marriage. That’s blasphemy

    Maybe one day you will be dictator of a very small country and then your diktat will matter. Meanwhile “they” can and do call their “pairings” the same thing you call your “pairings”. Whether you think that’s blasphemy or broccoli, your opinion would be equally laughable and just as irrelevant.

    “Then laws can be made to force churches to accept gays.”

    Just as Churches are currently forced to marry divorcees.

    Oh wait, they aren’t. It’s the other thing – they’re *not* forced to accept the civil meaning of marriage and you were just talking shite.

  31. Several countries have changed the definition of civil legal marraige to allow same sex couples to have such unions. The sacrament of marraige blessed in church is a seperate entity and is entirely the perogative of individual churches to permit.

  32. In the UK the Church of England of course is established by the state.

    Does the UK Government have actual or symbolic control over the church now?

  33. Cheers, lads, time to go now.

  34. Phantom

    Nowadays the CoE doesn’t even have control over the CoE.

    Goodnight, have a great weekend.

  35. Phantom,

    “And now, maybe we see the downside of civilization that doesn’t believe in anything, and which has lost much of its culture.”

    Yeah, sure. Whatever happened to the good old days of not-so-long-ago when we are all civilised by “Christ’s message” and married women could be legally raped, unmarried women could be taken as literal slaves in the Magdalene laundries, and gays were simply imprisoned or chemically castrated, and/or had the common Christian decency to just top themselves like Alan Turing.

    Because if people don’t believe in that they don’t believe in anything. And if they support gay marriage then the next thing you know cats and dogs will be wearing pyjamas and living together and the sky will fall. And let’s pretend that nobody who believes in Christ and his “real” message, whatever that is, disagrees with you on this. We’ve heard it all before.

    But it’s clearly wrong. There’s gay marriage now, and it’s not been a problem. There’ll be more of it and that’s fine and long overdue. No we do not need to believe otherwise in order to prevent the collapse of western civilisation.

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