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By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007

“Time goes by, so slowly.” That’s what Madonna warbled on one of recent hit singles – but she is wrong, time goes by too quickly!

I’m sure you may have read Andrew’s post and I wanted to say a few words about him and his contribution to this blog.

When I started a Tangled Web, back in 2001, I had little real idea where it would end up. I used to write an essay every week, and then it morphed into recognisable blog format back in 2004. There is quite a lot of work in writing everyday and I had know Andrew for a number of years previously during my time in front-line politics. I invited him to contribute to ATW and so it was that Andrew McCann first started talking to you all.

Of course ATW was a lot less well-known back in those days and he and I posted away and waited for the readership to catch up. They did (phew!) and Andrew has always been central to the success of this blog. His straight-talking no-nonsense way has won him as many friends as enemies – I always find him worth listening to. His political knowledge is second to none and there is no better friend of the Union. In blogging, persistence, integrity and courage are the hallmarks of success as far as I can see. Andrew has all these qualities in abundance. Andrew’s staunch support of the Union annoyed many of our more republican readers but Andrew was not deterred from saying what he felt.  A quality which many people overlook in Andrew is his wit – and many of his posts have got a great turn of phrase. It is my view that Andrew has produced some superb posts over the years and I will very much miss these in the time ahead.

Let me say a few other things here when I am at it. Andrew McCann has been a good friend to me over the years, through some tough times and some good times and that is why I am happy for him to leave this blog at this time. I want him to do what is best for himself and as you can tell from his email, he has thought things through and I fully support his decision. But I have insisted that the door is kept open for him, and I do hope he will return.

ATW will continue to grow however and all our new writers are exploring all kinds of themes, which I hope you enjoy. But Andrew is irreplaceable and so I wanted to publicly express my sincere thanks for all he had done for ATW, and wish him every happiness in the future. This web will feel his absence. 

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  1. Thats a nice tribute. You never know he may come back. Good luck to him in his career. I know his stuff was a bit controversial, but at the end of the day we’re all entitled to our opinions and if you can’t speak freely on the web where can you do it?

    There has to be a lot of good in a lad who would miss his gran like that, and to be in the sort of work he is.

  2. I can separate the personal issue that apparently contributed to why he left, for which I have personal sympathy as a human being – and his reign of error, for which I have none.

    He wrote well, and had moments of comic inspiration. However, he was often bigoted, insulting, thin skinned, and immature. Some of the criticism he provoked in return suffered from the same problems. In any event, bon chance.

  3. You, David are a fortunate man. If you measure a man by the friends he keeps, you have been very blessed indeed.

  4. David

    I am truly sorry for Andrew’s loss.

    However, I won’t be a hypocrite. I don’t think he is the knowledgable commentator that you paint him to be. On certain subjects, he likes to portray himself as some sort of expert i.e law or finance although he has neither qualifications nor experience in those areas.

    He is a classic armchair manager.

    I am fortunate enough to have a good career in one of the world’s largest investment banks. I am no Warren Buffett but I am fully qualified and know a lot more than Andrew about economics/finance. A lot of the stuff he proclaims with the arrogance of an expert is just ill-informed nonsense.

    I am a very moderate Nationalist and neither I nor my family have ever supported terrorism. We are decent law abiding people. However, that doesn’t seem to matter to Andrew. He seems to hate all "Oirish" people just because they are Irish – hardly an intelligent or laudable attitude.

    I also found his "condemnation" of "loyalist" terrorism to be half-hearted and in total contrast to his rants about Republican terrorism.

    In all fairness, his posts about the beauty spots around the north of England were informative and enjoyable.

    Frankly, I won’t miss being called a "Soap Dodger" or a supporter of terrorism just because I happen to be Irish and Catholic.

  5. as I said to the Brit army, I’ll say to Mc Cann – good riddance!

  6. Andrew like all of us had his flaws, but he displayed his flaws with an entertaining literary flourish.

  7. The reasons Andrew closed comments just raised their spitefull heads. No gracefull goodbye to a worthy opponent from that corner, just their typical boorish venom.

