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By Pete Moore On September 4th, 2012

What was that your parents told you about lending money to friends? I can understand Julian Assange trying to get out of Dodge. If he was wanted in Sweden “only” for rape allegations then he’d be best served facing the music. Clearly he knows something else is up. You’d think that the bureaucracy can easily handle a fugitive case, yet the Foreign Secretary seems particularly keen on Ecuador coughing him up and the Met Police intends to arrest him under all circumstances. For a simple sex case? Nah, this boy’s in big trouble.

I bet his chums wish they’d twigged sooner. They’ve just lost the bail money they put up. There’s always been a narcissistic air about Assange. Using his pals and their money to buy time while he plans a bunk doesn’t dispell the impression that he thinks the world revolves around him. I’d be tempted to invoice the President of Ecuador in their place.


  1. -bail money forfeited-

    The feel-good story of the week.

  2. I saw Assange on RT a few weeks ago. He’s full of himself and is almost certainly in on the show. If he were the real deal, he would have been David-Kelly’ed / Deborah-Palfrey’ed long ago.

  3. In Julians place I would have done the same , after all the famous American ” justice” is …you are guilty no matter what the evidence says .
    Obama has already said that he is guilty , Senators , Congressmen and DOJ have said some really rational comments , ” Just shoot the son of a bitch “. Like I said I will never set foot in the US again .

  4. the doctor

    Are you OK with the way he used and abused those who posted bail based upon his word to them?

  5. Used and abused?

    How do you know they didn’t give their blessing?

  6. You imply that they were parties to the obstruction of British justice?

  7. or to that possibility

  8. I don’t know, to be honest. It’s a possibility. But you do seem to know.

    Used and abused? How do you know they didn’t give their blessing?

  9. This so far has had a happy ending.

    The supporters, who surely never would be parties to the obstruction of justice, will lose their bail monies, and he’s stuck in a hole.

  10. Sounds like you’re stepping back from the ‘used and abused’ claim? Sometimes folks believe what feels good.

  11. There are basically two possibilities

    That they posted bail in good faith, and are likely to peeved to be out the money


    That they posted bail in bad faith, as a bridge to the stunt at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

    Its one or the other.

  12. …ergo there’s no grounds for saying they’ve been used and abused.

  13. There is a preponderance of evidence that either a) they were used and abused or that b) they were accepting, sooner or later, of his breaking his sworn obligation not to evade the legalities.

    I can’t really see a third choice.

  14. But you said “Are you OK with the way he used and abused those who posted bail based upon his word to them?” which suggested that you knew which of the two options it was.