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By David Vance On May 12th, 2012

Seems that when Obama declared he supported gay marriage a few days ago he forgot something. Can you guess what it was? That’s right – he had already supported it, without qualification, back in 1996.  Oh dear – that rather makes this past week  make seem like what it really was – shameless contrived political opportunism given a pass by a rancid biased media.

24 Responses to “A PRINCIPLED MAN?”

  1. except the attention span of the american electorate is what 24hrs at best

  2. I watched a wonderful clip from 2008 on MTV where he said he was against gay marriage. Are pro-gay marriage homosexuals (as there are homosexuals who oppose gay-marriage as well, and one should never forget that) actually falling for Obama’s bs? I’d be pretty insulted personally.

  3. Troll,

    “except the attention span of the american electorate is what 24hrs at best”

    Glad you agree with me on this. You people need to learn and relearn, and be reminded over and over, who’s running for the White House.

    I swear it’s all that junk food you put away that’s damaging your brains 🙂

  4. Richard 90% of the people pay no attention to the politicians till the week before the election and half couldn’t tell you who the vice president is the day after the election.

    The other 10% of us want to hear them everyday, mostly so we can verbally assault them when they change their story.

  5. Most politicians are like the guarantee you get with a used car, it’s called a Taillight guarantee, as long as I can see the taillights as you pull away it’s guaranteed after that you f**ked

  6. The culture wars are on again 100%. Happy days.

    My guess is that the Democrats see this as a second front. If the economy was doing well I don’t think Obama would have made this pitch. But they must have polled extensively and decided that it would gain more votes than it would lose. And the outing of Romney’s high school homophobic bullying has helped.

  7. no it hasn’t that bit obout Romney actually hurt him in the polls, he would have played the week better without it, but they can’t help themselves

  8. but they can’t help themselves

    You mean the homophobic GOP and its Fox-watching “Heartland” supporters?

  9. yeah keep telling yourself that Peter…lol

  10. ” homophobic bullying ”

    With the alleged victim conveniently deceased, but his family inconveniently not knowing a thing about it.

    Can’t the Obama Dirty Tricks Department do any better than this?

  11. I think this is what comes from having such drawn out endless election cycles. It is utterly ridiculous and pathetic to drag up any presidential candidates, childhood playground activities as an exhibit in the campaign process.

  12. As you likely know, major candidates such as Obama, Romney and Clinton back in the day have ” opposition research teams ” whose only job is to dig up dirt on the opposing candidate and then to decide the best time to release it.

    These are among the most despicable persons who crawl on the face of the earth.

  13. I don’t particularly onject to digging up dirt on things people did as adults, but not as children. That is absurd.

  14. Romney was not a child, he was 18 at the time.

    “However it is alleged that in 1965, when he was 18, Mr Romney rugby tackled John Lauber, a fellow pupil who was presumed to be homosexual, and chopped off the bleached fringe he wore over one eye. One fellow pupil compared the incident to “Lord of the Flies” and claimed that Mr Romney, now 65, led a group who acted like “a pack of dogs” who were “bullying supreme”.

    Link here

  15. Even the adult stuff can get filthy. They go after the families too. Oh yes they do.

  16. Peter and while Romney was clipping some kids hare Obama was smoking pot, cutting school drinking beer, doing coke and his best friend just went to jail for selling drugs… so you want to compare?

  17. “while Romney was clipping some kids hare Obama was smoking pot, cutting school drinking beer, doing coke and his best friend just went to jail for selling drugs… so you want to compare?”

    Sure, let’s compare:


  18. A college prank – dreadful.

    Your forces killing children – not so bad.

    Granted, Romney is a war addict who cannot wait to bomb and kill and maim and destroy, because that’s what makes a Great President, but as of today Obamses has done much, much worse things.

  19. hey Pete how many kids have been killed by British forces over the CENTURIES?

    ‘Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’

    Glass Houses, my friend

  20. Troll –

    Probably quite a few.

    And there were no British forces at Harfleur. That was an English army.

  21. Oh there is a difference… but you caught my meaning. Don’t be like the peanut gallery with propaganda shots. We so easily descend into insanity with to many of the lot that inhabit here lately they need no encouragement and you are above it.

  22. Most of the press reports I saw and read clearly noted Obama flip-flopping on this issue. An Romney’s flip flop on support for gay rights as well.

  23. Britain = England when you get down to it Troll.

    You didn’t come close to making an error there, son!

  24. I know but it wasn’t worth the argument

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