  8. Daphne

    "Graceful goodbye to a worthy opponent"

    While I wouldn’t agree with some of the comments here, Andrew was very capable of being spiteful and vitriolic himself.

    Like I said above, my family are decent law abiding people. However, Andrew saw fit to label us (and many others) as "soap dodgers" and/or terrorist supporters just because we are Irish and Catholic.

    I think Andrew was a coward for turning the comments off – he said spiteful things about people and ran away. If he was such a "worthy opponent", why didn’t he stand his ground?

    Why do you expect people to take the insults that Andrew dished out and not answer back?

    It’s pretty obvious that Andrew considered ‘Oirish’ people to be some sort of second class citizens. Perhaps you agree with him?

  9. Billy, I absolutely don’t agree with your last statemennt. The Irish, Catholic and Protestant, are some of the finest people on the face of this earth. Where would we be without you?

    I don’t think Andrew despised any Irishman because of his religion or "Irishness". From reading his many Posts, I believe he despised terrorism and the people who practiced and supported those tactics. He also completely disagreed with the separation of Ireland from from the UK.

    He turned the comments off because the threads had devolved into nothing better than a verbal brawl – if those fights had been held in the local bar, there would have been bloodshed. Andrew did give as good as he got in the insult department, and the commenters weren’t exactly gentlemanly in voicing their opinions as well. All heat, no light as David would say.

    No disrespect to you personally Billy, but it irks me to read these types of nasty comments when the man is just saying goodbye.

  10. A kindred bitter soul leaves the ranks of the free thinking and speaking disgruntled phoebs of the world or atleast ATW. Alas ye shale be missed.

    Andrew your opinions have always been good reading, allthough sometimes misguided in direction.

    Many I would have gladly ranted with you or against you. If the wretched refuse amongst us hadn’t driven you to turn your comments off…

    You Shall be missed

  11. David take a look at my first vlog… you’ll enjoy it.


  12. Troll, your link came up blank, but this one works…


    Nice to see you!

  13. Troll: Oh wow! you look just like you should!..loved the vlog.

    David: I, too, will miss Andrew. I think he was quite eloquent …

  14. ‘Some of the criticism he provoked in return suffered from the same problems…’

    Pity you are not honest enough to admit your own highly significant part in that, or indeed in the initiation of the same.

    ‘as I said to the Brit army, I’ll say to Mc Cann – good riddance!’

    Wow, that strategic impotence must really hurt. South Armagh, the only part of the United Kingdom where one could defecate al fresco and not feel guilty or embarrassed.

  15. Hi Troll,

    Thanks for the heads-up on your vlog. Can you find a way to stop the music playing in the background so I can hear your dulcet tones? It’s great to see you.

  16. ding dong the witch is dead

    bye then x

  17. Indeed John Kelly is dead. Good riddance.

  18. Goodbye and good luck Andrew. I wish you every success.

  19. Good Riddance.

    Bigoted, immature, self obsessed, miserable human being.
    Anyone who could produce so much negativity for so long must have a seriously sad and miserable soul, even tortured i’d say.

    From analysing his bizaare rants about children, Irish people, Gays, Immigrants etc i’d say he needs a long time with a good therapist.

    Calling people ni**ers, excrement etc shows so much inner rage.

    I do hope you find peace Andrew but I – And many of my fellow Scots who read this blog will be thinking the same thing this evening.

    Good riddance.

    PS – why do you mention excrement and excretia in so much of your posts??? – Maybe thats a point to start the therapy with lol.

    I’d say your a very obvious Closet Job. lol.

  20. Andrew,

    Condolences on the death of your grandmother.
    I do hope you find peace and happiness in your life. Honestly I do.

    I’m also sorry that your leaving ATW just when things are getting interesting – SNP in control up here in Edinburgh – tinkering with all sorts of things now that they are in control of the newly named "Scottish Government"

    The Welsh Assembly Government being given increased powers.

    Sinn Fein and the SDLP both in a power sharing govt with Unioinsts in NI – an All Ireland Ministerial Council and Implementation all island bodies established and firmly embedded.
    The ROI making massive investments in the NI part of Ulster – Aer Lingus, Bank Of Ireland, Eircom etc – not to mention the millions the Irish Govt are donating.

