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By David Vance On September 10th, 2012

One is so lucky to be born British!

“Rory McIlroy has ended any debate about his national allegiance by declaring that: “I’ve always felt more British than Irish.” The 23 year old from Northern Ireland, who claimed a second successive FedEx title by winning the BMW International Championship at Crooked Stick golf course yesterday, made his comments in an exclusive interview in the Daily Mail. The issue about who McIlroy would play for in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro – golf will be admitted to the Games for the first time – appears to have been resolved unequivocally with the world number one opting for Britain.”

Ireland has come great golfers, such as Padraig Harrington. McIlroy is, of course British, and it is something that we should all celebrate.

34 Responses to “AS BRITISH AS CAN BE….”

  1. And good luck to him.

    But the fact is I have always felt more British than Irish

    But doesn’t the fact that he also feels Irish demonstrate that the state of N.I. is not “As British as Finchley?”

  2. as if anyone gives a hoot, im sure the irish are just gutted to hear this.

  3. Don’t knock it, Charles. It’s settled David’s insecurities regarding his own identity for a little while. 😉

  4. And under the Good Friday Agreement, which David despises, Rory had that choice to make. I don’t think it is healthy for our society to engage in the game that lots of Unionists like to do in trying to tell another person what nationality they are.

    Also the fact that he is torn by the decision over who to represent in 2016 shows that he isn’t as British as can be. If he was he wouldn’t be troubled by the decision.

  5. His choice – which, as Seamus has said, is the key point here. From what I’ve heard, his mate G-Mac is going the opposite way.

  6. I’m sure Reg that David will support Graeme McDowell’s decision as much as he does Rory’s. G-Mac has already stated that he is Irish.

  7. maybe he can tell us what ‘feeling british’ is like? answers on a postcard. He strikes me as the sort that would declare for Ghana if it was in his interest.

  8. See both are a bit of a grey area. Rory is a Catholic who grew up in a very Unionist area while G-Mac is a Protestant from a mixed marriage. That’s why this has been a controversial topic. If Rory was a Protestant who grey up in Holywood no one would have even questioned what nationality he is. It is the fact that they, unlike most people in Northern Ireland, really could have been either or both made the questions more regular for them.

  9. I thought G – Mac was American . . . .

  10. Paul,

    An easy mistake to make! G-Mac’s accent hovers somewhere over the Azores.

    Ironically, some people are making the IFA type point that as the Golfing Union of Ireland put a lot of work into developing Rory’s career, it is unfair if he declares for Britain. I have as little respect for this argument as I have for the IFA’s.

  11. The British media will decide what nationality Rory is. If he wins Gold he will be a Brit, if he fails, he’ll be a paddy.. 😉

  12. Now Colm, you know fine well, from personal experience, that Agit8ed decides the nationalities around here 🙂

  13. Yes Reg, G – Mac, Van Morrison, Billy Bingham & James Galway are all great examples of northern accents gone mad.

  14. Sir Kenneth of Branagh as well 🙂

  15. Rory has issued a statement on twitter to deny making any decision on who to represent .

  16. I always thought that he’d wanted to stay away from this issue. Easier said than done, though.

  17. David, did you feel Irish when you were down in Dublin cheering on the Irish rugby team in Croke Park?

  18. I cheer on their opposition. Thx for asking!

  19. Wot! even when they’re playing Iran ??

  20. He probably does feel like that but probably didn’t declare it.

    Glad to have him in the fold 🙂

  21. What should be remembered is that in a united Ireland McIlroy would be entitled to make the same choice. Irish unity won’t change his nationality any more than partition can change the nationality of James McClean and Darren Gibson.

  22. McIIroy has been fairly consistent in avoiding sectarian silliness, and is a supporter of the Peace Process (he has a relation gunned down by the UVF but his family maintained an even keel). i wish him continued success (except in the Ryder Cup).

  23. He’s surely not an ” in your face ” flag waver, certainly not ever in the NI troubleseeking model.

    If I were him, I’d consider not playing under anyone’s flag.

  24. I must admit to not knowing an awful lot about golf but i, off course, wish Rory all the very best with his career.
    What we have to remember is that the next Olympics are 4 years away. It’s a long way off. Who knows what might happen between now and 2016?
    He hasn’t even been selected yet? He’s playing brilliantly at the moment but in 4 years time that might not still be the case? It’s not worth bothering about until when/if it actually happens.
    Personally, i can only assume that Rory is a British subject? I’ve read nothing that suggests otherwise. That being the case he should, naturally represent Team GB & NI.
    If he is selected and chooses to represent the Republic of Ireland that will be up to him. He would loose my support but i’m sure he wouldn’t loose much sleep over that!
    Hopefully by 2016 the BOC will at long last change the name of the team to it’s right and proper Team UK! A long overdue change that will be fully inclusive of all participants who are not from mainland GB. A change that is needed to fully include all from NI and others like Mark Cavendish from the Isle of Man.
    That the Republic of Ireland can choose British competitors to represent them (in whatever sport) remains just another appalling consequence of the Good Friday Appeasement.

  25. Rio is four years off, everyone needs to take a chill pill, besides its golf *Yawn*

  26. Just heard on the news this morning that Andy Murray is a Brit again.

  27. Congratulations to Britain’s Andy Murray for his win at Flushing Meadows.

  28. “I can be as shame – faced as required”

  29. No-one here’s feeling shame-faced about British success.

  30. Not even a ‘Jock’s’ British success?

  31. Andy Murray may be British but he is still a miserable git. He couldn’t even bring himself to smile properly at the moment of his greatest victory.

  32. We do a great line in miserable gits 🙂

  33. and a fair proportion of them seem to reside here on ATW 😉

  34. Touché Colm. 🙂