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By ATWadmin On January 8th, 2008

_44339974_portroyal_afp203b.jpgNo, this is not the latest addition to the menu in the local Indian restaurant! I refer instead to the news that five Iranian speedboats challenged three US ships in the Strait of Hormuz, threatening to blow them up. The US says the Iranians withdrew as its ships prepared to open fire. At the last moment, the Iranians moved away.

I listened to BBC commentary on this which questioned  the credibility of the US report on this incident, unsurprisingly. Iran claims that nothing out of the ordinary happened, and we all know that the BBC has much more in sympathy with Tehran than Washington. The received wisdom of the BBC reporter on this was that perhaps Iran was sending the US a message not to "mess with it" or else there might be consequences, including the possible blocking of this vital shipping lane for up to one fifth of the world’s oil supplies.

Well, here’s the deal. Next time the Iranians play this game of chicken, the US battleships should take them at their word and blow them to hell and back. Iran is acting at the bully boy in this region, and it knows that the West seeks to shy away from any confrontation, after all, do we want the price of a barrel of oil to rocket further? But if we do not stand up to this thugs, then they will literally have us all over a barrel. Time to roast the Hormuz chicken.

15 Responses to “HORMUZ CHICKEN!”

  1. David, I wish that our Navy was as uncompromising in their stance as the US Navy. Who doubts that, should it prove necessary, the US will pursue such action as you suggest, but would we?

  2. Admirable or admiral restraint as far as I can see. Sticks and stones from some silly Iranians, possibly to draw a first shot. Any serious engagement would result in the Iranian boats being viewed only with scuba equipment.

  3. news that five Iranian speedboats challenged three US ships in the Strait of Hormuz

    Yet another pretext for war? Gulf of Tonkin anyone? i seem to remember predicting such an incident on the old ATW. even our Daphne brought raised the spectre a while ago.


    Iran is acting at the bully boy in this region

    well theres planet earth reality turned completely on its head.

  4. Daytripper

    Was the kidnapping of the Royal Navy personnel last March also a "Gulf of Tonkin" incident?

    If it walks like a duck and quacks…

  5. funny. i was just trawling through that story.


  6. It sounds as if the Iranians were within seconds of metting Allah. I mean no disrespect, but the Iranians should not equate the US Navy with the Royal, and do so at their own peril.

  7. The US Navy was right not to fire upon them. For now. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel – that’s no contest. lol.

    I think Iran would have loved to report an incident of the US Navy firing upon inflatable rafts full of stupid young persons.

    We’re moving closer and closer. Will Iran insist on outright military confrontation?

  8. I’m surprised. I wouldn’t have thought they’d stand for that. But good on both the US and Royal Navy (last year) for averting an unnecessary war.

  9. ‘At the last moment, the Iranians moved away’

    Seriously David, not really chicken – i think they knew they could take the piss and did.

  10. I see your still fighting to the last drop of everyone elses Blood Dave.

  11. This is a very odd incident, and I would think we are not given the whole picture. The US Navy must surely remember what happened to the USS Cole eight years ago off the Yemen coast when 17 sailors were killed by a boat loaded with HE that had drawn up alongside?

    My guess is their navy remembers back in 1988 when a US ship shot down an Iranian airliner by mistake, and in the same place too, Hormuz.
    They’ve become as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking-chairs!

  12. Next time, we’ll torpedo their asses.

  13. I agree Bernard. Letting these guys make that threat and get so close. ..It’s all a bit weird and the fact is the Iranians knew it and went in for some nose thumbing.

  14. Daytripper: Amazing to me that you have the time and interest to trawl through old stories on ATW.

  15. Amazing to me that you have the time and interest to trawl through old stories on ATW.

    generally i dont. but im im off work with a particularly unpleasant cold.