    But most worrying of of all is the growing tidal wave of English Nationalism – English people demanding an end to the Union like NEVER before.

    In 10 years time this country will be totally unrecognisable – in 20 yrs??? Who knows.

    It’s sad that your leaving just as its all kicking off. Your posts were sometimes funny and i’ll miss that.

    Good look with the new role.

    All the best.

  21. Winnie, Mote, Beam?

  22. ‘Bigoted, immature, self obsessed, miserable human being.’

    Truthful, plain speaking, chivalrous, very happy human being – even when pitiable, dirty little shitehawks like you try to drive the proverbial knife in.

    ‘Calling people ni**ers, excrement etc shows so much inner rage.’

    No, calling people niggers, queens, even mealy-mouthed Scottish pillocks, shows a lack of adherence to politically correct constraints.

    ‘I do hope you find peace Andrew…’

    Found it a long time ago, toots. My peaceful state can only be embellished once contact with the likes of you has come to a shuddering halt.

    ‘PS – why do you mention excrement and excretia in so much of your posts???’

    Because with so many members of the human race – typified by the likes of you – no other term will suffice.


  23. Slam, Point, Match!

    McCann leaves the court undefeated, opponents decimated as usual.


  24. even in their goodbyes they foam at the mouth…

    thanks to all those who stopped by to view my vlog. David hit the stop button at the top of your browser to end the background music or wait till it ends. If that doesn’t work let me know. I do have another vlog up if you would like to check it out vlog

  25. –Calling people niggers, queens, even mealy-mouthed Scottish pillocks, shows a lack of adherence to politically correct constraints.–

    Don’t flatter yourself.

    Political correctness is a type of intellectual dishonesty that is always to be fought, but it’s not a sign of being "politically correct" to avoid calling people "niggers" and "chinks" and all the other terms you use in public.Its a matter of personal decency to not even want to use such terms.

    It’s all of a piece to use the racist curse words "nigger", "kike", "chink", or, here, your personal favorite "Oirish". Using words like this helps no cause, is a sign of a personal indencency, and is always to be avoided.

    All those words used to be used round here, a lot, a couple of decades ago. (Except for Oirish, which you coined in a moment of brilliance one July 12 I think)
    "Nigger" was very commonly used, as was spic, coon, jigaboo, guinea, Jewboy,and a lot worse. They’re rarely heard now, except for "nigger" which some imbecile rappers still like.

    Its good that these words are rarely heard now. Its symptomatic of a better society in many ways, one not as angry, one more at peace with itself.

    You’ll never listen to me or anyone else, but if you were to listen, I’d counsel you to never use words like that anymore. They’re wrong, they’re immoral, and they’re really unnecessary.

  26. ‘Its a matter of personal decency to not even want to use such terms.’

    Except for black rap artists, I presume. Flattery is better than selectivity.

    As for ‘Oirish’, I first heard the term from a groups of Rangers fans at the Grapes Bar in Ibrox and thought it was highly amusing.

  27. –Except for black rap artists, I presume.–

    Rap artists are idiots by definition, but as I am sure you’re aware there is a major effort in the black community to put an end to the use of this term by musicians and others –they have a hell of a long way to go as respects that goal I will admit.

    And at least the rappers and the dopey black 19 year olds who use that term don’t use it in a spirit of hatred. It was very much used in a spirit of hatred by American whites in the not too distant past, and I’ll leave it to you to decide the spirit in which such a term might be used by British white people today.

  28. ‘I’ll leave it to you to decide the spirit in which such a term might be used by British white people today.’

    The spirit that says British white people are sick and tired of having everything ethnic shoved down their throats on a daily basis. As Kevin Myers said in today’s Irish Independent, ‘the problem isn’t racism, it’s the tidal wave of immigrants.’

  29. >>Then it suddenly hit home. As I glanced across each one I could hear my mind labelling each one: ‘Black, black, chink, Paki, chink, black’….and so forth.<<

    Andrew, why don’t you call the daily phrase of wisdom: TODAY’S CHINK PROVERB ?